Say hello to SQUISHY!!!

Lets say a big hello to SQUISHY!!!
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So last week we had a parkrun monster with no name, after votes all week and some last minute votes this morning our lovely SQUISHY got its name!!
Big thanks to Edward who thought of the name last week and every big and small who voted on a name. I think we are now the only junior parkrun with a squishy monster mascot :)
So what's the idea about Squishy?
Well we thought it would be nice to have a new friend to come and play with us and this then allows me to introduce you to Olivia, Cheyanne and Isabelle who are all playing a very special part in Squishy's adventures in the next couple of weeks.
So today is Squishy's first official run with us and today it was the lovely Olivia who had the very important role of accompanying Squishy around the course.
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Squishy and Olivia had an amazing run and Olivia today got her 6th PB!!!
Olivia has been running with us since July last year and has completed 29 Parkruns. Today's time of 13:46 is a whopping 6 minutes and 8 seconds quicker that her first ever run. How awesome is that?
Thank you Olivia for looking after Squishy so well today!
So what happens to squishy now? Well we couldn't leave Squishy in the cupboard with the megaphone for a week as no idea what trouble there would be (i'm sure Squishy was eating chocolate in my house this week...) So Cheyanne and her family have kindly volunteered to look after him for the week.
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Auntie Carla in the photo has said she may even take Squishy to work! I can't wait for the photos and to hear the adventures. Can you?
So that then will take us to Easter Sunday and Isabelle (in the yellow hi vis jacket ) and her mummy. Isabelle had a fabulous run today, only her 3rd run with us but today saw her get her 2nd (yes you did read that right) personal best. But not only did she get a PB today she then went on the megaphone to cheer the other people in. Thanks for that Isabelle :)
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Next Sunday Isabelle will be looking our for Squishy so they can run round together.
Thank you Edward for the name, Olivia, Cheyanne and Isabelle for looking after squish so well.
Thank you to everyone that joined in with the fun of the votes for names, sorry to Running Ralph and Parky who were equal at one point (and the favorites from a lot of the volunteers) but WELL DONE BEDFORD JUNIORS for voting on such a brilliant name.