The Final Sprint

Basingstoke parkrun event 456, 10 December 2016, Run Report by Peter Chiverton.

We have reached the final sprint of an eventful 2016, there’s been distinct chills in the air, the trees are mostly bare, and there’s only about two weeks to go before Christmas (don’t panic!). Running around Chineham on Wednesday evening I noted whole streets now festooned with a variety of competing decorations, and maybe some of you are well into the early festivities, with the temptations of yule logs and mince pies on the shop shelves, office parties resulting in more food and drink that you might normally consider wise, and not forgetting the daily treats in your advent calendar. So with all that in mind, what better excuse do you need to blow away the cobwebs, catch up with friends and burn off some calories to kick off the weekend with a parkrun?

First time stars.

Well 341 of us certainly thought it was a good idea to start the weekend with a parkrun, as we toed the line on our grassy War Memorial Park.

#456 10-December-2016

It was a damp, although nowhere near freezing winter’s morning, but we warmly welcomed 19 people running with us at Basingstoke for the first time – including 14 for whom it was their first parkrun anywhere. Well done to you for completing your run today and we hope to see you back again very soon. Other first timers at Basingstoke were visiting us from Fareham, Wycombe Rye, Havant, Yeovil and Portsmouth – welcome to you all.

PB stars.
Word from regular runners was that the course conditions were definitely becoming soft to heavy in places, and this was reflected in a reduced number of PBs – just 36 this time – so well done if you were one of this speedy band. A particular shout out therefore for:

  • Hazel Dicks who ran her 135th Basingstoke parkrun (out of 138 total runs) – and managed her fifth PB out of her last seven Basingstoke runs
  • Brian Cameron, running his 55th Basingstoke parkrun (out of 64 total) who is in a rich vein of PB form – he seems to get one virtually every week he runs and has managed seven in his last ten Basingstoke runs.

#456 10-December-2016

DofE stars.
You may have noticed there are currently a number of regular teenage volunteers who are helping Basingstoke parkrun happen every week – they are doing it as part of their Duke of Edinburgh Award volunteering section. parkrun are an Approved Activity Provider for DofE and if you know someone who might be interested in joining them, show them the information at and encourage them to sign up. It’s a win/ win for the DofE person and Basingstoke parkrun – they can do their volunteering and Basingstoke parkrun has some new volunteers! We currently have seven young people doing this regularly but there is still room for more: in the meantime thank you to Ben Coulter, Lewis Maxwell, Kara Davies, Harry Taylor, Sophie Taylor, Daniel Hastings and Jack Davenport. Kara was our official photographer today and a number of her pictures have made their way into this report - if you want to see more of her photos go to the Basingstoke photos page at

#456 10-December-2016

Volunteer stars
Of course you don’t have to be a DofE volunteer to be part of the Basingstoke parkrun volunteer band– we need as many of us as possible to take a turn at volunteering to allow us to keep this more and more popular event “running” – if you haven’t volunteered for a while, or indeed ever, see if you could put your name down for one of the many parkruns happening in the Christmas period – you can find out what volunteer slots are available each week by looking at the volunteer roster at and sending your “please let me volunteer” email to as soon as you can. Give your fellow parkrunners a lovely Christmas or New Year present of making their parkrun happen! And it really is a joy volunteering as so many of the parkrunners give a shout of thanks to those helping as they run past or queue at the end to have their barcode scanned.


And it really is possible for anyone to do it: as well as our DoE teenagers, and children who volunteer with their parents or grandparents, last week Tony Nicholls (our blind runner) was one of the volunteer marshals, and he and I encouraged the massed crowds of runners as they ran. It was Tony’s first time as a volunteer: he loved it and is very keen to do it again.

Running blind.
Incidentally last week, you may have noticed that Avi Govind our Event Director was guided round the course by one of our guide running team (Nick Walshe) as he ran blindfolded.


