A message from our Event Director

It has been fantastic to see how Barnsley junior parkrun has grown since we started back in December 2014. We have a wonderful community based around our weekly event and it's great for us to be part of the wider parkrun family too. A typical Sunday morning for us nowadays sees 80-odd juniors take part, with 40-odd parents joining them around the course, all supported by 15-20 volunteers who setup and marshal the course, timekeep, issue tokens, scan barcodes, close down, process results and manage our social media.

I need to ask for two things from you:
1. More Run Directors
2. A new Event Director

When we started up nearly five years ago, we always expected there to be a 'throughput' of junior runners and parents due to the age related eligibility. With this came an expectation that our pool of core volunteers would change over time. To an extent it has, but our Run Directors now are mainly those that were with us from the start.

For Barnsley junior parkrun to thrive, it is important that we bring new faces into the key roles in our volunteer team. You will have heard our RDs appealing for you to consider volunteering at most, if not every, pre-run briefing. parkrun is a community event and volunteering is open to everyone - and this very much applies to the RD and ED roles too. We really do need you to help out once in a while to keep our event going. To that end, it has been great for us to see lots of new faces donning a hi-vis vest over the past few weeks and months with us, and long may this continue!

However, we currently have just three active RDs. I would like that number to be at least 6, ideally 8, to ease the pressure on these key people and reduce the demands on their Sunday mornings.

On a personal level, I have been involved as a RD since we began and I have now been ED for nearly three years. My personal and working circumstances have changed over time and I now have other commitments that mean that it is increasingly difficult for me to fit everything into my week. It is time for me to hand over to someone new to bring some fresh ideas and enthusiasm to the role.

We would love to have a chat with any of you who are interested in getting involved, where we can answer any questions you might have. You can talk to any of our RDs on a Sunday morning, email us at barnsleyjuniors@parkrun.com, or contact us on our Facebook page. We look forward to hearing from you!

Many thanks for your support,


Event 125 – 9 July 2017

Hello everyone, here is the run report for Event 125 on Sunday 9 July 2017.

What a great morning it was. Beautiful blue sky, sunny and warm and we had over a hundred juniors taking part - our first 3-figure attendance since Event 120 at the end of May.

This week's team of high-fiving heroes in hi-vis who made it happen were:

Sara BOOTH, Christine CAPEWELL, Bill COTON, Simon EATON, Ian FRANCE, Jamie GODWIN, Jake HARRISON, Darrell HARRISON, Stephen HOLDER, Geoff HOLMES, Tracy HYLAND, Lyndsey JONES, Georgina JONES, Charlotte JONES, Jude MITCHELL, Joshua MITCHELL, Tony MURRAY, June SIMS, Paul STEPHENSON, Ailsa STOREY, Dawn L WALTON

I was in the RD hot-seat this week and after a couple of reminders in the pre-run brief about the junior parkrun rules, we handed out milestone wristbands to two of our juniors - blue ones this week for 11 runs, the half-marathon distance. You can see some photos over on our Facebook page. We must take this chance to apologise to a couple of our juniors who have completed 12 or 13 runs now and we've missed giving out their bands. We have corrected that now and will hand them out this coming Sunday.

After a briefing for the first timers (there were lots this week which is great to see) and another great warm-up led by Georgina, we were off!

The statistics for this week were:

104 juniors took part - well done to every one of you;

16 were First Timers, all doing their first ever junior parkrun - welcome to you all and we hope to see you again soon;

22 New PBs were recorded - high fives all round to you guys;

and we had 6 Unknowns - we know some of them were first timers too. Remember to register with parkrun, print and bring along your barcodes so that each run gets counted to your record.

The good news was that our shiny new set of finish tokens worked a treat (after the problems we had last week and a few weeks ago with the old set), and they all made it back to us without any going missing. Thank you!

We thought it would be worthwhile to recap on a couple of the points raised in the pre-run brief here, as a reminder for all:

Dogs: Dogs are not allowed on the course at junior parkruns. They are allowed to run (1 per runner and on a short leash) at the 5km Saturday parkruns, but are not permitted at junior events.

