Flabby Tabby and the Basingstoke Folk

Poem by Nyree Kilgour

Everyone knows that a cat likes to eat,
But Toots filled his belly with far too much meat;
And so very shortly became rather portly;
His appetite growing with each tasty treat.

He gobbled it down not wanting to stop,
Developing habits he needed to drop;
For when in the mood he ate the wrong food,
Not knowing that one day perhaps he’d go ‘pop’!

All day and night in his bed he just slept,
His energy gone for the lifestyle he kept.
The fact that this cat had become very fat,
Was something he never would truly accept.

But sadly for Toots, one morning he found,
That due to his being enormously round,
He just could not budge (must have been all that fudge);
Folk struggled to lift the great lump off the ground!

At length he was taken by truck to the vet,
Who not much impressed with the sight that he met,
Exclaimed: “This young tabby should not be so flabby!
A very strict diet must surely be set!”

“A very strict what?” shrieked Toots with a start;
“So does this mean no more treacle tart?”
But he knew what to do for the vet’s words were true,
That unhealthy eating is bad for the heart!

A message for us humans (and this isn’t funny);
The obesity rate could cost tax payers money;
Just looking at folk here within Basingstoke,
It’s easy to see that the future’s not sunny.

In Festival Place, the Malls, Top of Town,
Many are struggling to keep the weight down;
If we’d only eat less, then our great NHS
Would not have the need to work into the ground.

Improving one’s diet is only the start;
There’s more can be done to protect precious hearts;
You need not be wealthy to stay fit and healthy,
Just put on your trainers and head for the park.

The Saturday parkrun’s what I recommend
For running (or walking) and making new friends;
A 9am start - War Memorial Park,
Say ‘goodbye’ to the flab; you’ll be glad in the end.

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