Run Report for Bedfont Lakes parkrun Event #435

Last year I completed my 50th parkrun and celebrated by penning my first run report. I’ve just done my 100th, so here is the sequel!

Firstly, many thanks to all the volunteers led by Caroline this week: David ALLEN, Ian Clive BERRY, Samuel BRICKER, Nick BROWN, John Frederick BUTCHER, Gary CLEMENTS, Sandra CLEMENTS, Caroline COCKRAM, Ian COCKRAM, Claire CROOK, David DUGGAN, Richard Joseph GRIFFIN, Karen HART, Jennifer Mary HODSON, Richard KING, Iain LAW, John MAXEN, Emma MORETON, Leanne ROBERTSON, Paul ROBSON, Charles TIPPLESTON, Niki WELLAND, Rita WOODS.


Although I joined parkrun (in 2014) to run, rather than to volunteer, I’ve since found that volunteering is in many ways as much fun as running. It provides an opportunity to chat to fellow parkrunners and gives a completely different perspective on the event. I can certainly recommend it to anyone who’s thinking of having a go - you can even combine running and volunteering by pacing (or indeed run report writing).

There was a strong turnout of 230 runners, including 15 parkrun first timers, and 14 “tourists” from different parkruns. This included travellers from Maidstone, Bristol, Northala Fields, Peckham and Wilmslow. I hope you all enjoyed the Bedfont Lakes experience!


The first to finish was David Stacey (18:41), followed by Ross Hurst (19:15) and Tim Hurdle (19:30). First lady home was junior Anju Berardi (22:22), followed by Elaine Pharaoh (22:51) and Emma McKechnie (23:16).

Anju is also the clear winner of “Aesthetically Pleasing Time of the Week”.

The “cool but not freezing” conditions seemed to be conducive to speedy running, as demonstrated by the fact that there were no fewer than 37 PBs: Debbie KNIGHT, Nicole RAMSAY, Linda WOOD, Michele BOULDEN, Clare BUTLER, Elaine SLADE, Weda HAZARA, Maxine EDWARDS, Kelly MAYES, Gulbin CHAWORTH-MUSTERS, Lisa READ, Rhonwen MORGAN-WILDBORE, Julie WEST, Giles MORTE, Sonia TAYLORMORTE, Steve TWEDDELL, Diane HORNE, Joanna GINGER, Smita GUNNOO, Larisa ANDRONACHE, Anna RALEIGH, Tina COOMBES, Leanne SEARLE, Nathalie HASTED, Susan RALPH, Michael TRAPANI, Princess MOSS, Tracy TOSCANO, Emma MARTIN, Dean COX, Babji VUNDAVILLI, Jonathan BLISS, Bradley GREEN, Robert ALLEN, James LEWIS, Steve BARRINGTON, Tim HURDLE. Congratulations to all of these.


Double congratulations to Julie West who also completed her 50th parkrun.

There were no other “official” milestone runs this week, but Graham Shaw, Ian Cockram and Gary Clements registered a very impressive joint “unofficial” milestone of 300, 250 and 250 Bedfont Lakes runs respectively (plus loads of volunteering!). That’s 800 runs in all, i.e. 4000 km (2,483 miles), which is the equivalent of:
• 10,000 laps of a standard running track
• 248.3 “Cabbage Patch 10” races
• 94.8 marathons
• 44.9 Comrades Marathons
• John O’Groats to Land’s End 2.8 times
• London to Moscow (swimming the English Channel en route) 1.4 times
• 91% of the way from New York to Los Angeles
• 1% of the distance from the Earth to the Moon.
Great running!


Having completed 100 runs, I now have the twin goals of 250 runs and 25 volunteerings. I can’t wait!

See you all around.