New Year’s day 2020

Written by Sarah Regh

Happy new year! What we all definitely need is the challenge of double parkrun event coordination. This means: double the chance to partake in pre run hype and challenges with fellow running friends (20'20 anyone? pirate challenge, stopwatch bingo*), to (mis)understand course instructions, to thank marshals and generally to share the excitement of being outdoors on a misty 1 January.

If there were any hangovers, they were well hidden. Our journey from Melksham (thank you for having us, Melksham parkrun!)



to Bath Skyline was smooth, as was the run overall. Thanks to Run Director Andy and to the other superheroes in high viz (and to Steph who arranged for my first ever double parkrun accomplishment)! 

Huge congratulations to the 100+ first timers to the Skyline (including 14 complete newbies) and to the 30 or so new PB holders! There were 413 runners and walkers today (this number has more than doubled since 1 Jan 2019's 195 runners). No particular sightings to report on the Skyline, though the mud in the potato field claimed one runner's left shoe. My personal parkrun resolution is to up my volunteering total, maybe I'll join others with their goals of running in fancy dress more often or improving their age grading. In the meantime though, I hope everyone enjoys parkrunning, walking and/or marshalling in 2020 and I look forward to hearing more tales from the trails. Should we do it all again to celebrate Lunar New Year later this month?

*Google parkrun challenges or set a trend and make up your own (suggestions welcome for my current jumble of 'BCFHMPSW').