Saturday 14th September 2019

Written by Nick Ruxton

Preparations and First Timers
It was a sunny crisp morning as the volunteers and marshals assembled prior to Bath Skyline parkrun No. 256. It was clear that those who were not yet actively involved were feeling the chill of the 11C air temperature. After a thorough briefing from Run Director Helen the volunteers set about their allocated tasks.
As usual there were a significant number of visitors and first timers in the 358 who came to run. Early arrivals included runners from Cheltenham, Rothwell and Shrewsbury.
First timers included Gemma who had come with a regular parkrunner (below)
Also Hero, a deer hound and probably the largest dog ever to run at the Skyline parkrun, came with his owner Mark who is a regular runner (below)
Peter from Australia had probably traveled the furthest (below)

As the start time approached James captivated the first timers with his briefing on the course.

The Run
As there were such good conditions it is not surprising that a lot of people seemed to want to start near the front. Consequently those of us in the middle of the field experienced a bit of congestion in the first section of the run round the rugby field along the Skyline path and up to the top of the steps.  As normal things became less intense after the turn down the long straight back towards the start. There was the usual reordering as the some of the optimists from the start dropped back through the field and one or two strong runners made there way up through the field. Avoiding the stumps and bumps through the wood kept the mind engaged. There was also the business of deciding who to try and pass , who to try and keep up with and who to watch disappearing into the distance. The field seemed to spread out as we ran up the hill and across the fields. I always find that people pass me on the long down hill to the finish. I used to think it was because I slow down as I get tired but Strava tells me I speed up in the last Km. It seems a lot of other people speed more than me! The finish seemed to be reached with less effort than last week. The higher number on the barcode confirms it almost certainly was! What was it the teachers said at school, "must try harder next time".
Milestone & Statistics
Of those who had their barcodes with them:
16 people ran their first parkrun,
10 people ran their 10th parkrun; 3 of them in new PBs.
4 people ran their 50th parkrun and 
2 people ran their 100th parkrun.
This week 358 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 61 were first timers and 45 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 31 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 35 volunteers:

Vicky YOUNG • Stephanie FRICKER • Helen CONNER • Edward GILL • Karen STACK • Barbara BARTON • Laura BOSOMWORTH • Stuart SHAW • Matthew BALDWIN • Danielle SELLWOOD • Lynda KEEPEN • Gerard BOWMAN • Russell BRADFORD • Matt ATKINSON • Simeon CRYER • Alan COX • Anne KENDALL • Jason LAZARE GILL • James GORMAN • Conor MCGRORY • Sally KERTZMAN • Nicholas RUXTON • Bill WILKINSON • Mark LEWIS • Rhian MACKINTOSH • Colin GOATER • Polly SPEDDING • Iain WILSON • Kay BROWNSEY • Richard CARRON • Amanda CLARKSON • Fred MALLORY BAINS • Jason JOYCE • Poppy JOYCE • Jack JOYCE

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Bath Skyline parkrun Results Page.

The male record is held by Unknown ATHLETE who recorded a time of 15:44 on 20th June 2015 (event number 38).
The female record is held by Jessica GIBBON who recorded a time of 16:57 on 12th May 2018 (event number 188).
The Age Grade course record is held by Judith WADE who recorded 91.87% (21:07) on 13th July 2019 (event number 248).

Bath Skyline parkrun started on 4th October 2014. Since then 12,687 participants have completed 70,066 parkruns covering a total distance of 350,330 km, including 11,594 new Personal Bests. A total of 774 individuals have volunteered 6,270 times.


Saturday 31st August 2019

Written by Ben Phillips

Hello all,

I usually do Melksham parkrun but the food & river festival was on so they had to cancel it. Upon hearing that I wanted to try another local parkrun, so I decided to try Bath Skyline parkrun out. From the insight my coach gave me, This was by far one of my best courses but the steps was something that I hadn’t encountered on a run before. So that was a big surprise!

I’m also doing my silver Dofe down at Melksham parkrun so I’m experiencing all the roles, glad I’ve volunteered for another parkrun now! Thank you for the friendly atmosphere.

