25th May 2019

Written by Jacob – A Duke Of Edinburgh (DofE) participant

The parkrun is a great way to start the weekend; the conditions are usually good, the sun is out but not too hot as we are mostly in the shade. The ground is very nice not too rocky very smooth. The track is guided so you can never get lost and there are many lovely volunteers around to make sure you are okay and cheering you on.

I have been volunteering since 2nd March for my Bronze Duke of Edinburgh and it has been fantastic to volunteer at the parkrun there are so many variety of tasks, from cheering people on to scanning barcodes. One of the tasks is to hand out finish tokens to the runners who have completed the run and it is a joy to see their faces after completing the course and to be the person to give them their token is a pleasure. Overall it is great fun and good fresh air and I would recommend volunteering or taking part in the parkrun to anyone else who is doing DofE or just wants to do something over the weekend with a friendly group of people.