Run Report for Bedfont Lakes parkrun Event #551

Saturday 7th March 2020


It made such a change not to be impacted by Ciara, Dennis or Jorge this weekend at Bedfont. Whilst the puddles were still present, the overall weather was perfect for parkrunning - not too hot, not too cold and crucially no gale force winds or rain! The 31 PBs that were recorded from a field of 205 runners would seem to agree. Well done all!


We had a number of visitors this week too - some tourists from Bushy Park, from the Isle of Wight, Northala Fields, Hedge End, St Albans and South Africa. We hope you go back and sing the praises of our undulating and scenic event - whether you're into sheep, cow, horse, plane or train spotting, our course has it all!

We had a great many first timers (24!!) - both to parkrun and to Bedfont Lakes - so welcome and we hope to see you back on Saturday or sometime soon! A special shout out to Sheena Sudera who was taking part in her 4th parkrun (3rd official!) and brought her son along with her to see what had made his mum so happy and excited - it was an absolute joy to see you both running together! We hope to see more of you both at Bedfont!


And of course, we must not forget to thank our team of volunteers without whom we couldn't put on a safe event. Whether they are co-ordinating volunteers in the run up, liasing with top parkrun bods, sheltering at the end of the long strait or scanning and processing your barcodes, we couldn't do it without you all - so thank you to this week's volunteers:

Peter WILMOTT • Caroline COCKRAM • Ian COCKRAM • Wayne SARTEN • Chris EVANS • Gary CLEMENTS • Sandra CLEMENTS • Jo ROBERTS • Jodie WILMOTT • Jennifer Mary HODSON • Ian Clive BERRY • Emma MORETON • Julie HAZELL • David DUGGAN • Isabel Rose MORETON • Vicky LALLY • Claire CROOK • Edward CHAPMAN • Mandy SAVILL • Rory FARRELL • Raahul Chandar RAVICHANDAR • Phoebe HIBBS • Shivaprakash MOOLYA • Daniel GEORGE


There are a wide range of volunteering positions so why not give one a go?

See you on Saturday, 9am sharp! #DFYB



Run Report for Bedfont Lakes parkrun Event #550

      Saturday 29th February 2020


170 brave or slightly bonkers runners braved Storm Jorge and Bedfont Lakes at its muddiest best to run a very special parkrun indeed last Saturday. As you are all aware 2020 is a leap year and we celebrated the extra day last Saturday. This is the first time since parkrun started that 29th February has fallen on a Saturday and this won’t happen again for another 28 years!! A milestone day indeed.


We had no proposals at Bedfont on Saturday, but we did have several noteworthy events to mention.

Let’s start with the five brave and hardy people who completed their first ever parkrun. Well done to all of you, I hope you now have the parkrun bug and we see you back very soon!

We also welcomed 27 tourists to Bedfont Lakes this week including a coach load of pupils from Gordon’s school in Woking. They regularly participate in parkrun each week in locations around the area. I hope the mud and puddles at Bedfont have not put anyone off visiting us again soon.


Junior runner Julia Hannah Russell celebrated her 250th run and Rachel Avery celebrated her 100th. Well done both of you - awesome achievements.
Last week also happened to be pacer week, where we saw great pacing from our volunteer team, with 12 new PBs being set despite the less than optimal conditions.


John Paton celebrated his 70th Birthday. John and his wife were original Bedfont runners, John started in week two and his wife in week one. John has gone on to complete 455 parkruns in total with 261 of those runs being at Bedfont Lakes.

No run report would be complete without special mention of our wonderful volunteers. There is a huge amount of effort that goes in to making each parkrun event happen. So thank you to our Run Directors, Pacers, Timers, Set up/Clear away people, Scanners, Token Givers and Sorters and Marshals. It simply would not happen without you. And if any of you reading this have been inspired to volunteer please check out the roster page and get in touch.


Finally Bedfont Lakes is almost as well known for its cakes as its mud and last week was no exception. In addition to the lovely lot of goodies celebrating the milestone run, Run Director Zoe was surprised by her children bearing cake! It was Zoe’s birthday on Monday and we hope you had a wonderful day!

See you all soon at Bedfont Lakes #DFYB!



