28th September 2019

Written by Finn Smith

With the Bath Skyline parkrun celebrating its 5th birthday next week, it’s evidently clear that all the good weather is being saved for the big day. Unfortunately, for today clear skies were only ever teased over the drizzle and grey clouds; it could have put off even the most determined regular. Despite this we still had a strong turnout of 312, bolstered by an impressive number of first timers and tourists coming from Manchester, Essex, Hampshire and more. They were welcomed to the slippy slopes and muddy corners of the Skyline route by Simeon Cryer in his briefing. Amongst the crowd were a group from Somer Athletics Club, one member noticeably sporting a less than aerodynamic umbrella hat, an 18th birthday celebration, as well as a couple of fantastic individuals running for the ‘5k your way, Move Against Cancer’ charity. (https://5kyourway.org/).

The run was as slippery as it looked and even if runners crossed the line muddy and tired, they were glad to have done it. We had some photo finishes and some close calls avoiding slips as runners were cheered into the finish funnel. Let’s hope for some drier weather next week.

We’re looking forward to seeing as many people as possible for the 5th anniversary of Bath Skyline parkrun next time, so please do come along (I’ve heard there might be cake).

Some statistics (Those with barcodes):

Even with the poor conditions, 27 runners smashed out a new PB!

We had a mighty 52 first timers to parkrun. I hope you all enjoyed it and keep up the good running!

1 person ran their 50th parkrun and 4 ran their 25th.

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Bath Skyline parkrun Results Page.

The Volunteers:

A big thank you to this week’s run director Edward Gill for doing a fantastic job, and the many volunteers for this event:

Alan COX  •  Andy MARCHANT  •  Brian TIBBLES  •  Conor MCGRORY  •  Danielle SELLWOOD  •  Dany MITCHELL  •  Dawn MARCHANT  •  Edward GILL  •  Elaine FLEMONS  •  Finn SMITH  •  Fred MALLORY BAINS  •  Helen CONNER  •  Iain WILSON  •  Ilana WIGFIELD  •  Ingrid ROSENBERGER  •  James HARDING  •  Janice RAMBRIDGE  •  Janyce HOLMES  •  Jason LAZARE GILL  •  John WRIGHT  •  Jonathan HEALY  •  Juliet TAYLOR  •  Katherine ROSENBERGER  •  Keith BANKS  •  Lynda KEEPEN  •  Mark HENFIELD  •  Matt ATKINSON  •  Matthew BALDWIN  •  Nicholas RUXTON  •  Philip TURNER  •  Polly SPEDDING  •  Rebecca BRYANT-JEFFERIES  •  Rhian MACKINTOSH  •  Richard HEARN  •  Rob SPEDDING  •  Sally KERTZMAN  •  Sam STREETER  •  Simeon CRYER  •  Simon ELY  •  Wayne FLINT