With Saturday morning incoming, parkrunners all over the UK and some parts of the world were preparing their events, in all weathers. luckily it was nice and mild this morning at Bath Skyline parkrun, it was also good to see people of all ages taking part as it is nice to the whole family! The true spirit of parkrun was unleashed and lovely to see everyone catching up with everyone.

Stats and special mentions

This morning 373 people ran, walked or jogged the course, 48 recorded PB’s (Personal bests) and 54 were first timers to the event so I hope you runners enjoyed it!

A special mention must go to Dawn Marchant who has volunteered 100 times at Bath skyline parkrun, so a big well done to you! And to the awesome marshals who directed the way!

Thank you to the wonderful ladies who did the first timers briefing!

A massive thank you to the 39 #Hivizheroes who made the event happen:



The male record is held by Unknown ATHLETE who recorded a time of 15:44 on 20th June 2015 (event number 38).

The female record is held by Jessica GIBBON who recorded a time of 16:57 on 12th May 2018 (event number 188).

The Age Grade course record is held by Judith WADE who recorded 91.87% (21:07) on 13th July 2019 (event number 248).

Bath Skyline parkrun started on 4th October 2014. Since then 12,568 participants have completed 69,358 parkruns covering a total distance of 346,790 km, including 11,498 new Personal Bests. A total of 770 individuals have volunteered 6,198 times.

And finally, it was nice coming to visit the parkrun and I hope you all have a great week!


Bath Skyline parkrun #253 – Race Report 24 August 2019

Written by Nicola Cracknell

There was 317 participants at the 253rd Bath Skyline parkrun. What a glorious start to the Bank Holiday with the sunshine making an appearance. Conditions on the course were excellent and the views over Bath spectacular if you had time to pause before climbing up the steps! There was a huge 47 people celebrating a new PB on Saturday.

With holiday season well and truly underway lots of visitors joined us from other parkruns. There were 72 first timers to Bath and of these 17 were brand new to parkrun so a big welcome to the parkrun family. 

Congratulations to Alex Miller for completing his 50th milestone run who was visiting us from Worthing. And well done to juniors Phoebe and Lucy for completing their 10th milestone runs.

A massive thank you to all the volunteers for making the event run smoothly: Matt ATKINSON, Amanda CLARKSON, Helen CONNER, Margaret COOPER, Nicola CRACKNELL, Simeon CRYER, Aaron DISHMAN, Simon ELY, Jo FALLON, Stephanie FRICKER, Hazel GOATER, Mark HAWKINS, Storm HAYWARD, Vicky HENDERSON, Antonia HOWARD, Glenn JEFFERIES, Sandra JEFFERIES, Jason JOYCE, Rupert KIRBY, Louise KIRBY-GARTON, Rhian MACKINTOSH, Candy MADATH, Harriet MADATH, Fred MALLORY BAINS, Dawn MARCHANT, Vicky ODY, Sarah REGH, Nicholas RUXTON, Mark SEAMAN, Karen STACK, Sam STREETER, Karen TURNER, Philip TURNER, Alejandro VAZQUEZ, Ilana WIGFIELD, James WOOSNAM


17th August 2019

Written by Michael Stanley

After the stormy weather had forced last week's cancellation, a rather overcast but far less windy morning greeted our 292 parkrunners for event number 252. Numbers were a little down than previously, in part due to some of the regular runners resting ahead of the popular Two Tunnels events on the Sunday and also a new parkrun starting in Frome at the Old Show field. We wish our new neighbours well and it is great to see parkrun continue to expand.

We were able to welcome 14 newcomers to parkrun so we trust you all enjoyed it and will return soon. We were also blessed with a further 52 parkrunners visiting Bath Skyline for the first time, an indication perhaps that we are bang in the middle of the holiday season. Another 31 participants ticked the box for no publicity including Arno over from Brussels visiting sister Sarah Regh, one of our regulars. I spotted visitors from Thornbury, Weymouth and Letchworth resplendent in their apricot t-shirts and afterwards chatted with three runners from Queensland who had been at a wedding in Taunton and one lady from South Africa who had been to a wedding in Ireland and had popped over to Bath to run with her niece. One day I will get the hang of this report writing lark and remember to ask your names! However, I did take some photos so you could tag yourselves if I can work out how to upload them.