I asked Avi why he’d decided to do this and what his experience was like – here was his response.
"When I took over as Event Director earlier in the year, I committed to trying out all the volunteer roles, and as part of that had the opportunity to guide Tony a couple of weeks ago. Tony was very complimentary about the event, but I wanted to find out for myself exactly what the experience was like for a visually impaired runner.
The first thing I learnt was that I needed to have absolute trust in my guide - luckily Nick earned that trust very quickly. Also, the course feels very different to when you can see it - the changes of surface are more noticeable, and it is impossible to avoid every tree root, leaf and puddle!
My experience has taught me that, if I am lucky enough to be able to guide Tony again in the future, communication is key - you can never have enough. Also, from an organisational perspective, we can be more mindful of the additional challenges that other runners, mud, potholes, and dogs pose to visually impaired runners and their guides"


So what happened at the front of the field?

Female placings:
Claire Louise SPENCER (VW35-39) of Overton Harriers & AC, was first (8th overall) over the line in 19:43 - 10th time in 30 appearances.
Rebecca WILLIS (VW35-39) of Hatch Warren Runners, was second (26th overall) over the line in 21:13 - has been first to finish on 9 previous occasions.
Abbie NADIN (SW30-34) of Hook Runners, was third (49th overall) over the line in 22:46.

Male placings:
An unknown runner was first.
Iain CONNELL (VM45-49) (Unattached) was second over the line in 18:27 - has been first to finish on 10 previous occasions.
Pablo HERRERA (SM25-29) (Unattached) was third over the line in 18:36 - was first to finish once before.

#456 10-December-2016

Current standings in the points competitions (remembering these finish at the end of February).
Tracy WYETH (Unattached) 4594 pts.
Lynn BRASTOCK (Hatch Warren Runners) 3821 pts.
Kim ULYSSES (Hatch Warren Runners) 3812 pts.
Chris FURNESS (Basingstoke & Mid Hants AC) 4470 pts.
Tony WATKINS (Unattached) 3913 pts.
Rob EUSTACE (Unattached) 3693 pts.

The following runners recorded the best Age Grade scores:
Iain CONNELL (VM45-49) was graded 77.42% for the time 18:27 (second overall).
Claire Louise SPENCER (VW35-39) was graded 77.09% for the time 19:43 (8th overall).
Chris FURNESS (VM45-49) was graded 76.59% for the time 18:39 (4th overall).

#456 10-December-2016

Milestone runs.
Congratulations to all the following who should soon be sporting various parkrun milestone shirts:
Harris Knaggs and Harrison James Morgan who are both juniors completed their 10th parkruns
Helen Cameron did her 25th volunteering event.
Harry Hinson ran his 50th parkrun.
Kathryn Allaway ran her 100th parkrun (balloon and all!)

#456 10-December-2016IMG_5929

And Tony Wright completed his 250th parkrun (without a balloon!)


parkrunners with aesthetically pleasing times.
I like to highlight people who manage to run their parkrun where the number of minutes and seconds are the same: so congratulations to Tony Parker who completed his run in 19m19s, Rhiannon Perryment who managed 23m23s, Richard Hargreaves with 25m25s, Svetlana Unitt who completed her run in 27m27s, Michael Hickey with 34m34s and Danielle Mitchell with 38m38s. Congratulations to you all!

During 2015, 20,048 parkruns were completed at Basingstoke (an average of 371 a week). So far in 2016 we’ve already managed 20,356 at an average of just over 399 a week. Will we finish the year with an average of over 400 runners a week? To do so, for our last four parkruns (including Christmas Day) we’d have to average 411 each, which seems optimistic but not impossible (depends a bit on the weather of course). If we managed that, it would total 22,000 runs completed in 2016 (although we’ll have squeezed in an extra run – 55 this year as against 54 last year).

Extra runs at Christmas

I mentioned we are holding extra runs at Christmas here at Basingstoke - the details can be found at That article also contains a link for the parkrun Christmas Compendium showing details of special Christmas Day and New Year's Day parkruns all over the UK. Note that like Basingstoke, most parkruns are doing these in addition to the normal Saturday runs on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve (but check with the local events themselves as usual to make sure these are happening if you plan to visit).

#456 10-December-2016

Donate Your Time!