Course-cutting: Please don't cut corners (or bigger sections) out of the course. While parkrun is a very much a run and not a race where we encourage children to compete against their own times rather then each other, it can be off-putting to many of our juniors to see others cheating the course distance and gaining a finish position advantage.

Thanks for your support on these points.

We had a good number of volunteers adding their names to our roster for next week and beyond on Sunday, so we are in a good place for 16 July. As of now, we need 7 more of you to fill all the roles - please do get in touch with us via email, Facebook or Twitter if you can help us. Thank you!

Remember the following dates too:

23 July - Barnsley Hospice's Bubble Rush event is taking place in the park. We have made arrangements with them so that junior parkrun will go ahead. If anyone is interested in taking part in the Bubble Rush, see the hospice's website for more info here.

13 August - no junior parkrun - due to the Locke Park summer gala event.

That's it for this week, see you all on Sunday!


Event 124 – 2 July 2017

Hello everybody and welcome to the run report for Event 124.

We had a good response from our volunteers in the lead up to the event and thanks go to the following group of hi-vis heroes who kept our juniors supported from start to finish:


Tim was our Run Director this week and special thanks go to him for wrestling with the data to process the results this week! Before the run Tim handed out another ultra marathon orange wristband to one of our juniors who joins the select group with 50 runs to their name. Photo over on our Facebook page.

We had another solid turnout with 93 juniors taking part:

Another 9 First Timers joined us this week, each of them for their first ever junior parkrun;

A whopping 27 New PBs were recorded; and

4 Unknown runners.

You can see all of the results here.

As many of you will be aware we had some problems with scanning the finish tokens on Sunday. Huge thanks go to all of our volunteers on scanning duties, they all did a grand job in the circumstances and thanks you to everyone for your patience. The problem seems to be that after 2 and a half years of use our tokens are starting to wear and the scanner units are having difficulty reading them. As well as making it hard work in the finish funnel, it also gave Tim some extra work to do piecing the results together. Top job by all of the team - thank you! We have some new ones on order so all should be well again next time. (If you think your result is missing you can drop us an email on barnsley-juniorsoffice@parkrun.com and we will see if we can sort it out).

As I write this, we are still looking for around 8 volunteers to complete the roster for this coming Sunday 9 July. If you can spare half an hour of your time and would like to help us out, you can email us at barnsley-juniorshelpers@parkrun.com (or reply to the appeal email if you receive them), contact us on Facebook or Twitter, or add your name to the list for future weeks by seeing our RD at any event. It has been great to welcome some new faces to the volunteer pool over the past few months and it would be so helpful to all to continue this trend. And, if the thought of helping this event happen each week isn't enough to spur you on, every volunteer is entitled to a free t-shirt after they've volunteered 25 times!

We will see you all on Sunday!

Bye for now.


Event 123 – 25 June 2017

Hello everyone! We're back with the run report for Event 123 after missing the last couple of events.

Sunday was another good turnout with 82 juniors joining us - which is bang on our overall average attendance here at Barnsley juniors. Rest of the stats to follow...

Darrell was our Run Director this week and took charge of a full roster of volunteers. Thanks go to each and every one of them, and as we always say, the event simply couldn't happen without them:

Stephanie BOWER, Bill COTON, Simon EATON, Darrell HARRISON, Jake HARRISON, Tim HOBBS, Lyndsey JONES, Georgina JONES, Charlotte JONES, Gaynor LUNN, Jayne MANLEY, Jude MITCHELL, Tony MURRAY, June SIMS, Paul STEPHENSON, Martin SWIFT, Kathleen TAYLOR, Jennifer ULLETT, Tim WADE

Darrell handed out 3 milestone wristbands - 2 blue half marathon (11 runs) and 1 orange ultra marathon (50 runs!). It's always great to reward our juniors for these achievements and thanks to everyone for the applause you give to each of them in recognition. Head over to our Facebook page for some photos.

