I love parkrun because… ?

Basingstoke parkrun #615, 23rd November 2019, Run Report by Naomi Holborough

The parkrun UK facebook page got me thinking this week when it asked me to finish this sentence:

I love parkrun because…

Well, where do I start? Last weekend I did my first parkrun in nearly 2 months. A combination of Illness, moving house and studying for my masters degree had kept me away so I was delighted to be back. I missed my Saturday morning run but perhaps more importantly, I missed the social aspect of parkrun that I’m sure many of you also enjoy. I had the privilege of briefing our 36 visitors and first timers this weekend during the first timers briefing; this is possibly my favourite volunteer role, because I can still run. I still get nervous doing the first timers briefing, which is silly as I do the Run Director role when there’s way more people, but anytime I have to speak in front of more than 2 people I’m going out of my comfort zone. I also let out a squeal of excitement while I was running when I saw my friend Dee during the run, it was so nice to see a familiar face who I haven’t seen in weeks and catchup with after the run. I was out of my comfort zone during the run too, it was hard after 7 weeks of very little running.

I love parkrun because it takes me out of my comfort zone, both physically and mentally…oh and I love the people. Why do you love parkrun? I would love to hear your reasons so please share in the comments section on Facebook :-)

Basingstoke parkrun 615 - 2019-11-23-503
That’s me on the right…I copied the peace sign from the guy next to me

Let’s get onto the roundup of Saturdays event.

Firstly, a big thank you to our Run Director Peter Chiverton and his army of volunteers. The weather is gradually declining so extra thanks for standing out in the rain to allow us all to run. Many thanks to:
Andy STENT • Avi GOVIND • Barry LOVELOCK • Ben HASTINGS • Boyd JNO-LEWIS • Brian WORTH • Caroline PARTNER • Chris TOWNLEY • Cobie MILSOM • Craig GILBERT • Darren WOOD • Dave HOPE • Dean TURNER • Denise HOPE • Duncan ROUNDING • Eve HANCOCK • George HEDDERLY • Holly VICKERS • Iain HABBERLEY • Jack HEDDERLY • Jane LOWE • Jason MINNS • Karen TURNER • Katie TURNER • Laura IVE • Lisa HEDDERLY • Louise LAMB • Lydia VICKERS • Mark COUGHLIN • Matt PILLINGER • Michael PARKER • Michal BURSAK • Michelle HORSEMAN • Mike ATHROLL • Mike HEDDERLY • Mike PINI • Mike STANFORD • Naomi HOLBOROUGH • Paloma DYER • Pat KIPPS • Paul JOHNSTON • Peter CHIVERTON • Peter RAILTON • Richard PICKARD • Ross POLLARD • Rudi KRUIJSSE • Ryan PARTNER • Sarah GAMBRILL • Steffen ROHR • Steve MCGEOWN • Sue JACKSON • Tamzin BLAGBROUGH • Tessa HABBERLEY • Toby LAMPARD • Tom HARDING • Tommy MILLAR

As always, it wouldn’t be a run report from me if I didn’t include a plug for volunteers, so here I go again. We cannot put on a safe weekly event without our volunteers, this isn’t a guilt trip, this is just a fact. It’s so easy to volunteer so why not give it a go. You can check out the future roster page to see the available roles and send an email to basingstokehelpers@parkrun.com with your number to secure your stop. As a run director, my heart sinks on a Thursday night when I see that we’re short on volunteers so please please consider volunteering :-)

Basingstoke parkrun 615 - 2019-11-23-67
and we’re off

527 runners, walkers and joggers turned out for Basingstoke parkrun this week. Tom Harding was first across the line this week in 17:35, for the 11th time in a row. Alison James was the first lady home in 21:46 for the 4th time in a row. Well Done both, those are some impressive statistics.

Well done also to the 37 of your who achieved new personal bests this week. Possibly helped along by the wonderful pacers from Hook Runners. Many thanks for your efforts :-)

Basingstoke parkrun 615 - 2019-11-23-42
Our pacers

We celebrated a number of milestone runs this week. Congratulations to Hattie Stokes-Wright and Ben Harris who did their 10th runs as juniors (achieving the white milestone shirt), Penny Morris, Lisa Phillipson and Susan Shapland who have reached the red t-shirt milestone (50 runs) and Callum Cleary, Mike Pini and Jack Kennedy who reached the black t-shirt (100 runs) milestone. Rather more arbitrarily, congratulations to Phil Hale and Paul Streeter for completing parkrun 333 and 108 respectively - but why am I highlighting this? Well they both let us know beforehand that they were completing their 100th parkruns at Basingstoke. Well done to you all - you are all awesome.

Basingstoke parkrun 615 - 2019-11-23-659
Two of our milestone runners

We are in the park again next week (I say we because I will be there…yay) so have a wonderful week, see you all next week and don’t forget your barcodes!

DFYB plate