The Lead up to Christmas

As we approach Christmas we are trying to add a few little twists to your parkrun to hopefully drag you away from the shops, pubs and restaurants.

December 17th is Junior volunteer week. We hope the junior runners will use this opportunity to fill the volunteer roster completely with junior runners, even the race directors position! Too many people call the youth of today but we know that at parkrun they can show us all that they can run an event as good as the adults, if not better! If you want to volunteer for this event please let me know by email and I'll put you down and don't worry you'll be told exactly what to do and wont be left completely on your own (especially the race director).This week is also open for the Juniors to do something fun with if they want. You could do a santa dash or anything you want so if you have an idea stick it on your email and we’ll go with the one mentioned most or pick one at random.Remember juniors this is your parkrun as much as the adults so here is your chance to do your bit.

December 24th is our Sir Jimmy Saville tribute week. I cant write enough about Sir Jim to do him justice. But raising £40 million for charity,racing 300 professional bike races, running 212 marathons and 107 wrestling fights are but a small part of what he achieved. All that on top of being one of the nations favourites on Top of the Pops and Jim'll Fix It made Sir Jim mean that much to so many of us that we were very sad when his death was announced in October. His selfless giving is such a great messasge to honour at this time of year. So please drag out those 70's shellsuits, get the long wig out and start digging out the jewellery for a great day honouring a great man. So come on "guys and gals" lets have a fun parkrun before Christmas.

Please volunteer where and when you can. If we all do our bit it lightens the load for everyone.

Remember, this is your parkrun

Ask not what parkrun can do for you, but what can you do for your parkrun

Dave Parker
Event Director
Barrow parkrun