Event 125 – 9 July 2017

Hello everyone, here is the run report for Event 125 on Sunday 9 July 2017.

What a great morning it was. Beautiful blue sky, sunny and warm and we had over a hundred juniors taking part - our first 3-figure attendance since Event 120 at the end of May.

This week's team of high-fiving heroes in hi-vis who made it happen were:

Sara BOOTH, Christine CAPEWELL, Bill COTON, Simon EATON, Ian FRANCE, Jamie GODWIN, Jake HARRISON, Darrell HARRISON, Stephen HOLDER, Geoff HOLMES, Tracy HYLAND, Lyndsey JONES, Georgina JONES, Charlotte JONES, Jude MITCHELL, Joshua MITCHELL, Tony MURRAY, June SIMS, Paul STEPHENSON, Ailsa STOREY, Dawn L WALTON

I was in the RD hot-seat this week and after a couple of reminders in the pre-run brief about the junior parkrun rules, we handed out milestone wristbands to two of our juniors - blue ones this week for 11 runs, the half-marathon distance. You can see some photos over on our Facebook page. We must take this chance to apologise to a couple of our juniors who have completed 12 or 13 runs now and we've missed giving out their bands. We have corrected that now and will hand them out this coming Sunday.

After a briefing for the first timers (there were lots this week which is great to see) and another great warm-up led by Georgina, we were off!

The statistics for this week were:

104 juniors took part - well done to every one of you;

16 were First Timers, all doing their first ever junior parkrun - welcome to you all and we hope to see you again soon;

22 New PBs were recorded - high fives all round to you guys;

and we had 6 Unknowns - we know some of them were first timers too. Remember to register with parkrun, print and bring along your barcodes so that each run gets counted to your record.

The good news was that our shiny new set of finish tokens worked a treat (after the problems we had last week and a few weeks ago with the old set), and they all made it back to us without any going missing. Thank you!

We thought it would be worthwhile to recap on a couple of the points raised in the pre-run brief here, as a reminder for all:

Dogs: Dogs are not allowed on the course at junior parkruns. They are allowed to run (1 per runner and on a short leash) at the 5km Saturday parkruns, but are not permitted at junior events.

Course-cutting: Please don't cut corners (or bigger sections) out of the course. While parkrun is a very much a run and not a race where we encourage children to compete against their own times rather then each other, it can be off-putting to many of our juniors to see others cheating the course distance and gaining a finish position advantage.

Thanks for your support on these points.

We had a good number of volunteers adding their names to our roster for next week and beyond on Sunday, so we are in a good place for 16 July. As of now, we need 7 more of you to fill all the roles - please do get in touch with us via email, Facebook or Twitter if you can help us. Thank you!

Remember the following dates too:

23 July - Barnsley Hospice's Bubble Rush event is taking place in the park. We have made arrangements with them so that junior parkrun will go ahead. If anyone is interested in taking part in the Bubble Rush, see the hospice's website for more info here.

13 August - no junior parkrun - due to the Locke Park summer gala event.

That's it for this week, see you all on Sunday!