International Women’s Day special parkrun – Saturday 7 March 2020

parkrun is celebrating International Women’s Day and Basingstoke parkrun is joining in by organising a special parkrun the day before, on Saturday 7 March 2020.

We will release more details nearer the time but, for now:

  • Put the date in your diary!
  • We are aiming for a record participation of girls and women both as runners and volunteers on the day.  You can already share your interest in helping on the day by e-mailing us at with the role you would like to do (please include your parkrunID / barcode number - in the form of A12345678). A list of roles can be found here: (nearly all roles require no prior experience)
  • Keep a look out on this page for more details, as well as our Twitter ( and Facebook ( And, if you're not already signed-up, why not opt-in to our Basingstoke parkrun volunteer email list where you can hear about other opportunities?

In England, #IWDparkrun will also be supported by "This Girl Can", a campaign created by parkrun partner Sport England.

Thank you in advance - your Basingstoke parkrun core team


What is parkrun going to be for you this year?

Basingstoke parkrun #627, 1st February 2020. Run Report by Penny Metcalf

Today started with a lovely sunny winter’s morning for our parkrun. It was not cold, not raining, not windy. Perfect weather for running, jogging, walking, volunteering, cheering people along, chatting to old friends and making new ones. Perfect for everything that parkrun is about.


The ground has dried up a lot since the mud soup of a few weeks ago. It is much safer generally around the course with a few slippery areas. That said, caution is still needed on those areas, round the slippery bends and where the mud meets the pavement. Because of this, me and my team (children) have decided to run parkrun to effort rather than to time until the ground hardens up. This is to encourage us all to take our eyes off our watches and run more safely. Putting the effort in now should reap rewards later when the ground is harder and it is good practice to run by effort rather than pace. That said, despite the mud, 53 amazing people got a PB toda; well done you.

Also to be congratulated are: Adam Triner who gets his Junior 10 white T-shirt. Mike Wall, Richard Parker, Nalini Ramachandram Mags Chitty, Mark Hunt, Denise Wright, Mark Kane who made it to 50 parkruns and will be the owners of shiny red T-shirts. Matthew Ward, Stephen Franks and Ninian McBride made it to 100 and earnt themselves a black T-shirt. Unofficial milestones were - 150 - Ben Nicholl and 200 - Tilbikram Sambahangphe. Well done to everyone.

50 man

We had 608 runners, 24 new parkrunners, 15 who were new to Basingstoke and one 70th birthday - Happy Birthday to Georgina Lock.


Thank you to our Run Director Mark Norris and the great team of volunteers who cheered everyone along and kept the show on the road.

tail group

How are your New Year’s Resolutions going? Is it time to review them and remind yourself of them? Do you have any goals around parkrun? Make sure your goal is relevant to you personally to decrease any anxiety or comparison to others. When you make your goal for this year, it could be worth taking a few minutes to think about what you need from your running in terms of the rest of your life. What do you need it to be, and how will you bring that about?

The brain is an important part of running right from the point at which we decide we’re going to get our kit on and go out, to what we do when we are out. It’s important to take the stress out of running and make it as enjoyable as it can be. Sometimes it is an achievement just to be able to make it to parkrun on a regular basis with all the other commitments that we have.

We have to remember to celebrate any, and every, success along the way whether it is a PB, running a bit further or a bit faster or just making it to the start line. Or maybe volunteering for the first time or taking on a new role or talking to a new person.
You might have a goal about maintaining sustainable fitness or weight loss or wellbeing. It could be around managing your pacing. It is good to have a goal which is achievable and will help you get there and feel happy with your result.


Today my goal was to run as fast and as safely as I could without exacerbating an injury. But in the process I caught up with old friends and chatted to new people and felt warmed by the winter sun and the community that is parkrun.

What is your goal going to be?

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