Returning for a second year – and just in time for Christmas – Donate Your Time is back! Over the four weekends in December, you can donate your parkrun time to Alzheimer’s Research UK, by converting the minutes and seconds into pounds and pence! Alzheimer’s Research UK is parkrun’s official charity partner, and money raised will help research into treatments and preventions for dementia. So for example, if you ran 24:26, you could donate £24.26! All donations are welcome, so feel free to donate any amount you wish to help Alzheimer’s Research UK in the fight against dementia!
To find out more and to donate, visit:

And finally – a Quite Interesting fact.

On 10th December 1799, France first adopted the metre as its official unit of length. Had they not done so, we would have not been able to run five thousand of them in a park every Saturday at 9am. Don't forget to join us next week for exactly that.



Christmas Day and New Year’s Day parkruns – summary

Special arrangements for extra parkruns over the Christmas and New Year period.

Christmas Day parkrun.

We will be hosting a Christmas Day parkrun at Basingstoke War Memorial Park starting at 9am, on Sunday 25th December. There will be no Basingstoke junior parkrun on Christmas Day. Please feel free to come in fancy dress. As usual we will be having a bring and share party after the run, so bring some savoury and sweet treats or something to drink.

New Year's Day parkrun.

We will be hosting a New Year's Day parkrun at Basingstoke War Memorial Park starting at 9am on Sunday 1st January.

There will be no Basingstoke junior parkrun on New Year's Day.

What about Saturdays 24th December and 31st December?

parkrun will happen at the usual 9am start time for both these days at Basingstoke War Memorial Park.

I can volunteer for one or more of these runs.
Great! With extra runs we will need more volunteers - please have a look at and choose runs/ roles you can help with, then email with your choice.

What if I am not in Basingstoke this Christmas?

There is a special page of Christmas and New Year parkrun arrangements at Some parkruns are happening on Christmas Day and New Year's Day and some are not, and in some cases times will be changed. The Christmas Compendium will tell you which parkruns are happening and if they have changed their start time on either date. So if you are away from Basingstoke for Christmas or New Year, there may still be a parkrun you can experience. Note that the Christmas Compendium page will be updated between now and close to Christmas as individual parkruns make their decisions, so suggest bookmarking the page so you can check nearer the time. Many runs will be happening as usual on Saturdays 24th and 31st December but check with each run as usual if you are planning to visit.

Note also on New Year's Day only, that because of varied start times of individual parkruns, it may be possible to run (a maximum of) two parkruns at different locations - if so, both will count in the table of completed runs. This is not the case on Christmas Day, even if logistically possible - only one run will be recorded.

Please note that any of these parkruns may cancel at short notice due to poor or dangerous weather conditions, so you are advised to check with individual parkruns that you plan to visit closer to the time, and think carefully before travelling long distances in winter for parkrun.


Basingstoke parkrun website photo competition

Last week we announced the launch of a competition to find the
photograph that will represent Basingstoke parkrun on the new parkrun

We wanted to give you some more details on the competition, and let
everyone know how to enter.

We ask that you submit your photos to the e-mail address, with the subject as
'Photo competition'. The closing date for submissions is 24 December,
and we can only accept one entry per person to avoid the team getting
swamped with entries!

After that date, the core volunteer team will choose the three photos that
they think best represents our parkrun, then there will be a vote on
the best of those three at parkrun on 31 December, with the winner
announced the next day.

We want you to be imaginative and creative with your submissions,
which can be existing photos but should represent the current
Basingstoke course and culture.

That said, guidance from parkrun is that the photo should be:

1. Colourful and vibrant.
2. Fun and engaging showing the breadth of abilities and diversity of
those participating at our events, inspiring others to participate.
3. Capturing the true stories and celebration shared on parkrunday.
4. A mix of close-up, mid and long range (See below for guidance).
5. Reassuring and honest. We want to remove all the barriers to
participation and any anxieties to new or prospective parkrunners.

In addition, we have been asked to ensure that:

- photos are in colour and not filtered / watermarked
- images are at least 1920x1080 pixels
- photos are in landscape format
- there is more than one person in the photo
- there is no fancy dress in the photo.

