Numbers, numbers everywhere!

Basingstoke parkrun #626, 25th January 2020. Run Report by Dan Keates

To follow last weeks run report focus on words, I would like to bring to attention my second favourite thing after parkrun…. Numbers and stats. Yes, I am a stats geek.

This week’s roundup will be scattered with a whole variety of numbers so let’s kick it off with some basic ones.

636 – The number of runners, joggers, walkers and everything inbetweeners who braved an early Saturday morning start with fortunately slightly better weather conditions than we've seen recently.


And they are off...

34 – first timers to parkrun, we hope you enjoyed it and will come back! They say your first parkrun is hard, but your second is really where the fun, hard work and addiction begins.

19 – Added Basingstoke to their list of travels. We hope to see you parkrunning with us again very soon.

86 – Hit personal best performances, which is 13.5% of Saturday’s runners and by my reckoning is a fine effort so congratulations to all.

Now a shout-out to all the official (and unofficial!) milestone runners:
Junior 10: Oliver Jno-Lewis & Ashley Omeso
100: Alex Stuart
200: Clair Mennear, Steve Mennear, Mark Richards
300: Kevin Nicholson
400: Peter Chiverton – extra well done for the Spiderman costume.. it looked pretty warm inside the suit!


Our very own friendly neighbourhood Spiderman

Well done and keep going to the next milestone!

Back to some more stats!

950,095 – Total kilometres run at Basingstoke parkrun –which means the 9981st finisher from now will be one to break 1 million km at Basingstoke…. Could it be you? Quite possibly. If we carried on with the same number of runners as this week it will be in about 16 weeks so keep your eyes peeled.

29:37 – the median time run at this week’s event, it was 28:48 from 3 years ago – the idea being the slower the median time is the more inclusive parkrun is getting which is great (also we’ve gained an extra 100 runners so good job everyone and keep spreading the word).

1 – number of parkrunners on Saturday who then followed it up by getting married on the same day! Congratulations to Tom Ferguson and I hope your day went fantastically and fair play with the commitment to parkrun.

27 – number of participants from the 5k Your Way group – well done everyone and we look forward to seeing you back.

4 – Number of runners named Marshall! (Editors note: didn't see any marshalls called Runner, Jogger or Walker!)

36 – number of runners who didn’t scan and receive a result. If you did by mistake then remember next week don’t forget your barcode! #DFYB

1671 – the total number of parkruns worldwide on Saturday proving that you really are part of a huge community!


I wish I looked this happy when I finished!

And finally, as always a big shoutout to the real heroes - our volunteers who stand out there in all weather conditions to support all of us parkrunners:

Michael HICKEY • Caroline PARTNER • Avi GOVIND • Jonathan MATTHEWS • Grant HODGSON • Peter CHIVERTON • Alison JAMES • Tommy MILLAR • Dave HOPE • Mark NORMAN • Eleanor MATTHEWS • Matt PILLINGER • Tony MOORE • Caroline Jane MOORE • Brian WORTH • Frankie WELLINGS • Richard WHITE • Lorna GORDON • Jonathan RUDDLE • Katy MACKLIN • Hannah ERSKINE • Ryan PARTNER • Vicky HAMBLIN • Lynda DAY • Sam HIDSON • Karen VAN GRAMBERG • Boyd JNO-LEWIS • Meredith SMITH-MACKLIN • Jamie VAN GRAMBERG • Mike STANFORD • Lisa HEDDERLY • Denise HOPE • Aidan LEAVEY • Craig GILBERT • Michelle HORSEMAN • Naomi HOLBOROUGH • Daniel KEATES • Maisie GILBERT • Tom HARDING • Peter RAILTON • Mike ATHROLL • Chris TOWNLEY • Steven SHILLINGFORD • Sarah GAMBRILL • Jane LOWE • Deborah RIVERS • Nicola LEDINGTON • Peter EVANS


A few of our hi-viz heroes

If you feel like you can offer some help or fancy a week off from running, then check out the volunteering roster and get in touch - the Basingstoke parkrun office email address is on the website.