Barshaw Junior parkun – coming back soon!

The local parkrun team of volunteers are working hard to bring back Barshaw Juniors by the end of 2021. Please watch this space for a start date!


Volunteer Spotlight#4 Tail Walker

Along with the Marshals the Tail walker will act as the eyes and ears of the run director.

What time should I arrive?

We ask all volunteers to arrive at about 9 am. This gives the volunteer coordinator enough time to explain roles to any new volunteers.

What do I need to bring with me?

Only your mobile phone, you will be provided with a lanyard which will list all the Run Directors phone numbers, the Volunteer coordinator will tell you who the Run Director is for that day's event.

Do I need to wear a tail?

At Barshaw juniors we have a tail that can be provided if you would like to wear it but it is not compulsory just let us know in advance if you would like to wear it.

Do I need to be fit?

You don't need to be as quick as Sir Mo Farah but you do need to be able to keep up with the final finisher so any incidents can be dealt with quickly.

Can I be Tail Walker if I am a junior?

Yes you can but you must be accompanied by an adult Tail Walker due to having to act  in the event of an incident.

Do I get a run credit?

At Junior parkrun you only get a run credit as Tail Walker if you are a junior.





Apologies, but due to flooding in the park, we have cancelled tomorrow's junior parkrun (10/3/2019). The paths around the pond are particularly badly affected, with part of the path completely under water. This is partly due to the heavy rain in the past few days, but a problem with the pond drainage has also been discovered. Renfrewshire Council are dealing with this, and we hope the problem can be resolved before next Sunday's run.

Anyone who was due to collect a wrist band can do so next week.

In the meantime, if you would like to volunteer to help at next Sunday's Junior parkrun or any future run, please get in touch via Facebook or email us at :


Volunteer spotlight#3 – Timekeeping

The parkrun description of the timekeepers role is as follows:


"The Timekeeper is responsible for ensuring that the finishing time for every runner is recorded as they cross the line. This is one of the higher pressure jobs in the finish area, and should be reserved for those who are not easily flustered. parkrun uses a variety of timing devices, and it is important that the Timekeeper is familiar with the particular device in use at their event."


Timekeeper is the volunteer role that many volunteers fear the most. There is no reason to, it is very simple and we work with two timing devices. If there is a problem with one stopwatch we always have a backup.


The Run Director will ensure that the batteries are ok and that the stopwatch is cleared before they hand it over to you. You will also be given a full demonstration of how the device is operated. There are only two buttons that you need to use as a timekeeper. These are the ones marked A and B in the diagram. The D button is also useful as you can toggle through the different operating modes. This can be used as a way of preventing accidental button clicks before the start or whilst waiting for the first finisher to arrive at the finish.

When it is time for the event to start typically the Run Director will check with both timekeepers that they are ready and that their device is still in the correct operating mode. When the signal is given to start the timer presses button A once. The watch then starts.

When the first finisher comes into view it is time for action. Our two timers position themselves on opposite sides of the finish funnel. When each runner crosses the line (on their own two feet) the timer presses button B. This will then record the time for that finisher and it will show the number of finishers along with the time of the last finisher on the watch display.


Occasionally you will find a group of runners crossing the line together. The best way to handle this is you count the number in the group as they approach and then click the required number or times as they cross the line. We only give times to nearest second so this method works well at busy times.

If you make a mistake the most important thing is not to panic. Notify the Run Director as soon as possible who will then deal with the problem.


At the end of the run you can then stop the watch by pressing button A a second time. If you know of any possible problems in your timings let the Run Director know and they will then choose which watch to use as their primary timer.

Timekeeping is very interesting and satisfying job. It is certainly not the terrifying experience that many think it will be.

If you would like to volunteer as timekeeper in the future please get in touch with our team at



Volunteer Spotlight #2-Marshal

The position of Marshal is one of the most important roles of parkrun and is one of the easiest to fulfil.

Junior parkrun cannot go ahead without a full Marshal roster as each Marshal is positioned so they are in sight of each other. This positioning allows juniors to be in sight of at least one Marshal at any given time of the run.

Marshals should arrive about half an hour before the event starts in order to be briefed of any hazards and to be positioned round the course.

Marshals should also always have their mobile phones with them to alert the Run director in case of any emergencies.




Volunteer spotlight #1 General volunteering information

Q: What time do I need to be there?

A: We ask our volunteers to be at the event at around 9 am. The volunteer coordinator should arrive promptly in order to give instructions to other volunteers.

Q: How long will I need to be there for?

A: The run starts at 9.30 and is usually finished for 10 so depending on the role you will be at the event for around one hour.

Q: Do I get any training?

A: Yes, that's why we ask our volunteers to be there early, if you are doing a role that is new to you the Volunteer coordinator is on hand to guide you through your role

Q: Do I need any special equipment?

A: If you are Marshal or Tailwalker we ask you to bring your mobile phone with you as you are the eyes and ears of the Run Director. You may need to contact the RD in the event of an emergency

Q: Can I chose my own role?

A: Yes, if you have a preference we will always try to put you in the role you request.

Q: Can children volunteer?

A: Yes, they can but we cannot put a child on a Marshal or Tailwalking role alone, they can accompany an adult for those roles. There are lots of other roles a child can help with.

Q: What's in it for me?

A: Apart from the feel good feeling of helping our future generations you can apply for a free T shirt on your parkrun profile after 25 separate volunteer sessions. You can wear it with pride and show off to all your friends


Fundraising appeal

Our fantastic parkrun has been running for 6 months, and it’s been great to see the kids, adults and local community really get involved in such a great event!

As we are a newer parkrun, we are always looking at ways to improve and to ensure we are adhering to all health and safety aspects of the event. So with this in mind, we would like to purchase our own defibrillator. We currently have access to the defib that is situated in the golf course, but due to opening times and off peak seasons, the golf club isn’t always open when we are running our parkrun.

To be able to obtain one for our event, we need to raise around £800. We are unable to accept cash donations at parkrun, but a gift donation can be made on the "about us" section of this site.


Any donation, no matter the level would be greatly appreciated by all of us at Barshaw Juniors. Please come speak to us at the event itself if you have any questions, or want to find out a bit more.


On behalf of the core team, I want to thank you all for your continuing support of our terrific parkrun!


Emily Jackson - Event Director


Winter weather, Christmas and New Year runs

Winter seems to be well and truly here with our first weather cancellation today. If we do have to cancel on the day we will try and do so as early as possible so please keep and eye on our Facebook page or the Barshaw Juniors parkrun web page.


During the Christmas period we will be having the normal Sunday runs on 23rd December and 30th December we, are not planning any extra runs. There are a few local 5K parkruns that will be taking place on Christmas Day and New Years Day if you can get up (or if you've been up since 5am and fancy a bit of fresh air!) see and choose one of the events.


#teamparkrun News

Great news from #teamparkrun!

Facebook cover

At Barshaw Juniors on Sunday we will be playing host to not one but TWO lottery funded athletes.

Glasgow boxer Sean Lazzerini will be volunteering at the run on Sunday. The 2017 Scottish Elite Championship Gold Medallist will Tail Walking with our ED Emily.

Helping out at the finish will be the 2017 Scottish Sportsperson of the Year, Samantha Kinghorn. The World Para-athletics Champion at 100 & 200m and 400m bronze medallist will be helping to hand out finish tokens.


Come along and meet these Lottery funded athletes, get a selfie or ask them what it's like to compete against other world class athletes. Find out how they train or if their diet allows them to get a McDonalds!!

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