If you have any questions please e-mail in or ask one of the core
volunteer team during parkrun:
Avi Govind (Event Director)
John Bigg
Mark Norris
Caroline Partner
Ryan Partner.

Good luck!


Don’t judge a book by its cover

Basingstoke parkrun event 455, 3 December 2016, Run Report by Helen Cameron.

I’m sure we have all heard the phase don’t judge a book by its cover; well for me parkrun is an awesome example of this. I took part in my first parkrun on 1st January this year and as the year comes to an end I find myself reflecting on Basingstoke parkrun and how a group of people of all abilities can come together each Saturday to run, jog or walk the 5k course. It certainly seems to have taken over our household. My father spent the past 65 years trying to avoid running for anything and now wants to get sub 30 mins before his 70th birthday next July: his current PB is 30:47. My mum and I just wanted to be able to run the full 5k, something we can now do and even breaking the 40 min barrier. For someone like me with a disability, which 6 years ago had me unable to even walk and mental health issues leaving me struggling with motivation and anxiety, I really didn’t believe I would be able to take part, I was convinced that parkrun would be full of super fit incredible runners and I would be last, making people have to hang around waiting for me. This was not the case, as I found nearly a year ago. I actually found a group of people who cover a range of abilities. Yes the super fit, super quick; but also those who are slower, not so fit, the young and the not so young, it doesn’t matter. Everyone will be cheered on by the marshals and by many of those who have finished. They will also have the satisfaction that whatever time they finish in it is better than those who are still in bed.


Joining our parkrun family this week on a slightly warmer morning than over the past week were 14 new runners, 6 of whom were visiting us. We extend a very warm welcome to Mark Tompkins, Dan Gates, Steven Granton, David Simpson, David Goodbourn, Holly Tillcock, Dan Jones, Helen Patrick, Chico Demmenie, Jacqui Darling, Maria Middlehurst, Sandra Hughes, Natasha Minto and Louise Taylor. We hope you will be joining us again soon.


43 of the 355 runners this week went away with a new PB. Well done if you were one of them. I’m sure it’s harder the colder it gets.


The oldest women running this week turned out to be my mum in the 65-69 age category with an age grade of 50.78%, the best age grade for men went to Richard Ruskin in the 75-79 age category who achieved an age grade of 68.33%. It also happens that Tommy Miller (also in the 75-79 age category) was one of our tail runners bringing up the rear of the group. Well done to you guys.


Congratulations to Jonathan Bradford who was the first male over the line in 17 mins and Tracy Wyeth who was the first recorded female over the line in 24 mins. James Harold was the first junior male in a time of 22.10, not far behind was the first junior female, Pasha Cobbett, who came in with a time of 25.12. Well done to all of you on some awesome times.

Basingstoke parkrun started on 5th July 2008, and since then 9,630 different runners, including participants from 399 athletics clubs, have completed 104,508 runs covering a total distance of 522,540 km, and there have been 17,343 new Personal Bests. Now with such a diverse group of people, something Basingstoke should be extremely proud of, we should also shout about how in just 2 weeks we managed to raise enough money to buy a defibrillator, which had its first outing today. Of course we hope never to need to use it, though it is a comfort to know that should the worst happen we have one close at hand.


Well done to those runners achieving a milestone run this Saturday; Emma Collins, David Matthews and Matthew Lyness ran their 100th run. Rowan Softly, Paul Stewart, Matt Banks, Sarah Rennie and James Rennie ran their 50th run with James also taking home a new PB, congratulations. Congratulations also go to our junior runners Olivia Picton and Callum Hussick who achieved their 10th runs. Well done to all those who were also sporting their new milestone tops this week, you look incredible!


