Beacon parkrun is cancelled on 11 April 2020: COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

IWD – Saturday 7th March

7th March is International Women’s Day which parkrun will be embracing worldwide.
At Beacon, we have a number of special events to mark this occasion including:

  • All women volunteer roster
  • Special guest, Mayor of Lichfield Cllr Mrs Deborah Baker
  • Prizes for runners in different finish positions (coffee from @melbourneinlichfield and G&T from @thespiritworkslichfield) AND a special prize for the most spirited volunteer (10x free coffee 

We look forward to welcoming you at the event, wearing purple and tagging us in your pictures with our special #iwdparkrun selfie frame 

It’s not too late if you want to get on our volunteer roster, please get in touch ASAP.

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Meet the Core Team – Claire Wheat

It’s Wednesday which means, just 3 days until parkrun! And to get you through we have a new #midweekhero! This week it’s the very inspiring Claire Wheat. We dare you to read her story without lacing up your trainers ☺️

What’s your main role?
I would describe my role as one of support:  I support the core team in any jobs that need doing in order for parkrun to run successfully.
But perhaps more importantly I support volunteers.  I am there to guide students who have chosen to volunteer at parkrun as part of their Duke of Edinburgh award; to give them the basic training needed to carry out a range of volunteer roles and to help them with any issues that might arise.  We have space to take on a few more Duke of Edinburgh students so just ask!
I'm also there to help existing volunteers to try new roles, again to provide basic training where necessary and be around if there are any queries.  So if that appeals to you, again, just ask!
What’s your runstory?
My run story began at Rosliston parkrun.  My daughter had started running and was visiting for the weekend.  She asked me to come to parkrun with her which sounded interesting until I realised she was expecting me to run!  I was nearly 67 and didn't think I could even run for a bus, let alone get round a 5k course. To make it more daunting, I didn't even own a pair of trainers or any sports gear so I turned up in jeans and shoes!  I was nervous about this as well as being so unfit, but I shouldn't have worried as it was such an inclusive and friendly event....and I survived it physically!  After a few more attempts I was hooked!  I loved the atmosphere, made some new friends and realised I liked running. I've since run over 60 parkruns in several different locations.
I loved it so much that I joined Lichfield Running Club at the end of 2018 and haven't looked back. I've run many races including my first I'd urge anyone to give it a never know where it might take you!
Why Beacon?
We've lived in Lichfield for nearly 40 years and have always enjoyed everything Beacon park has to offer as a family.  Since discovering parkrun it seemed only natural that we should have one here, right in the city.  I was thrilled to be able to support it when it happened, thanks to a massive amount of hard work from committed people, and love seeing how much pleasure everyone gets from it, participants, spectators and volunteers alike.



Meet the Core Team – Rob Day

It’s Wednesday and that can only mean one thing! This week’s #midweekhero is core team member Rob Day.

What’s your main role?
My main role varies from event to event but often in a more experienced role such as time keeping, funnel management and run directing. Also as part of the core team, be involved in contributing ideas and help the event directors who oversee Beacon Park Run.
What’s your runstory?
I started running from an age of about 11 in order to try and lose weight and through the years progressed on to 10ks and half marathons but never thinking I would ever be able to complete a marathon until a few years back at the Chester marathon, this was my biggest running achievement to date which I part ran with event director Dan Floyd! I still definitely keep my foot in but more so with 5ks and 10ks.
Why Beacon?

Beacon Park is a fantastic venue for a parkrun it's multi-terrain which always keeps it interesting, it's 2 laps so it's great for pacing and it's relatively flat which  is great for a PB. There's always such a brilliant vibe around Beacon Park and this is only enhanced every Saturday. The numbers have been very encouraging and it shows that this is very overdue for Lichfield


Meet the Core Team – Dan Floyd

This week’s #midweekhero is Daniel Floyd
What’s your main role?

My main role is Event Director. As you know from last weeks post, I'm not by myself, this is shared with Jemma Tiso-Johnson. It's a simple role really, the aim is to motivate people into moving whether that's taking part in the event by running, walking or jogging 5k or through assisting us to put on the events by marshalling, tail walking or even cheering. Everyone is socialising through motivational movements and that's the key message of Parkrun, seeing everyone enjoying themselves, supporting each other, a community coming together on a Saturday morning come sun or rain and knowing I have played a part in creating it gives me a massive sense of achievement.

What’s your runstory?

Fairly straight forward, I went to play football and found I was very unfit. I had previously seen my wife undertake a run so, thought to myself, I want to try that.. I headed out the door and started running, 6 years later and im still going. I started with the the Lichfield Running Club in the C group and have progressed slowly hitting new PB's and striving for bigger goals. Through researching how to improve my own running enabled me to help others and have recently become a qualified running coach which has enabled me to help many more people. I enjoy helping and assisting people into the sport which has well and truly overtaken my life..

Why Beacon?

To be totally honest, I was fed up of driving 20 minutes to my nearest Parkrun, it was getting a little annoying so I put a post on Facebook to see if anyone wanted to help and now we have over 150 volunteers in our volounteer group.

Parkrun is great for Lichfield, it helps bring different types of people together and creats a great community spirit. We have seen many people who have travelled from all parts of the UK come and join in, even creating videos. It's great to see people as enthusiastic and helping share our love for Parkrun and Lichfield as we are!


Run Report #Trial

So, this isn't an official run report but we are publishing this to show the new route we have been working on.

It was Leap Day this last Saturday – the first 29th February that has been a Saturday since parkrun began. Unfortunately, it was not to be in Lichfield.

After a disappointing leap over the last two weeks, this week’s run had to be leapt over as well. But some of the Core Team used the opportunity to meet up and trial the proposed alternative course. For a video demo of this click the link below, or check the map at the bottom of the page: - Video created by Jemma Tiso-Johnson.

The weather was not at its best, so there was still some of leaping of puddles [that’s enough uses of the word ‘leap’ – get a thesaurus. Ed], but it is designed so that all the mud around the golf course is now avoided.  Of course, it stopped raining as soon as we had left the park and were indoors with our coffees in Melbourne’s.

All in all, the new course was judged to be a success, even with the drizzle and rain.
There’s a short section of runners using the same path in opposite directions, so plenty of high-fiving opportunities to be had. Hopefully we will be able to give this course its debut next week. We will be keeping you posted as the week progresses.

Next week, March 7th, is International Women’s Day with events galore planned.
We are hoping for a big turnout, with parkrunners leaping [I’m warning you. Ed] at the chance to take part in this special event.  Dig out your purple running tops and see our Facebook page for details.

Next Leap Day Saturday is 2048 – it’s only 1461 parkrun days away, so put it in your diaries.

Run report written by Paul Drake.

Checkout the new course map below:


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