Saturday 18th January 2020

Written by Reuben Zukas, Gold Duke of Edinburgh volunteer

Waking up this morning to see a bleak frost settling on the cars would probably have disheartened most people from going outside.

Picture8 Picture7


However, seeing runners already warming up with light cheerful smiles definitely gave the place some warmth.

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On our 274th parkrun coincidentally we were joined by 472 runners, over 50 of whom achieved PBs. There was a variety of abilities and ages, all who gave this week their best shot.

The fastest male time was 17:36, taken by Thomas Halling, and the fastest female time was 21:26, secured by Sarah Sanderson.

My Duke of Edinburgh Gold volunteering at rainbow woods is an amazing opportunity that is just down the road. Yes, it is a little early, and yes, it is a little cold, but every Saturday morning I have spent at Bath Skyline has kickstarted my weekend.

Volunteering not only lets me give back to the community, but lets me do it in a setting where the beautiful woods are uplifting and peaceful.

Thanks goes to Run Director Helen, all the volunteers who without whom, parkrun wouldn’t be possible, and to everyone who got out of their warm bed this morning and braved it out in the cold.