Helmet fun at Bath Skyline parkrun


Hi everyone, it was a real treat to join you all last weekend for my 2nd Bath Skyline parkrun, such a beautiful event.

My helmet wearing friends and I had a really nice welcome from everyone present and it was with pride that I stood and listened with you while my story was read out to a group who stood in silence, completely engaged and interested. Such a high standard of manners, thank you all so much for listening. We were very fortunate that the RD was such a great speaker, so I thank him for that too.

So to the run, what to say that hasn’t been said before. (much more poetically too no doubt) I like to start close to the front and with things a little narrow as you head off it was a wise choice. I didn’t feel I was holding anyone up or being held up. I love the first bit and the steps and going on through the more technical wooded sections really is a treat. There was some amusement from fellow runners as the cans on the top of my helmet rang as they hit low branches but I soon got the hang of it. Much of the course feels like it’s downhill which promotes confidence and the feeling you’re going to enjoy a good run, which we did. Of course it also helps that it was nice and dry and not too warm, perfect running conditions. A very well managed and friendly event from before the start to the last parkrunner finishing, with him even managing a sprightly dash over the line despite using a walking stick!

When speaking with the RD before the run, I’d stuck my neck out and said I’d do my best to be ‘somewhere near the sharp end’, a fact the RD mentioned when introducing us in the briefing. (no pressure then!) I completed as 18th finisher which was great as it meant I was back in good time to interact with most participants (and volunteers) on the morning.

Everybody was just lovely and so interested. I spoke with a nice lady from Ireland who knew all about the procedures I have been through having been quite hands on in this area during her career in nursing. A number of people asked if I had a Just Giving page (It’s called Robin-Mark Runs and is in aid of the charity Brain Tumour Support) they could donate to and there was a lot of interest in taking part in our event next month too. In addition, I also had an interesting conversation about the possibility of getting some celebrity help. I’d like to say thank you to event director Helen Conner for giving us this opportunity and a further thank you for the donations we have received and interest and just generally everyone being so welcoming, it was a fantastic experience and I plan to be back again very soon.

Yours with thanks
Robin-Mark Schols