Visitors#2 Visitors


One person who is well known to us is the lovely Vicky Young running her 150th event and congratulations also to John Hewson visiting from Swansea who clocked up his fiftieth run in just over a year since starting parkrun.



And finally, a special mention to Richie Appleton from Shrewton near Salisbury who ran with a Gurkha Doko basket on his back weighing 15kg. This is part of a fund raising exercise for the Gurkha Welfare Trust.



As always, a big thank-you to all our volunteers who made it all possible:

Alan COX • Andy MARCHANT • Andy TRIPP • Anja BRADLEY • Caroline COZIER • Colin HITCHIN • Conor MCGRORY • Danielle SELLWOOD • Finn SMITH • Fred MALLORY BAINS • Helen CONNER • Iain WILSON • Ian HAMPSON • James GORMAN • Jasmine HEARN • John BULL • Karen STACK • Lisa JARVIS • Louise KIRBY-GARTON • Lynda KEEPEN • Mark GREATOREX • Mark HENFIELD • Mark SEAMAN • Martin DERA • Michael STANLEY • Paul DOWNIE • Peter NICHOLS • Richard HEARN • Richard MERYON • Rupert KIRBY • Simon ELY • Simon LEVISON • Sue BRIGDEN • Tiina TANNINEN • Victoria STACK


Saturday 3rd August 2019

Written by Steph Fricker

I was fooled into thinking that it was cooler last Saturday, and that I might get a nice clear run. We were actually stood at the start discussing how “chilly” it was compared to recent weeks! Needless to say, once we started running, it was no longer chilly.
It was, however, still a beautiful summer morning and we welcomed tourists from South Africa, Australia, Swindon, Leeds, Southampton and Inverness!
A special mention to Daniel Church (pictured below) who was completing the parkrun on the morning of his wedding to Sophie Sullivan. Sophie didn’t make the parkrun, but I am told she enjoyed a glass of champagne whilst Daniel was running. Massive congratulations to you both and we hope you enjoyed your day.


One of our regular Bath Skyline runners, Russell Bradford completed his 150th parkrun, whilst not an official milestone I think you will agree that it is a huge achievement, well done Russell


Bath Skyline also wished a Happy Birthday to Ben Pope who was running with friends in birthday hats. They finished quite a bit in front of me, so I didn’t get to see if he got the bumps at the finish funnel or not. I am secretly hoping he did.

In total we welcomed 399 participants on Saturday from 39 different running clubs, 86 of them were first timers to Bath Skyline and 26 completed their first every parkrun! 57 participants set a new PB for the Bath Skyline course. Well done everyone.

We also had 48 unknown participants this week, this number is quite high, and we would like to stress the importance of remembering to bring your barcode with you. Not only is it used to record your run and time, but it also has your ICE (in case of emergency) details printed on it. This information is vital to us should we need to contact someone on your behalf in an emergency. #DFYB

Congratulations to Jonathan Phelps and Sarah Sanderson, the first male and female finishers with times of 17:03 and 21:28 respectively.

As we all know, parkrun wouldn’t happen without the support of our wonderful volunteers, so a huge thank you to:


Saturday 27th July 2019

Written by Richard Hearn

Foolishly I said I’d write a run report. Never done that before and now not really sure what to say! At its most basic level I suppose it should be who, what, where, why and when and most of that is already on the Facebook page . . .

On Saturday 27th July, 459 people set out to run (or walk or crawl) 5km of the Bath Skyline. According to the results page that is the largest number ever for Bath. I don’t know why the numbers fluctuate so much - five weeks in the low three hundreds and then suddenly 459. Was it because it was run number 250? Seems like a nice round number worth marking. There were certainly lots of tourists and first timers at the pre-run briefing. If I counted right on the results page 116 first timers to Bath and 40 people new to Parkrun enjoyed some pretty good running weather as well as some great city views.


