Another nearly record breaking run report. January 11th 2020

Saturday's Parkrun at the Weirfields was brought to you by the power of the wind, and we were only four runners short of last weeks record turnout.

What struck me when I climbed the step ladder to do the run brief (My 1st as bona fide Run Director) was the sheer number of you. I literally couldn't see the end of the end of the line.


Carrie looked after the 1st timers, (of which there were 71) and tourist brief.


Here is a picture of the funnel crew holding onto the posts to stop them blowing over to Clifton.  Spare clothes left at the start were blown about a bit too - hope you found all your kit when you finished.

20200111_091156 (1)

Quickest runner of the day goes to...?  I assume he had no barcode so we couldn't record his name. Mr Norseman Triathlete come back another day and get your name in lights.


Despite the crowded field, 45 of you achieved Personal Bests. Well done.

When the bulk of the runners came over the finish line we soon realised that the funnel couldn't cope and we had to extend it.  A reminder please that once you've crossed the finish line and your time recorded, make sure you go through the funnel to collect your finish token, even if you have forgotten your barcode. Doing so makes results processing much quicker, and reduces queries after the event. If you didn't bring your barcode, simply put the finish token in the buckets by the folks doing the scanning.  If you  take a finish token home by mistake, again just pop it in the bucket with the others next time you come.


Special thanks to Jen and Keith our token sorters for the day at the Boathouse Cafe.

Please consider opting in to our volunteer emails. This is where the magic happens.

(link on your results email)

Thank you

Simon. Run Director 11th January, 2020

The event was made possible by 19 volunteers:

Keith PEPPER • Lucy GRANT • Lucy BARKER • Christopher BIRLEY • Simon BARNES • Juliet HARRISON • Gill BEVINGTON • Catherine SIMKINS • Dave NETTLETON • Isak IBRAHIM • Gabriele THOMAS-NEHER • Jazzy DREW • Lauren HALSTEAD • Claire ROBERTS • Megan WOODS • Jane EVISON • Lara BISHOP • Katharina MEYER-OHLE • Matthew NILAN


A record-breaking run report – Saturday 4 January 2020

I think I might have missed a few 'signs' that we were going to have a busy/record-breaking parkrun on Saturday:

  • 'We've only had 11 new parkrunners register this week,' I said to Chris when looking at our sign up stats, '... we can handle that...'
  • 'No we've got plenty of marshals already this week so no need for extras,' I said on Friday night...
  • Almost forgot that token 485 had been left at home on Saturday morning, but remembered just in time to ask husband to bring it down. '...But I'm sure we won't need it,' I said...
  • 'We'll be fine,' I said as Simon started the first timers and tourists briefing at 8.50 am....First timers briefing sat 4 jan 2020
  • 'We won't need a backup stop watch that goes over 500' I said as we started getting ready for 9 am.  'And definitely no need for an extended finish funnel. I'm sure we won't be that busy.'

However, it seems I may have miss judged things...seems like lots of you  538 of you had other ideas as we needed all of the above on Saturday morning.  What a way to start 2020 with our largest ever attendance, with 65!! first timers welcomed to Beeston.

Our superstar volunteers and pacers (that's Dana HELDT • Charlotte WATTS • David CROSS • Keith PEPPER • Peter FOWLES • Alison HOGG • Paul DENNIS • Lucy BARKER • Rab ACID • Simon BARNES • Sarah LIGHTMAN • Bethan HOGG • Gill BEVINGTON • Simon TODD • Jack BIBBY • Simon HOGG • Sue TAYLOR • Denise CLARK • Catherine SIMKINS • Keith DAVIS • Gordon STONER • Matthew HOLYLAND • Gabriele THOMAS-NEHER • Freddie THOMAS-NEHER • Rachel WOODS • Megan WOODS • Trina BEAUMONT • Lara BISHOP) took everything in their stride to ensure parkrun went smoothly.

Special thanks go to our DofE time keeping and finish funnel/token team who did a sterling job.  Here they are, the calm before 500+ finishers:Lucy and Lara super star funnel team sat 4 Jan 2020Freddie, Matthew and Bethan time keepers and number checkers sat 4 jan 2020

We managed to celebrate some milestones as well as surviving our record-breaking turnout. Here's a picture of Jess Bennett (100), Paul Wheatcroft (100) and Susan Wheatcroft (200) who all celebrated their milestones at Beeston this Saturday: 100/200 celebrations sat 4 jan 2020

Really sorry I didn't manage to get a picture of Danni Surl and Mark Nadal who also were celebrating their 100th parkruns at Beeston. All of a sudden, it got a bit busy and I couldn't take any more pictures, but judging by the smiles and the cheers, all of you had a good time starting your Saturday with a parkrun.

As it was the first of the month, we had pacers.  Hopefully they helped some of the 51 of you to get new PBs to start 2020 off with a bang.Catherine pacer sat 4 jan 2020

I did manage to grab a picture of our first male and female finishers, but only one of them remembered their barcode (doh!). Hopefully unknown runner #1 will remember his barcode next time he visits.
First finisher and first female Saturday 4 jan 2020

So having managed to cope with our record-breaking turnout, it was now all about results processing and token sorting... not a morning to give everyone 59:59. But with thanks to Chris, given the challenge  learning opportunity of merging the two stopwatch files, we were pretty pleased with the results processing (RD geek). 

And even more pleasing when I realised on Saturday night that we only had 3 tokens go missing. (Please please remember not to take the tokens home. We do miss them terribly so if you have tokens 517, 526 and 530 feel free to return them to the rest of their family). Really can't lie that I was quite pleased with a full house of 400s (token geek)...Happy 400s sat 4 jan 2020

So there we are.  The story of our first parkrun of 2020.  Hope you enjoyed things as much as I did and that you'll join us back at Weirfields soon.

