What a run…..

Run Report number 1 for 14th April!
(the special interview with Squishy still to come)
Well Bedford Juniors what an amazing run today! The sun was out and the course was fast.
Check the results out here
Today we had
45 runners
26 boys, 19 Girls
12 PB's
7 boys, 5 girls
14 First Times
8 boys, 6 girls
WhatsApp Image 2019-04-14 at 14.48.32
And 1 visitor
To all the new people thank you for joining us today, we hope you had a good time and we would love to see you again.
To our regulars that got a PB - well done to you all
And to our regulars that just had a good run we hope you enjoyed it.
We need 2 things to put on a park run, fantastic runners (and we have those) and our lovely volunteers.
If you can help us as a volunteer please drop and email to bedford-juniorshelpers@parkrun.com and we can get you on the roster. All you need is a barcode number and we can sign you up.
Just a reminder that it is Easter Sunday next week so please feel free to come and run off all the chocolate that you may eat.
Until next Sunday
Have fun folkes....



A tribe of mini helpers

Did you join us on Sunday for Park run?

How did your runner get on?

Wasn't it lovely weather to run in?

It looks like our little hic up with the finish tokens was sorted OK as no emails from anyone saying there was an issue so we are really happy about that So what else happened on Sunday? Well we seemed to have a little bit of a mini helper takeover. There was us in the cupboard when suddenly there were lots of smaller people grabbing everything and running to set everything up! In total we had 8 people running an volunteering!

Thanks mini tribe you were fab! I think everyone enjoyed the warm up loads, it was a great team effort and a fantastic start to a run (which only got better)

We did a test start, apparently 2 is the new 3 but then they were off.

60 runners

32 Boys, 28 Girls

Lets look at the first 5 in...

It was a brilliant and fast run for the 5 of them, no PB's but close. Boy, Girl, Girl, Girl then boy. A brilliant run from all 5 of them.

19 Personal Bests

11 Boys 8 Girls

Now there are far to many PB's to mention each one by name however, Sophie (26 seconds off) and Sebastian (19 seconds off) who were both part of the junior helpers both got a PB.

So does volunteering make you run faster?


Now the final PB i'm going to mention belongs to a young gentleman Ethan who finished just before our tail walker.

By this time the Children had the megaphone so he was yelled (sorry encouraged) in. It was his 4th run with us, his first PB and 19 seconds quicker than his first run. Nice steady running from him (and his dad) I wonder if dad is slowing him down? Well done Ethan

4 first timers

Now welcome to all of our first timers, there were 4 ladies who had their bar codes so have a time. It was nice to meet Beth at the end who said she had enjoyed it (and even helped handing round the biscuits). You had a great first run at 13:07, next time do your shoe lace up before you start and you will have a PB Welcome to Beth (her mum) and all the first timers - we hope to see you again at Bedford Juniors.

You can find our official web page at http://www.parkrun.org.uk/bedford-juniors/ and if you look http://www.parkrun.org.uk/bedford-juniors/futureroster/ you will see our up coming rosters.

Its only Tuesday but we are collecting names for this weekend up to the start of April. Can you help us? We can only run the event with the help of our volunteers so, if you would like to join our tribe of yellow, orange and blue jackets please get in touch. just drop us an email bedford-juniorshelpers@parkrun.com with your park run ID, the date you can help and if there is a job you would like to try pop that down as well.

Volunteering is amazing fun, it seems to make the runners get PB's and its a brilliant start to the week so come and experience it for yourself :) See you Sunday to do it all again!!!!

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