Particular thanks go to Mark at his last outing as Run Director. A pretty intense job and one I wouldn’t fancy. It’s easy to forget the many people who volunteer each week and take them for granted. Without the run directors the whole thing would never happen and they especially deserve a ‘thank you’.

That does the who, the where, the when and the what, which leaves the ‘why?’. There are probably 459 different reasons and I can only give mine . . . I started the new year with my first Parkrun having no idea what to expect. Having run every weekend now except the cancelled run during the great spring snowstorm I can say I am fitter and healthier. I don’t have to walk anywhere on the course (except up those steps - and that’s usually because there are so many people there (what am I saying, it's usually because I’d have a heart attack half way up if I tried running up them)). I have enjoyed seeing the countryside change during the seasons. I have become slightly obsessive about seeing the results come out and wondering whether I have a new PB. I have even found myself planning a trip to Cornwall so that I could run at Taunton Longrun Meadow on the way there which is surely a sign of insanity.

It is definitely true that exercise and being outdoors are good for mental health. When I am running I tune out completely the stresses of the week just gone by at work. The weekend starts right with Parkrun with no more wasted Saturday mornings.

I don’t know the other 458 reasons people had for running last Saturday but I am pretty sure many will be back this week for more of the same and long may that continue.


20th July 2019

Written by Nicola Cracknell

There was 304 participants at the 249th Bath Skyline parkrun. After the initial wet start to the day the rain held off during the race for a slightly cooler run than we have had in the past couple of weeks. There were 62 first timers to Bath and of these 30 were brand new to parkrun so a big welcome to the parkrun family.

Congratulations to Donald Wishaw (Also achieving a new PB) and Sarah Regh for completing their 100th parkruns. Well done to Hattie Pudney and Samantha Parsons celebrated their 50th parkruns. And also to Tom Flemons completing his 200th parkrun. There were 33 people celebrating new PB’s on Saturday.

A massive thank you to all the volunteers for making the event run smoothly: Anja BRADLEY, Amanda CLARKSON, Helen CONNER, Alan COX, Nicola CRACKNELL, Simeon CRYER, Jacob DOELL, Edward GILL, Joe JOLLIFFE, Lynda KEEPEN, Sally KERTZMAN, Paula KOER, Mark LEWIS, Simon LOVEGROVE, Rhian MACKINTOSH, Harriet MADATH, Candy MADATH, Geoff MANLEY, Elizabeth MANLEY, Andy MARCHANT, Dawn MARCHANT, Emily MERKO, Richard MERYON, Vicky ODY, Robert PAGNAMENTA, Nicholas RUXTON, Danielle SELLWOOD, Polly SPEDDING, Karen STACK, Sam STREETER, Tom WHITE, Ilana WIGFIELD


Helmet fun at Bath Skyline parkrun


Hi everyone, it was a real treat to join you all last weekend for my 2nd Bath Skyline parkrun, such a beautiful event.

My helmet wearing friends and I had a really nice welcome from everyone present and it was with pride that I stood and listened with you while my story was read out to a group who stood in silence, completely engaged and interested. Such a high standard of manners, thank you all so much for listening. We were very fortunate that the RD was such a great speaker, so I thank him for that too.

So to the run, what to say that hasn’t been said before. (much more poetically too no doubt) I like to start close to the front and with things a little narrow as you head off it was a wise choice. I didn’t feel I was holding anyone up or being held up. I love the first bit and the steps and going on through the more technical wooded sections really is a treat. There was some amusement from fellow runners as the cans on the top of my helmet rang as they hit low branches but I soon got the hang of it. Much of the course feels like it’s downhill which promotes confidence and the feeling you’re going to enjoy a good run, which we did. Of course it also helps that it was nice and dry and not too warm, perfect running conditions. A very well managed and friendly event from before the start to the last parkrunner finishing, with him even managing a sprightly dash over the line despite using a walking stick!

