Run Report 394 23/11/2019 – An amended course

Hi All
Apologies for late processing of results today.

Also apologies for long note, but is important as there will be some course changes.

A good turn out and some slippery corners.
The route is muddy or covered in leaves in some places, take care with your footing.
Perhaps it is time for the trail shoes and put the fast running shoes away for the winter.

As you have noticed, there are a few corners that have been ploughed by the Parks or Tree Department for the tree planting event on the 30th Nov.

Course amendments
There will be some minor amendments to the course, including cutting the corners off to avoid the trees that will be blocking the route, So with some cutting off the corners, we have added it back on to he 2nd field.

Testing & checking
We have carried out a walking test last week, which is reasonably close and this week we used 4 test runners on the amended course, including one of our team with a rolling measuring wheel and was reasonably close too.

A little bit of tweaking and think we will be there.
We would appreciate more volunteers next week to assist with marshalling the amended course.

Amended course
Next week on the 30th we will all run the amended course and would like some feedback and give us an update from your watch.

We have approached Parkrun HQ to check if we needed to get the amended course verified. So would appreciate your patience over the next couple of weeks.

A warm welcome to our visitors
After the Parkrun there will be tree planting and are all encouraged to assist and support and do your normal job, of welcoming any visitors to our wonderful park.

Happy running



John Wise
ERD Beckton Parkrun