Skyline 273 – Saturday 11th January 2020

Written by Polly Spedding - DofE volunteer

It was a very windy Saturday morning as runners gathered together for the 273rd Bath Skyline parkrun. It was the second biggest turnout with 501 participants, and we had lots of runners joining us from around the country.
The start to the run was slightly delayed due to cattle in one of the fields.  We happily share the paths with the sheep and cows and sometimes need to delay the start a little to ensure there is a clear path away from the gates to ensure both parkrunners and livestock can co-habitat safely.
Among the 501 runners was the first man, Will Bray, who completed the course in 18:23, and the first woman, Emma Butcher, with a time of 20:17. A total of 38 people achieved a personal best, so congratulations to them and everyone who took part!
I have been volunteering at the Bath Skyline parkrun since May 2019, as part of the Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme. Over these past months, I have met many different people - volunteers, runners and supporters - and everyone I have spoken to has been very friendly and supportive. I’ve really enjoyed my time volunteering at parkrun, and would recommend it to anyone who is contemplating offering their time to help out at one of these events. It’s been fantastic cheering the runners on and seeing their joy when they cross the finish line. I’m not a runner myself, but it has inspired me to give it a go too!
I’d like to say thank you to all the volunteers who have made me feel welcome, and shown me all the different jobs that need to be done to ensure each event runs smoothly. They all work so hard and really are brilliant!
Polly Spedding



New record! Huge start to 2020

Written by Dimitri Lang - one of our DofE volunteers

"For the past 13 weeks I’ve been volunteering at parkrun as part of my Bronze Duke of Edinburgh award. I have really enjoyed it, everyone there was very friendly and welcoming. I got to do many different roles, but my favourite was marshalling, its great to cheer the runners on. 

This week we had record attendance - our timers only had space for 500 people but we had 542! Helen had to jump in at the last minute to time the last 42. It was very exciting to see so many people come.
I would definitely recommend it to anyone, whether you’ve run before or never heard of parkrun. In fact, I’ve enjoyed it so much I might continue to volunteer after my Duke of Edinburgh award"  Dimitri
Thank you Dimitri, it's been great to have you with us!

New Year’s day 2020

Written by Sarah Regh

Happy new year! What we all definitely need is the challenge of double parkrun event coordination. This means: double the chance to partake in pre run hype and challenges with fellow running friends (20'20 anyone? pirate challenge, stopwatch bingo*), to (mis)understand course instructions, to thank marshals and generally to share the excitement of being outdoors on a misty 1 January.

If there were any hangovers, they were well hidden. Our journey from Melksham (thank you for having us, Melksham parkrun!)



to Bath Skyline was smooth, as was the run overall. Thanks to Run Director Andy and to the other superheroes in high viz (and to Steph who arranged for my first ever double parkrun accomplishment)! 

Huge congratulations to the 100+ first timers to the Skyline (including 14 complete newbies) and to the 30 or so new PB holders! There were 413 runners and walkers today (this number has more than doubled since 1 Jan 2019's 195 runners). No particular sightings to report on the Skyline, though the mud in the potato field claimed one runner's left shoe. My personal parkrun resolution is to up my volunteering total, maybe I'll join others with their goals of running in fancy dress more often or improving their age grading. In the meantime though, I hope everyone enjoys parkrunning, walking and/or marshalling in 2020 and I look forward to hearing more tales from the trails. Should we do it all again to celebrate Lunar New Year later this month?

*Google parkrun challenges or set a trend and make up your own (suggestions welcome for my current jumble of 'BCFHMPSW').



Saturday 28th December 2019

Written by Sim Cryer

A great turn out today for our last parkrun of the decade with 319 runners, joggers and walkers enjoying the muddy course around Bath Skyline. Congratulations to John Bull and Michael Stanley (pictured) for reaching their 100th parkrun. What a great effort!



A special thanks to Malcolm Sutton who stepped in at the last minute to marshal in the potato field and ended up with the most difficult task of the morning keeping the cows in the correct field and allowing the run to continue. You were amooozing!

We were fairly short on volunteers today so also a big thanks to Emily Menko who, having arrived extra early for marshalling, was roped into help set up the course before moving on to barcode scanning and finally sorting the tokens at the finish!

Thanks also to Matt Lewis and Victoria Randall who both volunteered for the first time today.

Don’t forget the extra Bath Skyline parkrun on New Year’s Day. It’s at the later time of 10:30am so you can still have a late night, enjoy singing Auld Lang Syne, and be up in time for parkrun. If you know you’ll over do it during the evening and will not feel like taking part then why not volunteer instead.   Please get in touch by email at as we still have a fair few gaps in the roster. Hangovers are not compulsory.

