Bedford parkrun is cancelled on 2021-02-27 – COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

2019 Bedford Harriers Half Marathon

The 16th Bedford Harriers Half Marathon takes place on Sunday, 1 December 2019, and is a measured, undulating, rural country road race around the villages to the west of the county town of Bedford.

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Starting at 10:00am, the race to open to a maximum of 1500 athletes.

Course map

To Enter: £23.00 Affiliated, £25.00 Unaffiliated.

Race memento to all finishers, secure baggage storage, shower facilities and hot & cold refreshments are available.

Incorporates the Bedfordshire AAA County Championship, cash prizes as well as age group and team awards.

Course records held by Paul Martelletti 1:07:53 (male) in 2009 and Tracey Morris 1:16:36 (female) in 2005.

Hosted by the Bedford Harriers Athletics Club



Event 410 Run Report

Bedford parkrun - Event 410 - 18 May 2019

18.05.19 1 18.05.19 2

Four hours after sun rise, keen parkrunners were not to be put off by the cat-and-dog weather and dutifully arrived at the bandstand in Bedford Park for another edition of their weekly parkrun. Fortunately, by the time the first timer briefing started, the liquid sunshine could no longer be found and it proved to be a deceptively warm morning.

Congratulations to Isaac Johnson who completed his first double digits parkrun and will soon earn the junior 10 t-shirt when he finished in a time of 26:19. Jane Revell and Andrew Corner completed their 50th parkruns at Bedford today. Jane finished in a time of 34:51 (obviously saving herself for the Sycamore (Marathon) Challenge the next day) whilst Andrew bagged himself a new PB with his time of 20:35. Sonia Gallaher racked up her 100th run in a time of 29:05. Ninety-nine of Sonia’s and all fifty of Jane’s runs have been at Bedford parkrun. Daniel Emkes earned the unofficial milestone of 200 runs and volunteered as a pacer too. Well done all.

31 people didn’t bring their barcodes, so are listed as ‘Unknown Athlete’ on the results. At least one of these was the first finisher, in a time of 17:02. Graham Hope was 2nd home and Peter Deardon 3rd, with times of 17:28 and 18:27. Between Graham and Peter, they have completed 335 runs between them, which still doesn’t even come close to Chris Beard, who completed his 468 parkrun (and 91st) at Bedford, nor Ray Evans 379 parkruns (373 at Bedford).

Forty-four people visited Bedford parkrun for the first time, and 18 of those tried a parkrun for the first time in their lives. We hope to see you back with us soon.

Caroline Brooks was first lady home in a time of 18:33, Julie Loxley and her dodgy barcode 2nd and Sarah Relton 3rd with their times of 21:14 and 22.06 respectively.

Ray Evans and Marion Hext were our oldest participants today and Bedford parkrun would not have taken place without the time chipped by our 21 volunteers:

Pasqualino NOTARO and Tony BARNES were our steadfast timekeepers, Stuart HOLMAN, Alex MUIRHEAD, Charles DICKS and Andy COLE’s cheering helped all the participants whilst Adam HILLS and Daniel EMKES pacing helped up to 49 achieve new BPs.

Mark KITELEY welcomed all the new parkrunners and tourists. Beverley GOUS was the Run Director and Lauren TESTER and Olivier GAILLARD made sure every one of the 347 runners received their finish token. Nicola WILKINS and Sarah DOWDING performed position saving manoeuvres in the funnel whilst Leigh KENDALL managed not to trip as she brought in the tail of parkrun.

Our barcode scanners / writer downers were Ella FOLEY, Simon COLE, Lana DONNISON, Caroline NASH and Megan WESTLAKE. Richard LAWSON wasn’t at parkrun this week and still managed to bag a volunteer credit? How? He sorted the tokens back into order, all ready for next week.

Weren’t we a lucky bunch. Thank you wonderful volunteers :)  



Cancellation of Event

Hi all
There will be NO parkrun at Bedford Park on the 27th July due to Proms in the Park


Run Report 29th June 2019

Bedford parkrun #416

29th June 2018

28.06.19 29.06.19 2 29.06.19 3 29.06.19 4

437 people braved what must have been the hottest day of the year so far, to take part in the 416th Bedford parkrun. 49 were first timers to Bedford and 24 of these people were taking part in their very first parkrun! Well done all, hopefully you'll be back for another very soon!

Gary Blabber took the P1 token in 17:15, followed by Peter Deardon in 18:03 and Mark Pinder in 18:21.

