30/11/2019 Event 395 _ Foggy, Tree Planting & Good Gym

Hi Beckton Park Run
A foggy and fresh start with 46 runners.
Well done to some of our regulars achieving some great running milestones and even better wearing your deserved 50 or 100 Parkrun T shirt. Superb effort and wear with pride, keep up the good work.

An existing day for our park, with an amazing organisation Trees for Cities planting approximately 9,000 trees with around 500 volunteers tree planting today. Will be an amazing addition to the existing woodlands and was nice to see loads of people out in the park.

As part of the event today, we were supported by an army of additional volunteers from the Good Gym, that assisted our regular volunteers to marshall the areas that were being set up for the tree planting, to ensure our runners were safe and were not in the way of the tree planters.

The Good Gym are a great organisation that run and and get involved with community projects. Worth checking out. Some of these Good Gym runners are regulars at our parkrun.

We thank everybody that contributed to our Parkrun today, including our friends at Good Gym, with some running the Parkrun and marshalling around the course. Then went over for the tree planting. Thanks for adding to our great park with more trees.

Have acknowledged and volunteer credited as many as possible from Good Gym that were Parkrunners.
So a big thanks to the Good Gym team for their assistance today.
Thanks to Brahama that also came 01st today, Beatrix, Sharon, Dave, Chi, Johnny, Sarah, Simon, Devika, Helen, Chris, Brad, Mary, Alice and anyone else we have missed off.
If have missed any let us know.

Lastly a big thankyou to all of the Beckton Team, including our amazing regular volunteers that marshalled a and carried out other Parkrun duties, welcomed our visitors and carried out a mass running test on a slightly amended course.

Thanks for all your efforts.


John Wise
ERD Beckton Parkrun