It really wouldn’t be such a great event without the incredible volunteers, so my last shout out has to go to those fabulous people who help make parkrun the incredible inclusive event that it is;
Annie WINFIELD-SHEARER • Avi GOVIND • Ben COULTER • Brian WORTH • Caroline PARTNER • Daniel HASTINGS • David PICTON • Deji ADEWOLA • Grant HODGSON • Greg SUDELL • Harry PITSCH • Harry TAYLOR • Helen CAMERON • Jack DAVENPORT • John BIGG • Kara DAVIES • Lewis James MAXWELL • Lisa HEDDERLY • Mark JEFFERY • Mark NORRIS • Martina MARTI • Matt PILLINGER • Michal BURSAK • Mike STANFORD • Nathan PITSCH • Peter CHIVERTON • Richard BARKER • Roy PACKER • Ryan PARTNER • Sarah HOLTON • Sophie TAYLOR • Tommy MILLAR • Tony HEELEY • Tony NICHOLLS • Tony WRIGHT • Victoria DICK


Lastly the current point standings for men and women are;
Chris Furness 4273 pts
Tony Watkins 3724 pts
Rowan Softly 3627 pts

Tracy Wyeth 4404 pts
Lynn Brastock 3659 pts
Kim Ulysses 3631 pts

See you next week!



Change is coming, but it’s still our run in the park

Basingstoke parkrun #454   26 November 2016   Run Report by Lynn Brastock.

Yet another dry parkrun morning; a mist hung in the air, but once the running started it was not too cold to enjoy our lovely park. 389 runners and 30 non-running volunteers turned out to celebrate the special milestone runs of Matt Banks (50) Alex Bigg and Steve Mennear (100), unofficial runs of 150 for Rob Eustace and Ben Eason, 200 for Barrie Pleasance and the very special milestone 250th run for Ian Stokes. Well done to all. Also a mention for Victoria Dick who also completed her 250th run today albeit choosing to do it at Alice Holt parkrun, so that her husband could be there and then get to work afterwards. Well done Toria.


We had visitors from Ely, Bracknell, Kent and Crystal palace amongst others helping make up numbers for our 20 first timers. In fact the first man to complete the course was a first time parkrunner Ethan Hartley from Basingstoke & Mid Hants, who took just over 17 minutes to finish (17:08). I can also spot that the newly formed “Hook Runners” running club is proving popular with many parkrun first timers and multiple PBs glowing from the results page.


We also had a large contingent of first-timers from Tri20, who were led around the course by the second-placed man - Stephen Ridley in 17:47, with an Unknown in 3rd. The first three ladies to finish were Abigail Fudge of Windle Valley Runners in 21:45; Martha Stuffins of Lordshill Road Runners in 22:08 (and who now sports a shiny new PB!), followed by our own Caroline Partner of Basingstoke & Mid-Hants AC in 22.20 (and who is a constant parkrun volunteer). Well done to you all.

A very big thank you goes to everyone who contributed to the defibrillator fund. A total of £960.00 was donated, which was more than we needed, and the defibrillator has now been purchased. The surplus money will be used to purchase medals for the Christmas Day parkrun.


This takes me nicely on to extra, yes, extra parkruns! We will be hosting a parkrun on Saturday 24th December as normal and you can then get an extra fix on CHRISTMAS DAY, same time, same place! The following weekend we will be running as usual on Saturday the 31st December and then again to welcome in the NEW YEAR on January 1st 2017 also 9:00 War Memorial Park. Don’t forget that with these extra runs the core volunteer team may wish to have a break, so if you’re too full to run because of overindulging on mince pies and champagne, why not think about volunteering? Contact to offer your services. At Christmas, when family and friends are visiting, you may wish to encourage them to join in your fun - you run and they volunteer! All jobs are quite easy, with training and assistance given, and it’s an enjoyable way to join in with the fun.


Photograph competition.

On Saturday Run Director Frankie announced a photographic competition - the chosen photograph is to be used to represent Basingstoke parkrun on its main webpage when a new parkrun website is being launched in March 2017. If you have a photo you would like to enter, because you believe it will be a great representation of our parkrun, whether it's old, new, includes runners and/ or volunteers. old and/ or young, please send it to by Christmas Day 25th December 2016. There will be a vote at Basingstoke parkrun on New Year’s Eve to choose our representative photo for the website. There will be an additional news post soon explaining more about the sorts of photo that might be suitable, so keep a look out for that, and start digging through your photo archives, or warming up your camera or phone!


