Christmas & New Year parkruns

Hi all, it's your parkrun reindeer here. We had a few asking today about our Christmas parkruns. So just to clarify:

  • Christmas day - Join us on Christmas morning 9am and build your appetite for that big dinner
  • Saturday 30th - Just a normal Saturday 9am
  • New years day - If you can get out of bed after the late night celebrations join us at 9am for a nice refreshing run, if you enjoy that enough you can double up for this day only. Why not for a post parkrun treat head over to Nostell for another parkrun at 10.30am

Thanks all.

Happy Christmas and New Year from Paddy and the rest of the Barnsley parkrun team


Ready for a NEW PB?? – Pacer event 29th July 2017

parkrun pacers

10th Official Pacing Event at Barnsley parkrun to take place on 29th July 2017, so we are looking for persons who could deliver (comfortably) a constant pace for the following times, 19, 21, 23, 25, 27, 29, 31, 33, 35, 37, 39 and 45, this will give us 12 pacers out on course, anybody wishing to be a pacer could really do with a GPS watch and be confident to keep the required pace, would be great to get non-club runners involved just as much as anyone else, any takers to get in touch on our facebook post or with David Lee via facebook or email
Roll of Honour.
19 -
21 - Tim Webster
23 - Jase Windu
25 - Martin Swift
27 - David Lee
29 - Stephen Lister
31 - Emma Moorhouse
33 - Ian Jessop
35 - John Downing
37 - Corrin Harris
39 -
45 - Sheila O'Carroll
Lets fill in the gaps parkrunners.......



Monthly Social/Visit from Sweatshop

This Saturday is our monthly social so don't forget to bring some money for a coffee afterwards and:
Sweatshop, the number one running retailer in the UK and proud sponsors of parkrun, have some test shoes (with loads of life left), including some of the top brands, latest styles, that they are looking to clear through on at bargain prices from £25.
Some have only been worn once or twice for short runs and are in near perfect condition!
They will be visiting Barnsley parkrun as a one off, THIS SATURDAY, but this event will be CASH ONLY and products are sold as seen and cannot be returned or exchanged in store.
So if it's time for some new shoes you could pick up a bargain. See you tomorrow morning at Locke Park (Chris)


Barnsley parkrun 26th January 2013

Sorry everyone but tomorrow's parkrun is cancelled due to treacherous conditions underfoot. See you all next week when we'll hopefully be able to celebrate our 2nd Anniversary


Barnsley parkrun – Event number 102 – 12th January 2013

Sweatshop monthly prize winner: October 2012

We're delighted to announce that David NEEDHAM was the December recipient of our monthly prize, generously supported by Sweatshop.
David's prize is a free pair of running shoes fitted out at his local Sweatshop store. David"s been a regular parkrunner since August 2011. We hope his new shoes will help keep the progress going, or at least make the training sessions a little easier.

The Run

It was a cold day for a parkrun but it was good to see so many people turn out. We had a few youngsters using the parkrun as a training run and just completing 2 laps of the course - if they'd done a cool down lap they could have counted it as a parkrun and 1/10 of the way towards their parkrun t shirt, maybe next week.

Anyway on with the results:

Men's placings:

  • Darren MIDDLETON (SM30-34) of Leeds City AC, was first over the line in 16:41 - first appearance.
  • Rhian HASTEY (SM25-29) of Rotherham Harriers & AC, was second over the line in 17:40.
  • Gavin FELTON (VM40-44) of Barnsley AC, was third over the line in 18:28 - Was first to finish once before.

Current standing in the Men's annual points competition:

  • Ian NEVILLE (Unattached) 4220 pts.
  • Gerard TAYEH (Barnsley Harriers) 3518 pts.
  • Kieron BRICE (Unattached) 3300 pts.

Women's placings:

  • Alice MOORE (JW14) of Barnsley AC, was first (17th overall) over the line in 21:25 - second time in 2 appearances.
  • Joanne BIRKINSHAW (VW45-49) of Barnsley Harriers, was second (32nd overall) over the line in 23:58.
  • Chloe AUCKLAND (SW20-24) of Barnsley Harriers, was third (34th overall) over the line in 24:03.