When speaking with the RD before the run, I’d stuck my neck out and said I’d do my best to be ‘somewhere near the sharp end’, a fact the RD mentioned when introducing us in the briefing. (no pressure then!) I completed as 18th finisher which was great as it meant I was back in good time to interact with most participants (and volunteers) on the morning.

Everybody was just lovely and so interested. I spoke with a nice lady from Ireland who knew all about the procedures I have been through having been quite hands on in this area during her career in nursing. A number of people asked if I had a Just Giving page (It’s called Robin-Mark Runs and is in aid of the charity Brain Tumour Support) they could donate to and there was a lot of interest in taking part in our event next month too. In addition, I also had an interesting conversation about the possibility of getting some celebrity help. I’d like to say thank you to event director Helen Conner for giving us this opportunity and a further thank you for the donations we have received and interest and just generally everyone being so welcoming, it was a fantastic experience and I plan to be back again very soon.

Yours with thanks
Robin-Mark Schols


6th July 2019

Written by Michael Stanley

Bright blue skies and lower temperatures than initially forecast gave perfect conditions for today’s 300 plus parkrunners.

For the less regular attendees, one of the joys of Bath Skyline is how different it looks depending on the seasons. The scent of the wild garlic alongside the first downward slope has now dissipated as spring has turned into summer. For any budding Masterchefs, the leaves make an excellent alternative to basil when making pesto.

The views from the path overlooking Bath were magnificent, with Wales visible in the distance. A number of visitors stopped to take selfies as we made our way along to the foot of the infamous woodland steps. I did once suggest to a friend that we needed two more to make thirty-nine. “Yeah - like at the old Wembley stadium” was his response. I had been thinking more along the lines of the John Buchan novel but further research shows indeed that Bobby Moore and teammates did climb that number of steps in 1966 to the Royal Box to be presented with the World Cup trophy. Thinking about it, I too have climbed the same steps in 1980 but that’s another story.

Today, we were following in the rather faster footsteps of Tom Davies, first male, Lizzie Nobes first female and junior with a new personal best and Jo Thompson who came close to breaking her own age-related course record.

Nineteen people completed their first parkrun and I hope enjoyed it and will be back sometime soon. We also welcomed over thirty first time visitors including a contingent from Mile End parkrun in London on a spa weekend.

One of the joys of being tail walker is you never know who you might meet on the way round. Today, I had the pleasure of the company of 10 year old Amelie and mum Samantha. Through the top field Amelie was beginning to wilt but some inspired thinking by mum had us bunny hopping over the rabbit holes and the sight of, I assume, dad and grandad near the finish inspired Amelie to a storming late sprint to the line.

There were some other noticeably very happy people at the finish as our pacers helped steer a goodly number to a personal best time. A number of people, perhaps secret agents inspired by the aforementioned 39 Steps, chose to remain anonymous. However, RD Andy’s day was still not going well having to explain to someone who didn’t get the message #DFYB. There was a funnel ducker and a couple of tokens went AWOL. If you have accidentally wandered off with them, Andy would be grateful if the could be returned. Many thanks.

With the day warming up, some full of energy went off to help the National Trust on clearing brambles from the paths around the Skyline. Another opportunity to help will be on 26 October. Please email if you would like to get involved;

And finally, parkrun doesn’t happen without our lovely volunteers so a big thank-you to:
Alan COX • Amanda CLARKSON • Andy MARCHANT • Anne KENDALL • Caroline COZIER • Colin GOATER • Colin HITCHIN • Dany MITCHELL • David WISE • Dawn MARCHANT • Douglas WATKINSON • Ella FERGUSON • Harriet MADATH • Helen CONNER • Helen SPEDDING • Ilana WIGFIELD • James DONALD • James GORMAN • James WOOSNAM • John FOX • Karen STACK • Marc THOMAS • Mark HAWKINS • Mark HENFIELD • Mark LEWIS • Michael STANLEY • Nicholas RUXTON • Nick PARRY • Pat ROGERS • Paul DOWNIE • Polly SPEDDING • Polly THOMAS • Rhian MACKINTOSH • Simon LEVISON • Sue BRIGDEN • Tom MORIARTY • William MEAKIN