Georgina did a great job leading our warmup, supported by her sister Charlotte. Well done girls. Remember, if you'd like to help out with the warmup, juniors are always welcome to do so - just let our RD or warm-up leader know on the day.

It was a chillier day than last weekend for Event 122, but probably better conditions for running. Here are the stats:

82 juniors took part, of which

16 were First Timers doing their first ever parkruns - welcome!

14 recorded New PBs - well done

and we had just 1 Unknown in the results.

You can see the full results on our website here.

An important stat to note is that we passed through the 10,000 total runs barrier back in Event 121 on 4 June! The total number of runs completed over our 123 events now stands at 10,193. That's 20,386km covered by our juniors. That's more than the distance from Barnsley to Cape Town, South Africa and back again! Fantastic.

Looking ahead to next Sunday 2 July and our volunteer roster is looking in good shape. Thank you so much to all of you who have put your name down already. We very much appreciate it and doing so in good time makes the whole process so much less stressful for our core team. We need just 3 barcode scanners and 1 marshal to complete the roster, which is fantastic. You can check the state of the roster for future weeks here.

That's all for this week, see you on Sunday!


Event 120 – 28 May 2017

Hello and welcome to our latest run report.

On Sunday we welcomed a large number of you to Locke Park. 100 juniors took part, giving us our 4th highest attendance of the year and our 4th of the year into 3 figures.

Before the main briefing, we did a separate one specificaly for new and visiting runners. We think this is better for all, as we are getting healthy numbers of new runners most weeks now and it is important to explain the course and finish funnel process to them, without covering the same info every week for those who regularly attend. We've only being doing this for a few weeks, so we will see how it goes and may change it as time goes by.

We started the pre-run briefing with a short silence as a mark of respect for the tragedy in Manchester. This was very well observed and we thank you all for that and are proud of the maturity shown by the children.

We reminded everyone that there is no junior parkrun on 11 June (this is due to the classic car show event taking place in the park, and they need vehicles to be driving into the park to set up at the same time as we would be running). We then handed out just the one milestone wristband - a blue half-marathon one for 11 runs - to this young lady. Well done!


Jayne and Lyndsey then led another great warmup, and here's a photo. If you'd like to see a quick video clip, we posted one on our Facebook and Twitter pages.


Sunday's volunteers were this wonderful lot:


Thanks to all of them for giving up the time to help out. These events can't happen without our volunteers and we would urge any of you who haven't tried it to give it a go. We really do need the support of as many of you as possible to ensure we fill our roster each week.

As you may have seen from our Twitter and Facebook posts, one of our scanner devices was playing up on Sunday leaving us with a bit of detective work to do with the data after the event. Thanks to those of you that knew which position you finished - that helped us to sort it all out.

A couple of issues that arose on Sunday have prompted us to remind you all of a couple of things.

Dogs: Dogs are not allowed on the course at junior parkruns. They are allowed to run (1 per runner and on a short leash) at the 5km Saturday parkruns, but are not permitted at junior events.

Barcodes: Please check the barcodes you give to your children. We have had a few instances recently of children presenting their parent's barcode. The results system filters out overage runners from the results and records the place as an unknown. It's a lot easier for all concerned to check you've got the right one before you leave the house.

Thank you for your understanding.

So, on to the stats for Sunday:

100 runners;

13 First Timers - 12 joining us for their first ever event and 1 visiting from Nostell. Welcome to you all and it is great to see so many new faces each week;

22 New PBs - great work! Well done to you all;

and 7 Unkowns (now that we've pieced the data together!)

Looking a bit further ahead, another couple of dates for your diaries:

23 July - Barnsley Hospice's Bubble Rush event is taking place in the park. We have made arrangements with them so that junior parkrun will go ahead. If anyone is interested in taking part in the Bubble Rush, see the hospice's website for more info here.

13 August - no junior parkrun - due to the Locke Park summer gala event.

That's all for this week, see you on Sunday.

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