Current standing in the Women's annual points competition:

    • Sharon COOPER (kingstone Runners Barnsley) 3947 pts.
    • Vicky LEVITT (Wombwell Sporting AC) 3726 pts.
    • Lizzy ADDIS (Unattached) 3422 pts.

The following runners recorded the best Age Grade scores:

    • Scott William NUTTER (JM14) was graded 78.79 % for the time 20:02 (8th overall).
    • Darren MIDDLETON (SM30-34) was graded 77.92 % for the time 16:41 (first overall).
    • Mark LEGGETT (VM50-54) was graded 77.36 % for the time 19:04 (5th overall).

This week there were 116 runners, of whom 16 were first timers and 18 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 14 different athletics clubs took part.Barnsley parkrun started on 22nd January 2011, and since then 1,068 different runners, including participants from 86 athletics clubs, have completed 7,163 runs covering a total distance of 35,815 km, and there have been 1,800 new Personal Bests.The Women's course record is held by Julie BRISCOE who ran in a time of 18:07 on 21st July 2012 (event number 76).
The Men's course record is held by Ian KIMPTON who ran in a time of 15:56 on 22nd January 2011 (event number 1).
The Age Grade course record is held by Julie BUCKLEY who recorded a 93.04 % run (19:24) on 30th July 2011 (event number 28).

That's it for this week see you on the 19th for the next Barnsley parkrun


Christmas Running

We've sorted out the running dates and times for Barnsley parkrun for Christmas and into the New Year. We'll be holding events as follows:

  • Saturday 22nd December - Santa Run at 9.00 (fancy dress). Party afterwards, bring cake!
  • Tuesday 25th December - Christmas Day Run at 9.00am
  • Saturday 29th December - parkrun at 9.00am
  • Saturday 5th January - Barnsley's 100th parkrun!
  • Saturday 12th & 19th January - parkrun as normal
  • Saturday 26th January - Barnsley parkrun's 2nd Anniversary.

Running with Dogs

You will have noted in this week's newsletter from parkrun information on an updated "Running with Dogs" policy. So for your information I've copied below a letter from parkrun HQ setting out some of the thinking behind the policy.

We've never had a problem at Barnsley and all of our 'doggie' parkrunners have been well behaved (noisy, but well behaved) so I don't think any of this will cause any problems at Locke Park.

Hello Event Directors,

As you may have seen on the forum ( ), on the wiki ( ), and in the weekly parkrun newsletter ( ), we have been reviewing our dogs at parkrun policy following a number of quite serious incidents recently.  The pages mentioned above cover the topic in more than enough detail, so I won’t reiterate them here.  However just for clarity the two changes are as follows:

1. All event organisers now have the right to decide whether they believe their events are suitable for dog runners or not.  The default for all parkruns will remain that we welcome responsible dog runners at our event, and we would hope that the vast majority of events will choose to carry on with this position.  In the past only locations that were definitely unsafe for dog runners, or that had bye-laws in place forbidding dogs were dog-free; if you think your event should be dog-free please get in touch with parkrun HQ.

2. At the end of November we will be introducing a one runner - one dog policy; in other words dog runners may not run with more than one dog.

As I have explained on the forum, I have had a considerable number of emails passionately defending or condemning every conceivable side of the argument.  However, we have a duty to ensure that all our events are as safe as they can be, and on very rare occasions we (parkrun HQ) do need to change our policies.  My deepest wish is that this change will help to ensure that dogs are welcome at our runs for many years.  I would therefore ask everybody to please help implement this small change in policy.

Inevitably, when an issue such as this is discussed a number of myths start to spread so I would like to address a few of them here:

Myth 1 – parkrun is giving the green light to all single dog runners to behave as they choose
Absolutely not true – I can’t seriously believe anybody could interpret what I’ve said as implying this, but I would like to confirm that our policy states (as it always has done): “we ask that dogs are under firm control, kept on a short lead or harness, and extreme care taken to avoid tripping other runners.” As event organisers, you all have the right to have words with any of our runners who break this rule.

