Results glitch for event #544 – please read

Saturday 18th January 2020

Today we experienced issues with one of our barcode scanners which has left massive gaps in this week's results table - hence the many "unknowns".

If your result is missing and you know your time and position (finish token number), please email us at: Even if you only know who you finished directly behind / in front of, this helps.

Thank you for your understanding - we hope to fill as many blanks as possible but this may take some time. Our volunteers are trying their best in these unfortunate circumstances.

Claire and Ian

Co-Event Directors


Bedfont Lakes parkrun 10th Anniversary: Kit Collection

Participants of Feltham parkrun often don't have access to suitable running kit, either borrowing it or using the next best thing. We'd like to help as many people take part in their weekly parkrun so if you have any pre-loved running kit in usable condition, the core team will gladly take this off you for the boys at Feltham. Items like hoodies, T-shirts, long-sleeved tops, shorts and even trainers - in all sizes from teenager to adult - will be put to good use. Women's kit will also be gratefully received as they can take it to other prison they have links with.

Thank you very much.


Run Report for Feltham parkrun Event #1

Some of the Bedfont Lakes core team attended the inaugural parkrun at Feltham (HM prison) in February. Here we share the insightful run report produced by the Feltham team.


parkrun organise free, weekly, 5km timed runs around the world. They are open to everyone, free, and are safe and easy to take part in. One of the aims of parkrun is to have an event in every community that wants one, and with this in mind last year we started looking into establishing our own parkrun at Feltham.

For our inaugural event on Saturday 23rd February we invited a number of business partners and supporters to come in and run, jog, walk, volunteer or simply encourage those doing so.

We were lucky enough to have Paul Sinton-Hewitt CBE, the founder of parkrun join us with a number of the ambassadors from local courses. We also had Marcus Gayle - ex-professional footballer, Cai Griffith - former international rugby player, Rob Williams - silver medalist rower at the London Olympics, Professor Rosie Meek who has recently published ‘A Sporting Chance’, a review in the power of sport in reducing reoffending, Ivo Gormley - founder of Good Gym, and John Mcavoy - a former prisoner who has turned his life around through sport who is now the only Nike sponsored Tri-Athlete. We also had representatives from Nike, Redbull, Volvo, Saracens RFC, Kick it Out, Gloves not Guns, London Welsh RFC and local football clubs.


We had 46 participants on the morning including 31 ‘runners’, 11 being young adults and the rest acting as volunteers in roles including timekeepers and marshals. It was amazing watching our boys unconsciously partner up and run with the visitors. There were genuine smiles from everyone involved and a real community buzz. The young adults all gave really positive feedback as did the guests, all of whom are really keen to return and support again.


The initiative will carry on as part of the gymnasium programme every Saturday morning at 9am as it does on the ‘outside’. We hope that the participants who start their parkrun journey in Feltham will continue it on release.


Feltham parkrun will look to host visitors every 4-6 weeks, opening the invite again to business partners and those who offer us support. Feltham’s ‘sister’ parkrun is 100 meters across the railway line at Bedfont Lakes and we are believed to be the 2 closest events in the World.

Keep an eye on news by following us on twitter: @HMYOIFeltham


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Core Team news: discover the role of Run Director

As you know, parkrun relies entirely on volunteers to set up and run our popular weekly event at Bedfont Lakes. The Run Director plays a key role in this, overseeing the morning and being the main point of contact for everyone. It's a really rewarding role and we are recruiting more Run Directors right now.


Join our fantastic core team, get your name in lights on the webpage/social media (with photos) and enjoy the accomplishment of bringing parkrun to hundreds of people at Bedfont Lakes.

What exactly does being RD entail?
All training will be provided, don't worry! You're always part of a team and won't feel like you're working on your own. You'll have the support and back up of our two Event Directors Ian and Claire, even if they're not there on the actual day.


Responsibilities include:

  • Arriving by 08.30 on parkrunday and making sure all volunteers are present and know what they're doing (our Volunteer Co-ordinator Dave takes care of recruiting during the week)
  • Making sure the course is set up and ready - using your team of volunteers
  • Delivering the run brief to the participants, covering off the key safety points - you can use notes of course and it doesn't have to be long or witty, just be yourself. It's a great opportunity to discover visiting parkrunners, milestone runs, first timers and generally get everyone in a positive parkrun mood!



  • Saying "3,2,1, GO!" - very important!
  • Dealing with any queries during the morning and being mindful of any incidents - above all, just making sure everyone adheres to the parkrun code of conduct and has a safe and welcoming run/walk/jog
  • Addressing barcode or timekeeper issues, e.g. noting down barcodes that won't scan and checking the timekeepers have clicked the same number of tokens handed out
  • Processing the results after the event - although this isn't essential, and another volunteer can do this, many RDs like to learn the magic of the results processing!
  • Having a well-earned coffee and breakfast in the post-parkrun cafe (optional but fun)


Feel EPIC!
What's so great about being a parkrun Run Director? Apart from feeling accomplished, wearing the coveted blue and silver hi-viz vest, being pivotal in the world's biggest running event and earning a volunteer credit...we asked our RDs what they love:

"As a non-runner, being part of a running community and feeling like I am contributing to something amazing" Claire

"Feeling proud knowing the event has been successful and all types of parkrunner have received their results after completing Bedfont Lakes" Dave

"Being thanked and told what a lovely event Bedfont Lakes is" Caroline

"Meeting and welcoming visitors/first timers and announcing milestones... and having first dibs on the cake!" Ian

"Feeling like I might not look like your average runner but I am here, doing this so everyone can come and join in too, no matter how young, old, big , small, fast or slow you feel. That's the power of parkrun" Julie (seconded by Karen and Carol)


Sounds great... what's the commitment?
We have a great team of supportive RDs so the commitment is not onerous. Ideally we'd like you to volunteer as RD every six weeks on a Saturday morning that you're available. We're flexible and helpful and you won't feel pressured - and it's all done and dusted well before lunchtime. Of course, you can still be a parkrunner or general volunteer on the other Saturdays!