A tourist account 29 June 2019

Written by Elizabeth Morris

I’m a self-confessed parkrun tourist (my home parkrun is Southwick Country Park in Wiltshire, just down the road) and I love running at different parkrun events. It’s always great to run at a different course for a change of scene as well as meet new people. Offering to write this weeks’ run report meant I was also able to give something back to the Bath Skyline parkrun team. I first stated parkrunning myself just over 3 years ago and visited this parkrun just the once when I met up with a friend who ran this event regularly. Fast forward 3 years and I returned, unsure why I had left it so long to run this event again!


Firstly what a beautiful day! This particular Saturday ended up being the hottest day of the year so far however thankfully we escaped the worst of the heat first thing. The organisation at the start was great, runners lined up in the funnel in order of their expected finish time to help ease congestion at the start. We met up with some fellow parkrun tourists from Southwick who I ran with, they hadn’t been to Bath skyline parkrun before & it was nice for me to see hat they thought of the route.
Out of the 324 parkrunners who finished there were 30 new PB’s and a special congratulations to the 19 first timers to parkrun too - welcome to your new ‪Saturday morning‬ addiction!


The course itself at Bath Skyline is 1 small loop and 1 larger loop predominantly on trail with some gravel and stone paths. There are 39 woodland steps quite near the beginning to go up, just take care on these and keep to the left hand side to allow faster runners through. I was quite happy to walk this section in the heat! There is also quite a few woodland sections, it’s really pretty running through here but also shaded. At the new runners briefing one of the volunteers did have a giant map of the course detailing the sections, I tired to get a picture but was a little too far back. Being such a glorious day weather wise I really enjoyed myself, there had been no rain in the week so I could get away with my usual road trainers rather than switch to trail shoes. In the Winter trails would definitely be needed.


At the end one of the volunteers was handing out funsize chocolate bars, I don’t know if this is a regular occurrence at Bath but I certainly appreciated it. All of the marshals were brilliant and were so encouraging to all of the runners, I cannot say enough good things about this parkrun - please check it out!

A big shoutout to the 36 high-vis heroes who made this event happen: Richard CARRON, Amanda CLARKSON, Helen CONNER, Alan COX, Jenny CROXFORD, Martin DERA, Kylie DOELL, Jacob DOELL, Elspeth FAULKNER, John FOX, Stephanie FRICKER, Mark HAWKINS, Mark HENFIELD, Richard HILL, Colin HITCHIN, Jennifer Mary HODSON, Mark LEWIS, Candy MADATH, Harriet MADATH, Andy MARCHANT, Dawn MARCHANT, William MEAKIN, Elizabeth MORRIS, Sarah REGH, Katherine ROSENBERGER, Ingrid ROSENBERGER, Nicholas RUXTON, Finn SMITH, Rob SPEDDING, Polly SPEDDING, Karen STACK, Brian TIBBLES, Andy TRIPP, Ruth WATERFIELD, Tom WHITE, David WISE

Don’t forget if you’ve not volunteered before or haven’t in a while get your names down on the future roster!

Number of events: 246
Number of runners: 12,006
Number of runs: 66,581
Number of first finishers: 165
Number of clubs: 962
Number of PBs: 11,143
Average number of runners per week: 270.7
Average number of runs per runner: 5.5
Biggest Attendance: 444
Average run time: 00:28:36
Total hours run: 3Years 227Days 12Hrs 44Min 24Secs
Total distance run: 332,905km
Female record holder: Jessica GIBBON - ‪16:57‬ - Event 188 (12/05/18)
Male record holder: Unknown ATHLETE - ‪15:44‬ - Event 38 (20/06/15)
Age graded record holder: Jo THOMPSON - 91.83 % - ‪19:59‬ - Event 69 (23/01/16)

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