Myth 2 – parkrun is anti-canicross
Absolutely not true – in the second of my two newsletter articles I had to address a belief that was expressed in many of the emails after the first article (that canicross runners or runners using a canicross style harness could not possibly be to blame for any of the incidents).  As it happens this belief was completely incorrect, and I decided that it was worth correcting that assumption – as I pointed out “the last three incidents that spurred me into writing last week’s article involved Canicross runners”.  Unfortunately a few canicross runners chose to interpret that as an anti-canicross stance. However, the changes in policy do not in any way single out canicross runners.

Myth 3 – parkrun is pro-canicross
No, not really – while we have seen many canicrossers attending our events we have no affiliation with any canicross organisation, and are not signed up to their codes of conduct; we believe that it is up to the dog runners themselves to decide what style of dog running they choose to use.

Myth 4 – we have banned dogs and/or dog runners
Some of my correspondents have chosen to interpret the one dog one runner rule as a ban.  I don’t really see it that way – all we are asking is that each of their dogs is run by a single runner – I’m sure most existing multi dog runners could find a friend, relative or colleague they could trust to run alongside them with one of their dogs; alternatively from the correspondence I have received, I know that many parkrunners would love to have the opportunity to run with a dog, so multiple dog runners could try asking around.

Myth 5 – Pairs of dogs running on ‘T leads’ couldn’t possibly cause a problem
‘T leads’ where the runner has a single lead that splits off to connect to more than one dog, were in use in all three of the incidents that prompted us into this review of policy.

Myth 6 – This is just health and safety gone mad
Absolutely not – we are responding to actual incidents that had the potential to be very serious; we have a duty to act, and we have done so in a way that we believe is proportionate and still helps to maintain the traditional parkrun ethos.

Myth 7 – parkrun is making up rules for the sake of it
parkrun’s main philosophy is to be as all inclusive as possible, and we have very few absolute rules – anybody who has been part of parkrun for seven or eight years, will know that while we’ve got bigger we have fought to retain the same ethos; any rule changes that we do make are agonised over and hopefully help to keep us on the straight and narrow.

I hope this helps to clarify our position, and I welcome any comments you may have

Best regards,


Chris Wright

parkrun Global Champion


Run Report 24 March 2012

Event number 59

24th March 2012


Don't forget next week's event is the "March, April Run for Fools" it'll be fancy dress, an Olympics theme is emerging. I can promise you a Barnsley parkrun with a twist next week. For those doing the Silkstone Shuffle later in the morning why not come along and volunteer, you'll have time to do that and get to the Shuffle on time. Unfortunately you'll miss the cake! Oh yes. for those coming to David Allen's afterwards for tea and coffee don't forget to bring cakes, buns and biscuits

On an entirely different matter, for those that get the link to the parkrun Volunteers' Newsletter ( there was information about a free online training course entitled 'Be Inclusive and Active'. It aims to provide a level of understanding and knowledge that will ensure that participating organisations are better equipped to understand the specific needs of our disabled participants. I've done it and it's very informative. Full details on the link, above.

Run Report

Men's placings:

  • Thomas David WHITE (SM20-24) of kingstone Runners Barnsley, was first in 18:20 - 10th win in 35th appearance.
  • Lee SMITH (SM35-39) of Barnsley Harriers, was second in 19:13 - 2 previous wins.
  • David HARLING (VM40-44) (Unattached) was third in 19:45 - 1 previous win.

Current standing in the Men's annual points competition:

  • Kevin WOOD (Barnsley Harriers) 710 pts.
  • Gerard TAYEH (Barnsley Harriers) 688 pts.
  • Ian NEVILLE (Unattached) 653 pts.

