New t-shirts

The eagle eyed amongst you will have spotted some different parkrun t-shirts this week.

Traditionally we've had V25 (for volunteering 25 times) and run 10 (junior), 50, 100, 250 and 500.

parkrun have now levelled up the running and volunteering t-shirts, so there is run 10 (junior), 25, 50, 100, 250, 500 and also volunteer 10 (junior), 25, 50, 100, 250 & 500.  These are in the usual colours, of white, purple, red, black, green and blue.


This one is almost as rare as hen's teeth

If you are wondering how you find out if you are eligible for, or order these tops, here's a simple guide;

Go to your results email from parkrun and click on 'manage my profile'


This takes you through to your profile on the parkrun website, click on milestone club progress

Email 2

You are then routed to a page which shows which run/volunteer clubs you are a member of and a little trolley symbol;

email 3

Add which-ever top you want (& have qualified for) to your basket and you are routed to the prodirect website, where you choose your size.  Each t-shirt costs £16, which is great value for a running t-shirt.

You can also use this link to order replacements of previously earned tops - I ordered a new run50 as my original one doesn't fit me so well anymore.

Malcolm reminds me that if you haven't previously ordered from prodirect you will need to create an account with them also - fairly simple, there is a prompt at the checkout stage;

email 4

I'll be looking forward to seeing lots of new t-shirts soon.

Onto today, 350 runners completed the 5k course around the War Memorial park, slightly down on recent levels, but way above the 208 average for all UK parkruns across all events (36.4m runs completed across 175k running events).  We were led round by Edward Buckley in 18:23, closely followed by Tom Mount in 18:44 (PB) and Chris Furness in 18:47.  For the women, Hannah Bliss took top spot in 20:39, followed by Rebecca Willis in 23:05 and Angela Goodwin in 23:10.  Age Grade wise, Chris Furness (79.15%) led Andrew LeRoux (79.07%) and Andy Rogers (75.06%, PB).

Chris F


On the subject of PB's, 41 people recorded their best ever time at Basingstoke today - congratulations to them all, while 25 runners were competing at Basingstoke for the first time, including 9 completing their first ever parkrun.

None of this would be possible without the support of our helpers today, expertly led by Frankie Wellings, thank you to Mark Norris, Darren Rolfe, Richard Wellings, Ashley Pither, Dave Hope, Claire Esslemont, Jacqui Townley, Sara Lee, John Mannion, Brian Worth, Praveen Singh, Shravan Singh, Ross Cartwright, Samuel Lomax, Marcus Simpson, Denise Hope, Peter Evans, Chris Townley, Debbie Faulkner, Nicola Dale, Tim Mortlock, Malcolm Brown, David Dunford, Tanya Hare, Mike Hastie, Michael Hickey, Ruth Mortock, Shelley Rounding, Lisa Hedderly, Ben Hastings, Brendan Vickery, Karen Patterson, Nicola Lawrence, Alex Conboy, Rebecca Vincent, Michael Parker, Jack Hedderly, Grant Hodgson, Matt Pillinger, Caroline Partner, Ryan Partner & Avi Govind.


They all contribute towards a well organised, timed, safe, free run

OIP (1)

I'm hoping all of these post-its say 'thank you' in different languages - I recognise Portuguese, French, Italian, British, Spanish and German.


parkrun doesn't happen without helpers - please do consider helping out in future weeks - it's a great way to see parkrun from an alternative perspective and be amazed at how quick some of the runners are!  All you have to do is email with the dates you can help out and if you have a preference.  There is a helpful guide to what each role entails here What do the volunteers do? – parkrun Support


And to round of - this is my 37th and final run report, my first being event #292 on 21 December 2013. During that time I've been fortunate enough to have some great topics to cover, from notes on each of our 10 courses, Eliud Kipchoge's sub 2 hour marathon, to the 29th February 2020 parkrun, perhaps most of you will remember the 'meet the parkrunner' slots, and 'Matt the Stat' reports. It's been a great privilege to write these reports, but as my pen runs out of ink, or more precisely, my brain runs out of ideas, it's time to hand the quill over to other writers and I do so, heavy of heart, while hoping that I've brought a small amount of pleasure to the readers of these articles.

I might be back to report writing in the future, but in the meantime, there is a great and capable report writing team, if you are interested in joining them, please let Peter Chiverton know or email   There's no need to sign up for more than 1 report and no specialist IT knowledge is required.

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