Don’t downplay your achievements

Basingstoke parkrun #628, 8th February 2020. Run Report by Naomi Holborough

My recent run reports have focussed on our high viz “heroes”, but for this issue of “How Naomi sees it”, I want to focus on our other heroes…the runners.
Basingstoke parkrun 628 - 2020-02-08-30
Our RD for this week

I was one of the 648 parkrunners who, thanks to Run Director David Picton and his team of volunteers, completed two laps of the park. We had 24 first timers and 20 visitors; hopefully you all enjoyed it and we will see you all back again soon. There were 81 personal bests, possibly a result of the firmer ground…or a result of everyones hard work…Congratulations to you all.

Other than the ground having noticeably firmed up, it felt like an ordinary Saturday parkrun to me…but it wasn’t…and I don’t believe an ordinary parkrun exists anymore. 181,525 people in the UK did parkrun this week…do you think that’s ordinary? Because I don’t.
Basingstoke parkrun 628 - 2020-02-08-48
Does that look ordinary to you?

I bet you’re thinking “what’s brought this on?” so I will tell you. I went to my friends birthday celebration on Saturday evening and the group conversation got on to running (I swear it wasn’t my fault!). One of the other party goers, let’s call her A, proudly announced that her husband had bought her a place in the Bristol 10km as an anniversary present and she was doing the couch to 10km to train for it…amazing right. The conversation then turned to my own running (again not my fault) and I was asked how my marathon training was going. Now we get to the moment that has inspired this run report. At this point, A, downplayed her 10km and said “oh 10km is nothing compared to a marathon” and lost her excitement. I felt terrible. Me doing in a marathon is no better than A doing a 10km; like her I’ve never done one before. Is it better because it’s longer in distance? No of course not. We both go out to train, and we will both turn up to our races and try our best to run as fast as we can.
Basingstoke parkrun 628 - 2020-02-08-377
Birthday party looked like this
What I’m trying to get at, and probably not doing a very good job of it, is that running is hard, and with a growing obsession over distance I wanted to remind everyone that running 5kms is AWESOME. I’m up to my parkrun 93 and I can say that the 93rd was just as hard as the first, perhaps not in the same way but it’s still hard and worth SHOUTING about proudly.

Okay enough of my ramblings, in true Oscars style, let’s see who our award winners are this week:

Congratulations to these parkrunners on achieving their parkrun milestones:
50 parkruns:
• Sue Kerr
• Chandrakuber Angbuhang
100 parkruns:
• Helen Larkin
25th Volunteering
• Rob Lucas
While not an official parkrun milestone, this is still worth celebrating:
350 parkruns:
• Jeff Mitchell

Basingstoke parkrun 628 - 2020-02-08-72
Well that’s a work of art

Results highlights
Male placings:
1st goes to Tom Harding (SM25-29) of Basingstoke and Mid Hants AC with a time of 17:35.
2nd goes to Rory Horseman (SM30-34) of Hatch Warren Runners with a time of 18:32.
3rd goes to Tony Watkins (VM55-59) of Basingstoke and Mid Hants AC with a time of 18:42.

Female placings:
1st goes to Alison James (VW50-54) (Unattached) with a time of 20:41.
2nd goes to Yvette Dollin (SW30-34) (Unattached) with a time of 22:41.
3rd goes to Sarah Witt (VW45-49) of Windsor and District AC with a time of 22:54.

And finally, In the Volunteer Category, our winners are:
Aidan LEAVEY  •  Alex STUART  •  Avi GOVIND  •  Barbara WEST  •  Boyd JNO-LEWIS  •  Brian WORTH  •  Caroline Jane MOORE  •  Caroline PARTNER  •  Craig GILBERT  •  Dave HOPE  •  Dave OXLADE  •  David PICTON  •  Denise HOPE  •  Duncan ROUNDING  •  Eleanor MATTHEWS  •  Emily CARTER  •  Frank MADDEN  •  Frankie WELLINGS  •  George HEDDERLY  •  Grant HODGSON  •  Hannah ERSKINE  •  Jack HEDDERLY  •  Jonathan MATTHEWS  •  Karen TURNER  •  Katie TURNER  •  Lisa HEDDERLY  •  Lucy BRAND  •  Lydia VICKERS  •  Maisie GILBERT  •  Mark COUGHLIN  •  Mark NORRIS  •  Matt PILLINGER  •  Michael HICKEY  •  Mike ATHROLL  •  Naomi HOLBOROUGH  •  Peter ADAMS  •  Peter CHIVERTON  •  Peter EVANS  •  Rob LUCAS  •  Ryan PARTNER  •  Sam HIDSON  •  Sam HUTCHINGS  •  Sarah GAMBRILL  •  Sue JACKSON  •  Thomas JOHNSON  •  Tom HARDING  •  Tommy MILLAR

Basingstoke parkrun 628 - 2020-02-08-684
Our wonderful volunteers

We will be back in the Memorial Park again next Saturday so see you all then and as always, don’t forget your barcode!