Run Report for Bedfont Lakes parkrun Event #549

Saturday 22nd February 2020

Another pretty good day for running (is there ever a bad one?); nice and cool albeit quite large puddles and plenty of mud just to make it fun. Another large field as 208 Bedfontos finished Bedfont Lakes parkrun this week including 39 who were running at Bedfont Lakes for the very first time. Yet another 200 + field. Well done to all and we hope to see you again soon!

Firstly, big thanks as always to our wonderful 26 volunteers, who gave up their time in the cold this week, sporting the new pink tabards, and encouraged all the runners around the muddy course. We really appreciate the support we receive. Here is this week's full list of hi-viz heros:

Aisha BAWA • Aleksandr ZOZULIA • Amy DEVANEY • Amy KING-HALE • Colin BREACH • David DUGGAN • Eddie KETTERICK • Emma MORETON • Evgeniy MARKIN • Julie DEVANEY • Lynda STAFFORD • Marion MAITLAND • Martin WEBB • Michael CANNON • Michael MACNEIL • Paul SILVESTER • Paul WESTBROOK • Paula ENGLAND • Phoebe HIBBS • Raahul Chandar RAVICHANDAR • Ray KINGDON • Sam FUTCHER • Savannah GRIMAL • Wayne SARTEN • Wendy WEBB

David DUGGAN as always was Volunteer Co-ordinator, and Wayne SARTEN again led the team as Run Director and gave another entertaining and informative briefing, welcoming visiting parkrunners from near and far. A big thank you to you both and to all our volunteers!

In total there were a healthy 18 new PBs set. Pretty good considering the muddy conditions. Well done to all our runners this week!

Leading home the field at Bedfont this week was Matt MASON in a time of 19:15. Charlotte CLARKE was again first female home in a new PB of 20:59. Great times in challenging conditions!

There were lots of other good runs, too numerous to mention individually, but today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Bedfont Lakes parkrun Results Page.

Special mention this week for Linda GAITSKELL a Visually Impaired runner from Metros Running Club in Harrow who usually runs at Black Park and was visiting Bedfont Lakes for the first time. Linda is so determined, and has never once let her disability put her off doing anything; whether it's parkrun, water skiing, triathlon or even climbing Mount Kilimanjaro! Linda wasn't going to let a few oversized puddles on the railway straight put her off. She just smashed straight through them without complaint and recorded a very respectable time!

If you have never tried VI guiding, why not give it a go? It's good fun and very rewarding. It adds a technical dimension to your run, especially as a tourist, and you get a run credit and a volunteer credit! If you are ever at a run where there are VI runners please try to be aware of them, especially if you are running with headphones. They obviously have to run two abreast and it can be challenging when the path is made narrower by mud and puddles, and by people listening to the Foo Fighters.

That's all folks. See you next week; same time, same place and DFYB!


Run Report for Bedfont Lakes parkrun Event #548

Saturday 15th February 2020

86399926_10157331429777807_5921222332956803072_n 86380972_10157331429982807_3582830622759976960_n What a weekend! 173 people ran and 21 volunteered at Bedfont Lakes parkrun in the eye of Storm Dennis this weekend! We welcomed one first timer to parkrun - and if you can run today then you can run absolutely any day!! We welcomed runners from Bognor, the US and Walsall. Welcome all! We were unsure how many would join us today as a result of the weather and a number of cancellations from other local events - but we pleased to welcome as many friendly, happy runners as we did.


Many thanks to those who gave up their time this windy and not quite yet damp morning. Without our volunteers, we cannot run parkrun - so a big thank you to the following, led by Claire as RD this week:

Nick BROWN • John PATON • Neil FREDIANI • Rory MURPHY • Bob BANNISTER • Graham SHAW • Debbie AITKEN • Gary CLEMENTS • Sandra CLEMENTS • Anne BANNISTER • Jo ROBERTS • Jennifer Mary HODSON • Ian Clive BERRY • Emma MORETON • David DUGGAN • Claire CROOK • Christopher WELLS • Aisha BAWA • Evgeniy MARKIN • Stuart TARN • Phoebe HIBBS


We hope that everyone has had a good rest following their runs into the headwinds - the relief from the tailwind wasn't quite enough, was it, this week? The evenings are getting lighter, spring is on its way so let's hope that we can have some nicer, less stormy parkrun weather soon!