Happy running!

Alison - Run Director


The final Beeston parkrun of the decade!

This week 332 people ran, jogged and walked round our puddly course, of whom 43 were first timers and 24 recorded new Personal Bests. Here are some (low quality) random snaps of some of the participants:


I hope you all enjoyed it and that we see you back at Beeston sometime soon!

This week 18 volunteers helped me out putting on the event, my thanks go to: Lucy Barker, Simon Barnes, Jess Bennett, Jen Beverley, Lara Bishop, Denise Clark, Roger Clark, Angie Driver, Matthew Holyland, Caledonia Keetley, Sarah Lightman, Sean Long, Stuart Mather, Keith Pepper, Sarah-Jane Prior, Lloyd Spendlove, Olivia Thomas-Neher and Megan Woods.


With the decade wrapping up, we'd also like to thank:

  • the 286 volunteers who've covered 753 volunteer slots through 2019
  • the 753 volunteers who've covered the 5148 volunteer slots this decade (since our first event on 5th April 2014)
  • the 4733 participants who've joined us for 20294 total runs in 2019
  • the 11903 participants who've joined us for 78304 total runs this decade

All of you have helped to make this a brilliant way to start the weekend!

And, finally, with New Year's Day just around the corner I'd just like to remind you all that we aren't hosting a New Year's Day parkrun at Beeston this year. Details of the events which are running on New Year's Day can be found here:

Normal service will be resumed at Beeston on 4th January 2020 - see you then!



Christmas Day parkrun 2019 – #300

See, I'm not going to lie, I may have been a little worried about hosting our first ever Christmas Day parkrun at Beeston. Given how lucky and how many parkruns Nottingham/Nottinghamshire & SE Derbyshire have within close distance to one another, it was about time we had a go at sharing the parkrun love with our pals at Forest Rec.

But you know, I should have known that we'd be ok.  That we have an amazing bunch of volunteers and that Beeston parkrunners are just the best.  Roger and Denise (super star 1km marshals) came prepared to give the switchback bridge a little clean:Denise and Roger 1km super star marshals weds 25 Dec 2019

Timekeepers extraordinaire Gaby and Pepper were at the ready:Beeston

We had a dream team on the funnel with a queuing system that even Alton Towers would be proud of (nice one Hoods and Mr Barker) !!BeestonFraser's alton towers style finish funnel weds 25 dec

We even had a plan if we went over the magic number of 671 (that's the number of 'proper' finish tokens we have available)... *gulps*Emergency tokens weds 25 Dec 2019

But it was all good. It was Beeston at it's best, parkrun at it's best. The sun shone, it wasn't too chilly, the puddles weren't too bad and we even managed to ensure we had some festive Christmas tunes and lights for our runners (with thanks to one of our barge based neighbours).
With 486 parkrunners, I know we definitely had a few tourists (Long Eaton, Ruschliffe, Leicester and Marlow to name a few) but we also made sure we celebrated some of our regular runners milestones too.  So congratulations to Sam and Noah Bish (junior 10 milestones), 50th celebrations to Simon Elliot, 100th to Gill Bevington.

We also sneaked in our own 300th celebrations - so it was a day for celebrating the Beeston parkrun community.  Beeston
Thank you to everyone who made our first ever Christmas Day parkrun a success.  That's an extra special thank you to all the volunteers that enabled it to happen:


Obviously the results are up online but you can also find some more photos of the day via our flickr account:

So I think it's pretty safe to say it was an awesome start to Christmas Day.  I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. You've got one more chance to run or volunteer with us in 2019 this Saturday 28 December.  Just please remember there is no Beeston parkrun on New Year's Day.

Happy Christmas!

Alison - Run Director



Pre-Christmas Beeston parkrun Run Report – 21st December 2019

'Twas a muddy affair on Saturday, with a few santas and reindeer slip sliding around the course and down the bank:


It was lovely to welcome the new, and ever-increasing, milestone family members today with Tom Newton, Sally Gregory and Daniel Gilkerson (aged 7 and also getting a PB on the course!) achieving their 50th parkrun.  Well done lovely runners!79919702_587913578434003_2307545310911528960_n


Keith "Peps" Pepper finally achieved his 100th parkun as tailwalker today - obviously he was trying to keep this a secret being the shy, modest guy that he is :)


Being the last parkrun before our Christmas Day event (which starts at the usual time of 9am), the runners and volunteers definitely came dressed for the occasion with a sea of Santa hats and elf ears bobbing around the course. There were some cracking outfits on show, an example of which is below, modeled by Rachel and Keith: 79848981_449465085740861_5830813911326130176_n

We look forward to welcoming you all on Christmas Day and seeing your festive garb. Please please please remember to park considerately, if you have to drive, and remember to be patient with each other and the volunteers as we expect the finish funnel to be extra busy!

And lastly but most importantly, thank you to this week's vols, who yet again made my job incredibly easy:
Dana HELDT • Carrie BARKER • Keith PEPPER • Chris BEXTON • Matt ROBSON • Heide STAFFORD • Alison HOGG • Lucy BARKER • Roger CLARK • Alistair BLOOMFIELD • Bethan HOGG • Gill BEVINGTON • Jack BIBBY • Chris BARKER • Denise CLARK • Lisa RULL • Isak IBRAHIM • Karen MITCHELL • Michael BIRLEY • Megan WOODS • Megan PAICE

See you at the finish funnel soon!


Carrie x

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