Points Competition - important announcement
The yearly points competition will cease from the end of February 2017. The last run in which points can be amassed will be on the last weekend of February 2017 and the final points table will be available to read until Friday March 3rd 2017. Presentations will be made on Saturday 4th March for the leaders in the various categories. The reasons for this change in parkrun policy can be found at


Basingstoke parkrun Leaderboard
(with thanks to Malcolm Brown for his updated table of Basingstoke registered parkrunners who have completed the most parkruns):
Here is the latest update on the Basingstoke parkrun leaderboard. These 26 parkrunners have completed a combined total of 8118 runs at many different events across the UK and, in some cases, overseas. They are all members of the parkrun 250 Club.


(1) All events

(2) All run at Basingstoke

And finally, if you have recently received your milestone T-shirt, please remember to wear it next week for the monthly photo-shoot.



453 parkruns – 453 runners – perfect!

Basingstoke parkrun event 453, 19 November 2016, Run Report by Penny Metcalf

Amazingly we had 453 runners at Basingstoke parkrun number 453. It was a bright sunny, if chilly, morning with twenty people who were new to parkrun and eight who were new to Basingstoke. 48 people recorded PBs and we congratulate Laurence Slade, Mark Thompson, Chris Collins, Jino Corbett, Paul Hursell, Martin Wade and Nick Dransfield on their 50th parkruns. Gary Jepson and Mike Hedderly both did their 100th. John Whitehall and Gerald Ulysses reached the unofficial milestone of 150 runs.


Many thanks to all the volunteers, especially the under 20s who performed their roles with confidence and professionalism - and smiley faces.


Quite a few of the regular runners may have been having a quiet run round ahead of the Gosport Half Marathon today where they ran really well and achieved several PBs.

The frosty grass and chill in the wind reminded us that there are only five weeks until Christmas, parkrun being, potentially, the perfect precursor of Christmas shopping.

Javier Molina (SM20-24) (Unattached) was first over the line in 18:11, his 7th time in 42 appearances. Andy Goddard (VM35-39) of Basingstoke & Mid Hants AC, was second over the line in 18:25 - has been first to finish on 4 previous occasions. Oli Morgan (JM11-14) of Basingstoke & Mid Hants AC, was third over the line in 18:30.

Isobel Mannion (JW11-14) of Basingstoke & Mid Hants AC, was first (16th overall) over the line in 20:20 - 5th time in 92 appearances. Rhiannon Perryment (VW40-44) of Basingstoke & Mid Hants AC, was second (18th overall) over the line in 20:27 - has been first to finish on 2 previous occasions. Mitch Lloyd (VW40-44) of Basingstoke & Mid Hants AC, was third (21st overall) over the line in 20:30 - has been first to finish on 5 previous occasions.


In the Men's annual points competition Chris Furness (Basingstoke & Mid Hants AC) is winning, followed by Tony Watkins (Unattached) and Rowan Softley (Unattached).

In the Women's annual points competition, Tracy Wyeth (Unattached) is in the lead followed by Kim Ulysses (Hatch Warren Runners) and Lynn Brastock (Hatch Warren Runners).


The following runners recorded the best Age Grade scores:
Tim ELLIS (VM55-59) was graded 83.82% for the time 18:39 (5th overall).
Isobel MANNION (JW11-14) was graded 77.30% for the time 20:20 (16th overall).
Chris FURNESS (VM45-49) was graded 77.00% for the time 18:33 (4th overall).


Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Basingstoke parkrun Results Page.


Milestones, rain and cake. Just another week at parkrun then…

Basingstoke parkrun event 452, 12 November 2016, Run Report by Avi Govind


Everyone will have seen the weather forecast or looked out of the window on Saturday morning and seen heavy rain.

20161112 Basingstoke Park Run 452 (0)

Many will have decided against coming to parkrun as a result. Even though we had about a third fewer runners than last week, 325 people still turned up to take part, and they will have been relieved that the worst of the rain was over by the time we all started.