Run Report for Bedfont Lakes parkrun Event #546

Saturday 8th February 2020

Decent weather for running; cool and crisp with a few puddles and a bit of mud just to make it fun, as 230 Bedfontos finished Bedfont Lakes parkrun this week including 34 who were all running at Bedfont Lakes for the very first time. Another bumper field, despite the mud, as Bedfont Lakes goes from strength to strength! Well done to all and we hope to see you again soon!

Firstly, we say a big thank you to the fabulous 25 volunteers, who gave up their time this week. One of the best things about the 546 parkruns so far at Bedfont Lakes is that they have all been totally free, and they always will be. Our wonderful volunteers are key to this. Again our parkrun passed off without any problems and had the usual Bedfont spirit. We really appreciate the support we receive as we puff our way round the course. Here is this week's full roll of honour:

Adrian CLEMENT • Aisha BAWA • Aleksandr ZOZULIA • Alexandra LISLE • Brian SPARROW • Colin BREACH • David DUGGAN • Edward CHAPMAN • Emma MORETON • Jenny CHAPMAN • John MURPHY • Julie HAZELL • Leanne SEARLE • Martin GREENSMITH • Martin WEBB • Matthew HOUGHTON • Michael CANNON • Paul SILVESTER • Phoebe HIBBS • Raahul Chandar RAVICHANDAR • Sandra CLEMENTS • Sandy WHISKER • Wayne SARTEN • Wendy WEBB

David DUGGAN was once again Volunteer Co-ordinator, and Wayne SARTEN led the team as Run Director and gave an entertaining and informative briefing as always. A big thank you to you both and to all our volunteers!

In total a healthy 36 new PBs were set. Very good considering the muddy conditions. Well done to all our runners this week!

Bedfont Lakes is one of the few parkruns that has a Lead Bike volunteer role but we didn't have one this week as our usual stalwarts were unavailable. If anyone has ever thought of volunteering for this role it really is good fun, and if you have an injury that stops you from running but not cycling it's a good way to stay involved and to get some exercise too, especially if you cycle to and from Bedfont Lakes. You don't need a fancy bike as long as it is safe and serviceable (a helmet is strongly advised of course), and although we have some fast runners at Bedfont you give yourself a little head start and it isn't too difficult to stay ahead of them. Maybe wait for slightly dryer conditions though!!

Leading home the field at Bedfont this week was Charlie TURNER in a time of 18:42. Charlotte CLARKE was first female home with a time of 23:13. Great running both!
There were lots of other good runs, too numerous to mention individually, but today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Bedfont Lakes parkrun Results Page.

Special mention also for Jonathan BLISS of the wonderfully named Whitchurch Whippets who reached the milestone of 50 parkruns and will be receiving his red T-shirt soon!
That's all folks. See you next week; same time, same place and DFYB!


Run Report for Bedfont Lakes parkrun Event #546

Saturday 1st February 2020

84097776_10157292647742807_4816812428123701248_n A grand total of 204 people ventured to Bedfont Lakes this weekend to take part in our 546th parkrun! A great number were regulars and we love you all lots and lots! We also had some visitors, from as far afield as Walthamstow, Scotland and Moscow. Clearly our Bedfonto mountains are becoming infamous for conquering in the parkrun world!


We welcomed 21 first timers and/or visitors to our parkrun and we hope that you spread the word of our friendliness and of course we hope to see you again soon! Our course was littered with puddles and the best way is through them rather than around them like the serial splashers do. Come to Bedfont prepared to get a little mucky - if you don't like mud or puddles, then maybe try an all pavement parkrun such as Harrow! We haven't yet seen anyone running in wellington boots, but it may not be long!!


Our milestones this week included Mandy Leach running her 50th parkrun! Fantastic stuff Mandy and we hope to see you back at Bedfont soon!

