Beckton ParkRun 392 – 09/11/2019

So this was the first run of the 'post-Lindsay Russell' era. A hard act to follow, both on the running and the scanning duties! We'll miss him and Vicky.

At 8 o'clock the weather was foggy and cold and I doubted we would get many takers. But by 9 the sun had broken through and overhead conditions were much more pleasant (underfoot was a different story, with some slippery patches due to rain and fallen leaves). So we had 49 runners, with 4 PBs - well done to you all.

Thanks especially to Amanda who celebrated her 100th run by bringing lots of fairy cakes - appropriately decorated with black '100' shirt motifs. (I had to be careful not to put 'blackshirts' there ;-))

Thanks as always to our faithful volunteers - this event couldn't continue without you guys. If anyone else wants to help out in any way please speak to John Wise or one of the other RDs - there's plenty of jobs to do each week, large and small.

See you next time and have a great week.