Marquees aren't usually a major consideration when doing Basingstoke parkrun, but one had appeared across the course at the 3km point on Friday. Big thanks must go to John Bigg who managed to construct a diversion round the marquee without any (noticeable) effect on the course distance.

Even without the slight change to the course, there was a lot to announce before we started. Run Director Matt Pillinger was lucky that he hadn't used felt-tip pens to make his notes as they would have run in the rain. The first announcement was about our Basingstoke defibrillator appeal - backed by Peter Chiverton who was doing his 250th run. He had brought large amounts of cake to celebrate, which were happily consumed by all, and the appeal had successfully raised £400 already since its launch last week, with £300 to go to reach our target.


Elmars Silins, Tim Hubbard and Simon Parker reached the milestone of 50 runs each, great achievements for them, although they do have some way to go before they get anywhere near the number that Peter has done!

Matt also mentioned the sad news of the car accident in the week that claimed the lives of two young runners from Aldershot, Farnham and District Athletics Club, asking us to think about them as we took part in the run.

20161112 Basingstoke Park Run 452 (30)

Onto the results, and while we didn't have as many as last week, our runners did include 9 first-timers. We hope you weren't put off by the conditions and am sure that if you return next week you'll find the park to be dryer! We also had 8 visitors from as far afield as Lincolnshire, and an impressive 26 personal bests.


I'd love to tell you who crossed the line first, but I can't as he was an unknown runner. If you want to ensure that your time and run are recorded, make sure you've got your barcode with you and you get it scanned in. Behind our mystery man was Tim Ellis in 18:59, who was 2nd for the 44th time (as well as 26 wins), and Matt Melville followed him home third in 19:03, his highest ever finish at Basingstoke. Tim also got the highest age-grading of 82.35%.


Linda van der Wel was the first female athlete home in 22:01, the eighth time she has been first. Second female was Caroline Partner in 22:44, equalling her highest finish, and Tracey Hare was third female to cross the line in 22:58.


None the above people are in the top three in the points competition, highlighting that is about consistency rather than pure ability. Tracey Wyeth leads from Lynn Brastock and Kim Ulysses in the female competition, with Chris Furness ahead of Rowan Softley and Tony Watkins for the men.

20161112 Basingstoke Park Run 452 (142)

A massive thank you to all of our volunteers this week, who braved the inclement weather to ensure we could still all run. If you fancy helping out one week, please e-mail, and you can be allocated to the volunteer roster for a future week. Hopefully it will be a dryer week, and hopefully next week will be as well.

See you then!



Basingstoke parkrun defibrillator (AED) fundraising

We love Basingstoke parkrun, and enjoy being part of a great community that has been going and growing for over 8 years, reaching a new record high of 484 participants last Saturday. While organising parkrun each week does take effort from all of our volunteers, it is also very rewarding, and we want to ensure that we do the best we can for our runners.

Since we started in July 2008, we have had no major incidents. Of course, we have had to deal with some issues, but these have been successfully managed and there have been no serious implications for anyone.

We are conscious that, as we have more and more participants, the risk of one of our runners experiencing cardiac arrest increases. Should this happen, the chances of a positive outcome for the sufferer can be dramatically increased if an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) is available and deployed quickly.

AEDs, also known as PADs, Defibrillators or “Defibs”, are portable electronic devices that in the event of a cardiac arrest, use an electric shock to re-establish an effective heart rhythm. Quite simply, an AED can be the difference between life and death.

parkrun is passionate about providing simple, free and safe events and you may have seen in the recent newsletter that parkrun have a vision to have AEDs available at all parkruns. Basingstoke parkrun is looking to purchase an AED for the protection of our runners and we need your help to do this. Hopefully we will never need to use it but we recognise that the deployment of an AED could save lives.


Over 60% of all UK parkruns now have access to an AED and we want to ensure we align with a parkrun goal of 100% deployment of AED machines within 5 minutes of the finish area by the end of 2017. As Basingstoke parkrun is one of the largest in the country, we aim to achieve this goal of AED access by the end of 2016. Around 32% of people survive a cardiac arrest in a public place but, where there is a defibrillator available the chance of survival can increase to 80%.

What do we need?