As ever, our event couldn't take place without our brilliant, dedicated and friendly volunteers - thank you to Ian COCKRAM • Emma GILMORE • Graham SHAW • Jo ROBERTS • Sandy WHISKER • Jennifer Mary HODSON • Ian Clive BERRY • Emma MORETON • Clare BUTLER • David DUGGAN • Karen HART • Claire CROOK • Edward CHAPMAN • Leanne SEARLE • Jenny CHAPMAN • Jo BARDINI • Aisha BAWA • Grace Elizabeth BALE • Martin WEBB • Wendy WEBB • Mandy SAVILL • Matthew HOUGHTON • Rory FARRELL • Phoebe HIBBS

Mandy took some excellent photos of the morning which can be viewed on our Flickr page.

And why not give volunteering a go? Our future roster has room for your name on it! I can vouch for volunteering being as mood enhancing and endorphin busting as running parkrun - so give it a go! Training is given for each role and as long as you turn up with your enthusiasm you are sure to do well!

That's all for now - see you soon and #DFYB!!



Run Report for Bedfont Lakes parkrun Event 545

Saturday 25th January 2020

82838899_10157266108672807_2452915810553823232_n Welcome to Saturday and parkrunday as it is known worldwide (possibly). It was the 545th event at Bedfont Lakes and we welcomed 286 participants, 29 volunteers and representation from 31 different clubs. The dedication and cheerfulness of our volunteers mean that Bedfont Lakes parkrun can go ahead week in and week out - thank you to the following for giving up their time and helping us all start the weekend right, led by Run Director Nicola:

Kevin DARGUE • Ian COCKRAM • Marion MAITLAND • Paul COWNLEY • Colin BREACH • Paul WESTBROOK • Jo ROBERTS • Jennifer Mary HODSON • Ian Clive BERRY • John MURPHY • Paul BRICKER • Darren CLARKE • Emma MORETON • Michael CANNON • Maria JOVANI • David DUGGAN • Alexandra LISLE • Kevin CROOK • Claire CROOK • Edward CHAPMAN • Alex RING • Nicola WHATE (RD) • Jenny CHAPMAN • Aisha BAWA • Dawn EAST • Paula ENGLAND • Sam KETTERICK • Paula NEGUS • Phoebe HIBBS

It was odd-numbered pacer week. This proved especially successful this week as there were FIFTY FIVE new personal bests! Well done to those of you, I hope you have shaken the mud off your trainers and put your socks in the wash!

82796056_10157266114827807_7852863237014945792_nAdditionally, we had 56 first timers this week - so well done all of you and thank you so much for coming to Bedfont Lakes, we hope to see you again soon! We had visitors from Exeter, Taunton and South Shields (apologies, my toddler was getting restless when everyone was yelling out where they had travelled from for their parkrun tourism). As always, the more the merrier and even better if you car share or use public transport or pedal power to reach us - watch our latest video which is also on our Facebook page!


We had an official milestone for Dan Morl this week who completed his 250th parkrun and also Paul Robson celebrating 100 parkruns - we look forward to seeing you in your milestone T-shirts sometime soon!


One last thing before I go - Don't Forget Your Barcode #DFYB

Best wishes


Results glitch for event #544 – please read

Saturday 18th January 2020

Today we experienced issues with one of our barcode scanners which has left massive gaps in this week's results table - hence the many "unknowns".

If your result is missing and you know your time and position (finish token number), please email us at: Even if you only know who you finished directly behind / in front of, this helps.

Thank you for your understanding - we hope to fill as many blanks as possible but this may take some time. Our volunteers are trying their best in these unfortunate circumstances.

Claire and Ian

Co-Event Directors


Run Report for Bedfont Lakes parkrun Event #543

Saturday 11th January 2020

The one where we were serenaded by parakeets…

A brilliant part of being a parkrun tourist is visiting parks you wouldn’t necessarily otherwise go to. Bedfont Lakes Country Park fits that bill for me at least. I live in Reading and whilst I’d heard of Bedfont Lakes parkrun, I knew nothing about the location. Nestled so close to London, this really is a hidden gem. On Trip Advisor, the Country Park is ranked 5th out of 21 things to do in Hounslow!

As recently as the early 1970s this area was used as a landfill site and the lakes were polluted until Hounslow Council became involved in its development as a country park in the late 1980s. There are now many varieties of flora and fauna for visitors to enjoy. Be sure to do some after parkrun investigation of this area.