First lady back was Hannah Broom (18:54), with Isabel Hessey (19:31) and Rosie Foster (20:05) close behind. All three of these ladies got new PBs - excellent running ladies!

64 of you recorded new Personal Bests- very impressive considering the weather today. Definitely time for a much deserved ice cream!.

Representatives of 34 different clubs took part including Bedford Harriers with their impressive pacing takeover.

As a tourist from Conkers in Leicestershire, I had a few stipulations for my latest tourist run. As a pregnant buggy runner, it needed to be flat(ish) ( tarmac if possible) with a nearby toilet, close to the family I was visiting in Huntingdon, and if possible in a scenic location. Throw in the added bonus of meeting up with a friend of mine who was pacing, and Bedford definitely ticked all the boxes. As someone who has spent quite a bit of time in Bedford, I didn't realise there was such a pretty park hidden close by! The lake, fancy buildings and lovely path made up for the 3 ascents of "Mount Bedford". Probably not that steep in reality, but it definitely felt it in today's sun!

Well done to Efraim Grey and Anabelle O'Toole on reaching the Junior-only milestone of 10 runs. 4 parkrunners also hit the 50 parkrun milestone (Richard, Justin, Ryan and Wendy)!

30 people forgot their barcodes today so can only be counted as UNKNOWN. Please don't forget your barcode #dfyb Without it, you can't get a time or a position.

The event was made possible by 28 volunteers:

Noel JONES • Joe WARREN • Adam HILLS • Duncan WORTHY • Stuart HOLMAN • Daniel EMKES • Geoff COURTNEY • Tony BARNES • Jonathan CARTER • Andy COLE • Beverley GOUS • Peter PACK • Mike BREWER • Laura MARSH • Charles DICKS • Henry WARREN • Alison BUTCHER • Alex MUIRHEAD • Elaine MASSIE • Richard LAWSON • John KELL • Steve CRANE • Lana DONNISON • Tim SPRAKE • Jagan SINGH • Megan WESTLAKE • Dirkie WOLVAARDT • Lauren TESTER

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Bedford parkrun Results Page.

The male record is held by Neilson HALL who recorded a time of 14:49 on 8th September 2012 (event number 68).

The female record is held by Rebecca MURRAY who recorded a time of 16:59 on 17th December 2016 (event number 283).

The Age Grade course record is held by Mary STRINGER who recorded 93.07% (21:09) on 6th April 2019 (event number 404).

Bedford parkrun started on 11th June 2011. Since then 14,127 participants have completed 112,231 parkruns covering a total distance of 561,155 km, including 20,664 new Personal Bests. A total of 1,066 individuals have volunteered 6,602 time


This week’s run report

Bedford #363– 17th November 2018

We are now well into November and my New Years' resolution still stands – to try and write a run report for every different parkrun event I visit this year! After managing to bag Gedling and Colwick on a New Year's Day double the challenge was set.

Sometimes I am organised and e-mail in a request for this roster role in advance, but not all. Like today many have been pick the venue based on lack of Run Report Writer and hope the RD of the day says yes!

Run Report writing is my way of saying thank you to the parkruns I visit. As a regular when you come huffing and puffing past a marshal and are barely able to gasp a thank you, you can offer your thanks at another time. As a tourist traveling in an ever increasing circle out from my home parkrun in Coventry that isn't possible. To this end I try to catch all the marshals at the beginning in a photo – but for Bedford parkrun volunteers are busy with cones constructing a finish funnel and marking the course – so the best I could manage was a team setting up!

The café is another great place to say thanks after the run over a cup of tea and a cake or cooked breakfast but alas for the second week running the need to be back home early meant this parkrun joy was missed.

But at least with the report I can offer my thanks and that of the other 357 runners today to our team of #HiVizHeroes :Alex MUIRHEAD • Andy COLE • Beverley CLAYTON • Beverley GOUS • Clive DAVIS • Douglas MCPHAIL • Helene BOLTON • Ian WILLIAMS • Jane MOORE • Janet DICKINSON • Kate BARNARD • Lynn CHRISTISON • Matt PYECROFT • Michael HUNTER • Pj LIGHTNING • Simon COLE • Skye BOLTON • Stuart HOLMAN that made this run possible.

