A Birthday Run!!!

My run report
28th April 2019

It was my 9th birthday today and I thought nothing better than to run with my BFFs (best friends forever) and my Bedford Junior Parkrun Family.


I was the one with the big 9 balloon so I’m sorry if it got in your way.


Today was also mine and my brothers 60th Junior parkrun.

The rain stayed away but it was nice and cool for the run today. We really needed the warm up today as it was chilly but that was really nice for running.


We had 68 runners today, with an amazing 5 first timers and 8 PBs.

Because we run so well and worked so hard we went out for an amazing breakfast. We didn’t get a PB but today I ran with two new runners and we ran together as a team, this is the best thing about parkrun, it’s a Run not a Race!


We wondered this morning if it was going to happen as we were short of volunteers, we love volunteering and I am working hard to get my 25 t-shirt. So, if you think you can run without your parent then please get them to join the high-vis team.

By Sophie Aged 9!


Happy 2nd Birthday to us!

Hello Bedford Juniors. I hope you all had a good run this morning and a good day.
Now we may have said happy birthday to Alison today, but it was Felicity (who was one of our report writers)’s 4th birthday yesterday and today was Bedford junior parkrun’s 104th run which makes us 2 today. Birthday celebrations all round!
Welcome to the first report of 2019! We have a lot to talk about today with 13 personal bests! I know I was shouting that people were going fast as they ran past me but I didn’t realise how fast as almost a quarter of runners today got a PB!!!
(so it's not my fault this is so long it's your fast children!)
Before I do the stats though we have 2 brilliant Junior Run Reports today.
Our first report is from Isaac and Felicity St Leger-Harris who were first timers with us today
Today was Felicity’s first parkrun ever and she joined us today aged 4 years and 1 day! However Isaac is a bit of a veteran and he said…
I normally do Buckingham adults parkrun. This was my first run at Bedford Juniors. The course was perfect today.
The best thing about today’s run was running with my family. It’s lots of fun to run with Mama and Papa and we like to run together. Mama and Papa have volunteered in most of the roles, and I’ve helped to marshal too.
If someone has never been to a junior park run before, they should come along as it’s lots of fun.
Thank you for a lovely event today – and happy fourth birthday to Felicity for yesterday.
I think I’ve run 16km so far and Felicity knows she has run 2 km.
Isaac you were spot on. 16 km run, 4 PB’s and a total of 8 junior parkruns in 3 different places – we hope to see you both another time at Bedford junior parkrun if you are visiting this area again

George and Henry Warren provided us with the second report today and the boys said the following…



It was cold today with some muddy patches and a bit windy, but the best thing about the run was that it was quite relaxing.

We do Great Denham and Bedford adults parkruns as well. It really helps. We’ve done the first timers briefing before too – it was fun.


We don’t run with grown ups. It’s good because you get to set your own pace. We run with our brothers and sisters, and sometime friends come as well.


If someone has never been to a junior park run before, give it a go – it doesn’t matter how fast you go! It’s fun, and everyone’s friendly and likes to cheer you on. Keep running!


George thinks he’s run 292K, and Henry thinks he’s run 420K – were they right?


Well almost – George has run 301km and he ran at 55 parkruns last year, and Henry is now on 390km and he ran at 68 parkruns last year. They have a total between them of 691km!!! Can anyone else beat that?


A big thank you to Isaac and Felicity (and their grown ups for helping with the writing), George and Henry for their reports. Thanks guys – you should now all have your run report volunteer credit

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