Whilst conducting my tourism research (!) I found many references to ‘puddle dodging’ on the course. Apparently, 11th January is National Step in a Puddle and Splash a Friend Day! Who knew? And what a great place to do it. Don’t let the puddle notoriety put you off, just avoid wearing your best white trainers. You certainly won’t need to wear trail shoes.

As we all know, parkrun wouldn’t happen without the volunteers and there were some friendly, encouraging ones here today. Kudos to Michael Cannon who was out on the course bright and early doing the pre-event set up despite being injured and unable to run.


Thanks to all our volunteers today, guided by Run Director Zoe:

Aisha BAWA • Alexandra LISLE • Claire CROOK • Clare BUTLER • Colin BREACH • Dave HUMPHRIES • David DUGGAN • Edward CHAPMAN • Emma MORETON • Iozefina CIUTA • Isabel Rose MORETON • James SHOULDER • Jenny CHAPMAN • Kevin UWINS • Linda KETTERICK • Martin WEBB • Michael CANNON • Mike FOREY • Sandra CLEMENTS • Stephanie SMITH • Wendy WEBB • Zoe OSTLEY (RD)


82181974_10157224659767807_2413793580519784448_n (1)

A big shout out to Sonia Taylormorte on achieving her 100th milestone today. She had a big posse of supporters with her and a tremendous cake which we enjoyed after our exertions. All around the course there were signs reminding us of Sonia’s achievement which raised many smiles as we made our way around the surprisingly undulating course. Well done Sonia - here’s to the next milestone!


Today there were 40 first timers at Bedfont Lakes, 25 of whom were new to parkrun. Welcome to the world of parkrun. Your Saturdays will never be the same again!

Stephanie Smith A3324846


Run Report for Bedfont Lakes parkrun Event #541

Saturday 28th December 2019


Saturday was ever so slightly drier than the week before - you didn't need your swimming costume for the puddles! 148 hardy runners and a total of 25 volunteers braved the strange landscape between Christmas and New Year where nobody really knows what day it is, but hooray for parkrun!! We hosted pacers for 24, 26, 28. 30, 32 and 34 minute parkruns this week and a total of 16 personal bests were obtained so well done to everyone who ran, jogged, paced or walked - you're all great!


Our volunteers this week were... Steve BARRINGTON • Wayne SARTEN • Chris EVANS • Debbie AITKEN • Gary CLEMENTS • Sandra CLEMENTS • Colin BREACH • Jo ROBERTS • Paul BRICKER • Nikki CRAWFORD • Emma MORETON • Christopher ROBERTS • Michael CANNON • Barry CARTMAN • David DUGGAN • Isabel Rose MORETON • Alexandra LISLE • Alicia WISE • Ranjani BALASUBRAMANIAN • Aisha BAWA • Dawn EAST • Martin WEBB • Wendy WEBB • Rachel HEATH • Kimberley NICOLL ...and thank you all very very much!


As is customary around this annual period of reflection, our Volunteer Co-ordinator Dave has pulled together some interesting BL stats for 2019...


  • 1,230 compared to 1,119 in 2018 - this year's volunteering was performed by 228 different people
  • Sandra Clements and David Duggan achieved 350 volunteering events
  • Claire Crook achieved 300 volunteering events
  • Emma Moreton, Ian Cockram and Emma Poole achieved 250 volunteering events


  • 9,159 in 50 events
  • 1,339 new visitors to Bedfont Lakes, of whom 392 were debutants to parkrun
  • 1,076 PBs were set and there were 483 forgotten barcodes (unknowns)

Stand-out achievements!

  • The 500th Bedfont Lakes parkrun took place on 9th March 2019 and the 10th anniversary took place in May 2019
  • Ian Cockram and Nigel Poole reached 500 parkruns
  • Emma Moreton, Rich King, Chris Evans, Julie Hazell, Nikki Crawford, Kathryn Ellidge and Jen Taylor received green 250 shirts

In the decade of 2010-2019 there were 70,883 runs (354,415km) and 9,794 volunteerings over the 507 events that took place!

We're all looking forward to walking, jogging, running and volunteering throughout 2020. Don't Forget Your Barcode #DFYB


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