For an informal chat, grab us at parkrun or email with any questions or to start the ball rolling. We'd love you to join our fantastic core team! What are you waiting for? :)



Damaged car: appeal for witnesses

On the morning of Saturday 14th July we were alerted by a member of the public parked in the Clockhouse Lane car park whose car had a dent in the rear passenger side. If you saw anything happen, please get in touch and we will pass it on. Many thanks.
car bump


Bedfonto summer social 2018

wee and pee

Our Bedfonto summer social will be a 'late summer' family-friendly gathering on Saturday 1 September at the Wheatsheaf and Pigeon pub, Penton Rd, Staines, from around midday (plenty of time to fit parkrun in too!)

We've chosen this venue and day as the pub is organising a 5k/10k run for charity starting at 1pm, so it's a great opportunity to mix socialising with running within a local community which is what parkrun is all about! It's £5 to enter, paid to the organisers on the day and children can run with an adult. The route starts and finishes at the pub and is mostly along the towpath - flat, fast and scenic with no hills but possibly some swans :) All finishers can flash their medal for a complimentary refreshing pint from local suppliers Thames Side Brewery!

If you don't want to take part in the run, that's perfectly OK. Just come along to support and enjoy the friendly atmosphere, live band, refreshments, BBQ and Staines riverside at its best! There is a garden too, and in previous years a bouncy castle for kids.

Several local running clubs are also heading down so it will be great to have Bedfontos there too, anytime from midday to last orders! If you fancy coming along, just put the date in your diary. We'll also remind you nearer the time and set up a Facebook event.

Thanks for your continued support!
Ian, Claire and the Core Team

Venue details:

The Wheatsheaf and Pigeon ("Wee and Pee")
Penton Road
Staines upon Thames
TW18 2LL
Tel: 01784 452922

The charity has not yet been announced so watch this space...


Bedfont Lakes parkrun

A lovely observation on Bedfont Lakes parkrun - and indeed all parkruns.


"Dog walking today in the rain. Yeah, the rain’s back... lovely! We mixed it up and visited Bedfont Lakes where Mum and Dad do their Saturday parkrun. Met some lovely people. What a great atmosphere! People of all ages, shapes and sizes were running 5km today as well as quite a few dogs.

Running has never been something I was interested in. I was always that kid that wrote fake sick notes to get out of running in PE at school. I just remember being completely out of breath after about 30 seconds, getting a stitch and having all the popular kids teasing me for my ‘poor’ effort and ‘bad’ lap times. Those feelings create a lot of anxiety for me, so it’s not something I’ve ever wanted to repeat. It’s funny how this stuff stays with you in adulthood, right? Anyways, I think visiting was a really good idea as I could see the support and encouragement that was given to each and every person running today. No judgement whatsoever. If only school could have been like that!!"

Cheryl, daughter of Bedfontos Bob and Anne Bannister.


Urgent Event Cancellation – 3rd March 2018

*** IMPORTANT - Event Cancelled 03/03/2018 ***
Unfortunately we have had to take the decision to CANCEL tomorrow's parkrun due to very icy paths making the course dangerously slippery. Cancelling is a last resort, but safety comes first. PLEASE SHARE TO HELP SPREAD THE MESSAGE.

•Volunteers - thank you for putting yourselves forward, but you won’t be needed this week. We have also emailed all volunteers individually
•Participants - if travelling to an alternative event, please check this list of planned cancellations - as you will see, it's not just us!

Thank you for your understanding. We really hope to see you next Saturday.

The Core Team



Urgent Event Cancellation – 10th February 2018

*** IMPORTANT - Event Cancelled 10/02/2018 ***
Unfortunately we have had to take the decision to CANCEL tomorrow's parkrun due to imminent overnight ice and frost making the course dangerously slippery. Cancelling is a last resort, but safety comes first. PLEASE SHARE TO HELP SPREAD THE MESSAGE.

•Volunteers - thank you for putting yourselves forward, but you won’t be needed this week. We have also emailed all volunteers individually
•Participants - the nearest alternative parkruns are Crane, Bushy, Homewood... please find a list here.

Thank you for your understanding. We really hope to see you next Saturday.

The Core Team



Event Cancellation 21st January 2017

*** IMPORTANT - Event Cancelled 21/01/2017 ***

Unfortunately we have had to take the decision to CANCEL tomorrow's event.

We inspected the course earlier this morning and the recent frosts have frozen the numerous large puddles around the course and made the conditions far too slippery for an event to take place safely tomorrow (please see photos below). With another hard frost forecast for tonight it is likely to be just as bad tomorrow, so in the interest of safety for our runner and volunteers we have taken the decision to cancel tomorrow's event.

We hope that the course will have defrosted and that we can run again next week. Please keep an eye on our news and facebook/twitter pages for updates - and please share this message with others.

Thank you!




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