It is worth any tourist or new parkrunner noting that a little reading of a parkrun's website could solve a little panic and stress before the start. Using the tourist tool and its link to Google maps had myself and the family right at the start of parkrun. I know this as the 'START' marker on the ground indicated this but no one in HiViz, No White and Blue RD tabard, No parkrunners... We weren't that early... Had Bedford parkrun been cancelled and I failed to notice and our 1hr 20min drive had all been for nothing? Thankfully a kind dog walker pointed us towards the bandstand! As my daughter informed me straight after, 'It said that on the course description!' Thanks for letting me know Beth!

At the bandstand a small group of parkrunners were gathered chatting – those milestone T-shirts are really good for letting any newcomer know that you are in the right location. Talking of milestones Dominic CARTER ran his 100th parkrun so hopefully will soon be able to wear his black club t-shirt. Finley CLEVERLEY & Vittorio PACI both ran their 50th parkrun so will soon be able to claim their Red top. 5 runners managed their 10th parkrun; however only Olivier Gaillard's result will show the white t-shirt icon as he was the only junior amongst those ranks. Sorry Louise YEXLEY, Fran WADE, Michael PARELLO & Sam HUDSON for not getting this honour but hopefully the recognition in this week's report will keep you focused until you can get an icon on the results page after your name.

The joy of parkrun keeps spreading and this week 13 runners used their barcode for the first time so welcome to:- Dorota WASEWICZ, Rodolphe MARRELEC, Jenny KEENS, Peter COOKE, Bessy CIAMPI, Grace ALLEN, Richard HILL, Ellen HILL, Timotei DICONESCU, Maria MORENO, Matt WALI, Dan ASHLEY & Catherine HOWES. We all hope you enjoyed your first parkrun and look forward to you returning at Bedford or at any other parkrun around the world on a Saturday morning with your barcode.

The Bedford course page on the website promised, '... a flat and fast course which consists of an even and hard surface loop throughout the 5k route' Well I certainly agree that the surface was certainly excellent for running fast but I definitely noticed a cheeky little slope up towards the pavilion that you got to enjoy 3 times!

The great thing about parkrun is that it can be used in so many different ways; as a way to get fitter through walking or as part of a couch to 5km program, a social run, part of a longer run – the parkrun sandwich or the icing on the long run cake, a speed test – time trial or even a race whether for the first token or just against fellow runners. Normally no matter what I say to myself at the start I head off like a chubby gazelle chased down by a horde of hungry lions – hence the need to write the report as I am in no condition to gasp a thank you after 100m!

This week I promised my wife I would pace her round just under 30 minutes, a nice comfortable pace for me, pleasing discomfort for her. As the GPS watch beeps passed we were off and running, not quite at pace at first due to the mass of runners having to find their own space and get into their pace and stride. However very soon the wide paths allowed runners to widen their gait and run.

The park was a riot of colour with the red and orange hues of the leaves and the technicoloured range of shirts worn by parkunners spread themselves over the paths. At just over halfway round I was lapped by the first runner home, on a two and a half lap course running at 30minutes it was bound to happen! I would love to offer my congratulations but this week the first finisher is... UNKNOWN! Hopefully they weren't so happy at taking that first place they decided to keep the token as a souvenir – remember you only borrow the placing tokens for a short while. Or maybe it was worse and they forgot their barcode #DFYB. As runners parkrun only ask one thing of us a printed out barcode – no barcode, no result, no exception. However Bedford & County AC's Holly HODGSKINSON (JW15-17) remembered her barcode as she came in 35th place in a time of 21:00 exactly to take the honours as first female. Lynne HARRIS (VW65-69) finished in 76th place in 23:42 but with this week's highest age grading of 86.85 %. Great running.

As I started the final lap, my pacing was on point but my wife wasn't so slowly I started to run away from her... or maybe she decided to forget about me! Crossing the line, just under the 30 mins I promised to pace, I collected my token and turned to see her on the finishing straight, well her time will show 30.XX so nearly there. One great thing is that if you don't get the time you want this week or a PB you always have another chance next week.

As with parkruns around the world Bedford needs people to help each week to make it happen, there are lots of other roles so if you fancy giving scanning a go, being the time keeper, marshalling and encouraging others or are happy to help out in any role please send an e-mail - You might even fancy writing a run report. All the roles are very rewarding and it is fun being part of the team. It also helps you work towards that other icon on your results an aubergine V25 icon!

Thank you to everyone at Bedford for this week's lovely parkrun.

Happy parkrunning.

Daniel Connolly