See you in 2020.


The last run before Christmas by Tony the Tiger (aka John Chapman)

Surprisingly, it was a beautiful morning for parkrun, the sun was out, the sky was clear, you could see both sun and moon, and it was relatively warm. Unfortunately, the 3 months of almost non-stop rain meant that the course was not quite as clear.

It could be described as a “Butlins Cheesy Music Weekend” Course, Wet Wet Wet, Mud and Steps. Today was a day when my legs took great exception to the steps (Tragedy?), so my run time is Better Best Forgotten. In fact, as I ploughed through the mud, the runners in front and behind me were not in view, so I really was Lonely This Christmas… (I’ll get my coat)

Congratulations to the first finisher, Eddie Narbett (aka Billy Whizz), you could have done the course 3 times at that speed and still finished ahead of me.

As it’s Christmas, I’ll finish the report in pictures, and I hope you appreciate my attempts at humour. If a picture paints a thousand words, it will save me a lot of typing.

Some of wonderful people who bring us parkrun

Dog is clearly unimpressed with the Angel (below)


Andy shows how to dance The Time Warp (below)



The newbies briefing by Helen is refreshingly honest (below)


Surprisingly, just one Santa, but a modern one with a neatly trimmed beard (below)


The organisers want to get to breakfast early, so there is a vicious dog tail-walker, to “encourage the runners” ;-) (below)


Couldn’t resist another bad attempt at Mud & Frosties related humour. (Think I need to go on a diet in the New Year L :) ) (below)


And what do we get at the finish? A mince pie? A chocolate? No…………. (below)


Now the more serious pictures

 Every parkrunner is a superstar, great effort Nicholas (below)


Finally, a picture of Ingrid and Catherine which sums up the spirit of Christmas Parkrun perfectly. Thanks for stopping and letting me take this picture. (below)


I hope you’ve enjoyed this slightly different look at parkrun, however, no report would be complete without gert loads of gratitude to the brilliant organisers, the magnificent marshals who always offer cheery encouragement and keep us on track, and the runners of all abilities who get their butts out of bed early on a Saturday morning to participate. I never thought running badly could be so much fun.

Merry Christmas Everyone! (How else could I finish, but with a Shaky music reference)



Saturday 14th December 2019

Written by Jodi Beaver

Bath Skyline parkrun...there's nothing not to love, actually!

This Saturday, on a cold and very wet December morning, myself and my sister set off for parkrun. Our first in Bath! We were here to celebrate Carly's 30th birthday and thought what better way to start than parkrun? We were in for a real treat.

We were lucky to experience all four seasons during our run which was exhilarating! Not even a mile in and we had fantastic views of the Bath Skyline, with the gorgeous Bath stone houses and buildings and beautiful Abbey coming into view. Of course, we just had to stop for a few photos! Just after this very scenic section, we were glad to have been wearing trail shoes as we cantered up the steps to lots of mud underfoot; great fun!

The marshals were absolutely brilliant every step of the way and the first timers briefing was the most detailed I've ever been to. Was great to learn about what the land is used for on the course and also great to run through National Trust woodland. About 2 miles in we saw an all natural play area and also enjoyed stunning countryside views. The sun came out to shine at this part of the course! On the home stretch (a great section of the course if you're aiming to pick up speed!), we heard both thunder and lightening as we ran to the finish! It made for quite a dramatic finale!

We absolutely loved Bath Skyline parkrun and will definitely be back. It will be great to experience the course in the summer months, too.

Thank you to the volunteers and core team who did an excellent job on Saturday and made us feel very welcome! Here are the stats!


Saturday 7th December 2019

Written by Rob Spedding

I’d be lying if I claimed that the weather for Bath Skyline parkrun number 267 was practically tropical but it was vaguely mild for a December morning. I wouldn’t be lying, though, if I claimed that it was muddy!
Of course, a little bit of muckiness doesn’t deter parkrunners and a mightily impressive 361 folk ran, jogged and walked our beautiful route. There were a couple of notable appearances this Saturday with Lauren Salisbury and Peter Woodward-Court receiving the honour of wearing one of our milestone bibs.
Lauren, who studies at Bath University, proudly completed her 100th parkrun.
While Peter - making his Bath Skyline debut - bravely ran with the extra weight of a helium balloon to mark his 50th parkrun.
Interestingly Lauren and Ben finished within five seconds of each other.
While Lauren and Peter celebrated hitting big parkrun numbers a whopping 37 parkrunners achieved a personal best – congratulations to all of them! And could Bath Christmas Market be having an effect on the Skyline run? An impressive 59 runners enjoyed the views – and the steps! - for the first time, with eight of them making their absolute parkrun debut.
Of course, parkruns can’t happen without our brilliant volunteers so thanks to Run Director Andy and the 41 other marshals, timekeepers, barcode scanners, token supporters and tail walker (plus Saluki!) who helped make the event happen!