Women's placings:

  • Pauline GRIFFIN (SW30-34) of Barnsley Harriers, was first (7th overall) in 20:32 - third win in 6th appearance.
  • Julia JOHNSON (VW45-49) of Holmfirth Harriers AC, was second (12th overall) in 21:53.
  • Zoe TOLMAN (SW30-34) of Barnsley AC, was third (17th overall) in 22:13 - 1 previous win.

Current standing in the Women's annual points competition:

  • Vicky LEVITT (Unattached) 751 pts.
  • Claire WILKINSON (Unattached) 749 pts.
  • Lizzy ADDIS (Unattached) 702 pts.

The following runners recorded the best Age Grade scores:

  • Julia JOHNSON (VW45-49) was graded 75.70 % for the time 21:53 (12th overall).
  • Christy WOULFE (VM50-54) was graded 74.05 % for the time 20:14 (6th overall).
  • Pauline GRIFFIN (SW30-34) was graded 72.08 % for the time 20:32 (7th overall).

This week there were 62 runners, of whom 8 were first timers and 21 recorded new Personal Bests.

Representatives of 8 different athletics clubs took part.

The End

That's it for this week. Good luck to all those having a go at the 10k in the park tomorrow (Sunday) it will be challenging!

See you at Locke Park next Saturday for another parkrun and CAKE!



parkrun News


Congratulations to Kieron Brice who not only ran his 50th parkrun on the 3rd of March also racked up his 50th run at Barnsley this weekend. Andrew Dakin though currently has the highest number of runs of the Barnsley regulars with 56. Is Kieron going to tae the title from him son?

Have you SparkLEd?

Just a reminder that we want as many people to take part in our academic study as possible – if you have not done so already please do so now - if you already have, please spread the word to as many parkrunners as you know (in particular those who may not have taken part in a while). Full details at Oh and sorry - over 18s only please.

Charity Run in the Park

For all you hardcore parkrunners Barnsley Rockley Rotary Club will be running an event over the parkrun course on Sunday 25th March at 10.00am in aid of Prostate Cancer Charity. 6 laps of the park no entry fee just bring 6 coins to drop in the tin at the end of each lap. Walk, Jog or Run. Sponsorship forms available from


31st March 2012 parkrun will be the "March, April Run for Fools" and will have an Olympic theme. So come in your best Olympic Games outfit! Be creative shorts and a t-shirt is just too easy! Bring cake and we'll retire to David Allan's meeting room to eat the cake and have tea, coffee and a chinwag afterwards. We can also have a chat about the proposed "Pignic in the Park' later in the year.

parkrun 10th March 2012

I'm not going to go through the results in detail this week but just going ot point out a few things you may not have noticed. Firstly there were 69 runners this week of whom 32 were women and 37 were men. There was a grand total of 30 brand new shiny PB's (congratulations to those runners) and two Barnsley parkrun newbies, welcome to you. 33 runners were a member of a club and of those two clubs Barnsley AC and Barnsley Harriers tied with 8 members each running. Our top Age Graded runner this week was Jenny Wakeman with an 81.03% score; how did you do compared to Jenny?

Your volunteers this week were: Alan Mills, Christopher Walker, David Needham, James Chisholm, Jane Sandall, Judith Hygate, Sharon Schofield Susan Rylatt, Tony Murray and Vicky Levitt. 

The End

I've uploaded a load of photos to the Facebook page for your delight and delectation. And that's it for this week, short and sweet. Don't forget to SparkLE and we'll see you on Saturday for another Barnsley parkrun. (Barnsley, home of the world's toughest parkrunners)



Wombwell 5 Road Race

Sunday February 18th

The annual Wombwell 5 road race will take part on Sunday  February 18thif you can run up Locke Park Tower Hill 3 times, you can easily climb Snape Hill into Darfield once!!!! (Say the organisers)

Starts and finishes at the Wombwell Recreation Ground , Station Road. All standards are welcome - more details and entry forms are on the Wombwell Sporting Athletic Club website or on John Schofield's excellent website  ukresults - you will be made very welcome and for newcomers to running, it will be an excellent set up from ParkRuns

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