The core team has been looking into different options of having an AED for Basingstoke parkrun. After exploring these, we believe that purchasing an AED to be shared with Basingstoke junior parkrun, which already has over 100 participants each week having only been going for two months, is the best solution for us. It would mean that we have joint responsibility for it, with the Event Director responsible for bringing it along each week. All core team members would receive the necessary awareness training on the AED.

We want to raise sufficient funds to purchase the AED and provide basic training sessions for the core volunteer team (including future training for other volunteers), totalling around £700. The AED is simple to use and will only deliver an electrical charge if it (not the rescuer) detects that one is needed, by measuring the heart rhythm.

Going forward, we will explore the possibility of having our own dedicated AED, either still being brought to the event every week or permanently installed in the park.

We need your help!

This is where you, our fantastic Basingstoke parkrun community come in. We have started an appeal to help raise the funds for the AED, and spoke about it for the first time at our run briefing on 5 November.
We are also pleased that Peter Chiverton, who will be taking part in his 250th parkrun on 12 November, is passionate about helping us achieve our goal, and has asked runners to support this initiative as part of his 250-run celebration next week.

Peter said: "I read about the very sad occurrence at Doncaster parkrun where a runner collapsed and despite the best efforts of other runners they were unable to save him. It has been proven that quick access to a defibrillator in this kind of situation can greatly improve the chance of saving someone's life, and as Basingstoke has 400+ runners each week, I feel we should have this fantastic piece of equipment available to us. Please join me this weekend by providing and/or eating cake and then donating to the event through the online link. Let's not wait for something to happen before we take this action."

Donations are easy!

We are grateful for any donation that you can give, no matter how big or small, as they will all help us reach our target.

You can donate through the "About Us" page on the Basingstoke parkrun website. Click on the "donate to parkrun" button in the middle of the screen. On the screen after you enter your PayPal or card details add a "Special instruction to the seller" saying "For Basingstoke parkrun AED".

If you prefer to make a donation by cheque, send a cheque payable to "parkrun Ltd" to the parkrun office in Leeds (again, make it clear that the donation is for the “Basingstoke parkrun AED”). The address is:

96a Clarendon Road

Finally, if you know of any companies or organisations that may be willing to make a donation then please let us know.

Thank you for reading this far - we appreciate your support and it will benefit the whole of the Basingstoke parkrun community.

Avi Govind (Event Director) and the core volunteer team.


Milestone T shirt photo next Saturday 5th November

Milestone T shirt photo.

If you have earned a new (Tribesport) milestone T-shirt recently, next Saturday (5th November) we would like to include you in a group photograph of milestone achievers that we arrange on the first Saturday of each month, and then publish in the run report. So wear your new 10, 50, 100, 250, 500 or 25 (volunteer) T-shirt with pride next Saturday and let us celebrate your achievement with you.

As a reminder, here's the picture of October's proud milestone achievers.


Don't worry if you can't be there with your milestone shirt this Saturday, we'll be doing it all again in early December!


Meet the parkrunner, plus – has anyone ever joined 2 parkrun clubs in 1 week?

Basingstoke parkrun event 450, 29 October 2016, Run Report by Matt Pillinger

Having fairly recently passed the 100,000 runner mark and experienced year on year growth every year since Basingstoke parkrun was established back in 2008, but with current numbers being fairly consistent, I wondered how we are doing vs 2015.

Up to the end of October 2015 we had 17,235 completed runs, in 2016, we have 18,011. The good news is that because of the leap year, we manage to sneak an extra run into 2016 also, so we have 10 runs left this year, compared to 9 in November and December 2015 including, of course, the Christmas day special, so we should clear the 2015 total by around 1,000 runs.

As the event number climbs into the mid 400s we are also reaching that sweet spot where we must surely have event no. = number of runners again soon. It’s happened before at Basingstoke, but not since event #385 in August 2015. Hopefully 451 runners lace up their trainers, remember their barcode and take to the start line next week.

Basingstoke parkrun #450 29/10/2016
There were a few great South Run 2016 t-shirts on show today, including Tony Nicholls

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