Saturday 30th November 2019

Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na parkrun!!!!

By Tony The Tiger

A cold, but dry Saturday morning where a stunning 412 people decided that a chilly 5K run was preferable to staying in a warm bed. All super-heroes, although we also had a real super-hero, all the way from Gotham City…. Actually, the hood has been replaced by a very dodgy tache… Maybe it’s not the real one.


A very brief summary would be Brrr, a tad frosty, mud, dogs, more mud, those steps get steeper each week, even more mud, a very fast first finisher, and it was GRRREAT.


This week I would like to give a mention to two very special runners, Lynda, a major Hip Hop artist… Correction, she has recently had a major hip op, who power-walked the entire course, her first parkrun since the op. An absolutely fantastic effort, well done Lynda.

Secondly, Janey, recovering from a number of ailments, and restricted to one minute running, one minute walking, closely monitored by a beeper going off every minute to indicate run/ walk. She obeyed the beeper fully, no cheating at all. A brilliant effort, and that little bit of competition inspired us both to achieve improved times.

As ever, thanks to all of the people who help, and make it happen, you guys are brilliant. See you all in two weeks time.


Saturday 30th November 2019

Written by Sim Cryer

I was hoping for a dry day for my third outing as Run Director today and thankfully that’s what we got.  It made scanning the barcodes and noting down the details of all our amazing volunteers so much easier than my previous outing in the pouring rain.

The cold wind didn’t put off the 412 runners, joggers and walkers who joined us today around the beautiful skyline course.  Well done to David Parsons for his 150th time at Bath Skyline parkrun and for Mike Hogg who reached 50 parkruns today.

We also had a golden baton from the ‘Big Community Relay’ arrive at parkrun today.  The aim of their parkrun partnership is to link communities together by passing these 15 gold batons between different parkrun communities across the world.  Today the baton arrived from Winchester and was taken by Zack in Cornwall where he will pass it on next week at the Tamar Lakes parkrun. Well done Zack!  #bigcommunityrelay.

Over the past few months we’ve gathered a fair amount of lost property which Steph is going to wash and hopefully return to its owner.  If you’ve lost anything recently keep a close eye on our Facebook page and hopefully we can reunite you with your favourite running hoodie.  Thanks Steph for using your washing machine again!

Thanks to all our amazing volunteers who put on that extra layer today and stood out in that biting wind.  If you would like to get involved, then please email us at  Remember you can help with setting up or marshal the car parks and then still run.

 See you next week.




23rd November 2019

A beautiful autumnal day for 369 parkrunners, joggers and walkers who joined us for a 5km around the beautiful Bath Skyline.  Autumn is our busiest time our year and our numbers usually swell around this time. This is the time of year when we usually surpass our previous years record number which to date is 459!   We were 90 off this figure on Saturday but it can be so sporadic here in Bath and especially when we have lots of visitors for a celebration.

Saturday was no exception as we welcomed visitors from all over the country who came to Bath for one reason, to celebrate Georgia's 30th birthday.  Happy birthday Georgia!  We hope everyone had a great time in Bath!


Many of our parkrunners managed to stay dry on Saturday but our volunteers were not so lucky.  It poured for the set up team and for the close down team but many of us retreated afterwards to Combe Grove manor for a hot cup of tea and coffee.  With it's beautiful countryside views and comfortable lounge, we love going here to do our results.

Thank you to Steph who volunteered to take home our bibs to wash, we always need volunteers to do this when it's wet otherwise our wet bibs would fester and start growing some interesting mould by the following week :0


Hopefully this weekend will stay dry as we have a Christmas parkrun social on Sunday (1st December).  All parkrunners are welcome!   We are meeting at the Locksbrook Inn at 5pm for a jog (aprox 4-5) and then drinks from 6.30pm.   We are planning a night trail run (headtorches required) but if many of you do not have head torches we can always make it a road run.  Please come and join us!

We found a jacket hanging in the trees after parkrun.  If this is yours, please email us at


Thank you to all our awesome volunteers.  If you would like to get involved, then email us at and let us know which date you would like to volunteer.

See you next week everyone!

Best wishes, Helen

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