Beeston parkrun event #294- car parking woes, puddles and some milestones



Beeston parkrun 16/11. Photo credit Simon Hargrave

Wasn't it just glorious on Saturday morning! It had stopped raining, the Beeston parkrun course might have sported a few more puddles than usual, the water levels in the Trent might have been higher than usual (nothing our amazing marshals could not handle though!), and with finally a parkrun-sized break in the rain,  446 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 55 were first timers and 65 recorded new Personal Bests! It was a pleasure to welcome visitors both from nearby (unfortunately cancelled parkruns) such as Long Eaton and Clifton, and also runners from further afield such as Alice Holt and Hull.

A special mention must go the 25 volunteers- listed below- who went beyond and above this week in order to keep runners safe. A massive thank you to the extra marshals who looked after runners along the riverside, especially as some extra volunteers stepped forward on Saturday morning. The merry band of high-vis heroes who undertook duties as varied as marshalling, barcode scanning, sign language briefing, guide running  and funnel managing were

Chris BEXTON • Peter FOWLES • Matt ROBSON • Sheena PARRY • Lucy BARKER • John R HARRISON • Alistair BLOOMFIELD • Jack BIBBY • Dave NETTLETON • Stephen BROWN • Isak IBRAHIM • Gordon STONER • Rachel WARD • Matthew HOLYLAND • Angie DRIVER • Gabriele THOMAS-NEHER • Freddie THOMAS-NEHER • Victoria SEDMAN • Trina BEAUMONT • Lara BISHOP • Katharina MEYER-OHLE • Phil JOHNSON • Jane JOHNSON • Ruth CORNOCK * Sheena PARRY

Volunteering is a great way of building community and this week we at Beeston parkrun HQ were really struck by how the community of runners came together to keep an eye on our parkrun route. Thank you muchly from all of us for the emails and Facebook posts keeping us updated about the situation at the Weirfield; on Friday night a hardy bunch of runners from Beeston AC actually used their training run to run the parkrun course, just to make sure that the course was safe for Saturday morning. Honestly, it makes us very happy to see how much the community values the parkrun.

Which leads me to a community-spirit plea. For the past couple of weeks, during parkrun core hours (between 9am and 10am) the No 18 bus, which is a vital public transport link for the Rylands, has been unable to travel along Canalside because of parked cars. Car parking is of course permitted along Canalside, but the problem for the bus has been, well, its size. Basically it has not been able to get around the corners. You know my plea: please park considerately- at the top of our Facebook page is  a pinned post that may help. We had a very active carpark marshal (assisted by the trusty Suffragette duck) on duty on Saturday morning, but we need your help to prevent the carparking situation form becoming an annoyance to the local residence.


'Emmeline "Suffragette" Duck on marshalling duty. Photo credit Ruth Cornock

But we also had a few milestones to celebrate!

First up is Noah Mitchell who earned his white '10' T-shirt for completing his 10th run and as an under-11, he kept his responsible adult within arm's length all the way. Excellent work Noah.

IMG_0634The other milestones were completed by Vivienne CRAVEN and Dave BISH who both completed their 100th runs at Beeston on Saturday and will soon be able to show off their new shiny black milestone T-Shirts- congratulations Vivienne and Dave.

We also had an arbitrary milestone though: congratulations to Dana HELDT on completing her 200th parkrun, and I am under instructions from the Long Eaton Juniors parkrun team (Dana is a core volunteer there) to pass on their congratulations too!

Right, this concludes the round up of Saturday's events; I am handing over to Susan for event #295 on Saturday 23rd and am looking forward to running round the Weirfield with you then! Have a lovely week,


RD 16 November




Beeston parkrun No.293 – Farewell and Bon Voyage


Yes it was a very cold, frosty and misty start...

And yes the Trent was so high we needed to put an extra marshal on the bottom corner in case some of you were a bit too quick and went for a swim, this didn't stop 387 of you running, jogging or walking the course, 47 were first timers, possibly helped by a few cancellations around the area. 52 recorded new Personal Bests as well.

I love this photo as it perfectly sums up what I think of when I think of Beeston parkrun, an amazing running community, inclusive for all and smiles on faces.

Untitled Some of you may have noticed it was my last parkrun as a run director, I've loved my time as a run director and I've met some amazing people along the way. I really am going to miss it but of course I'll be down to run when I can and possibly the odd volunteer slot.

The bon voyage is for our amazing lady Liz who has now departed for her annual winter migration to South Africa... enjoy Liz. Untitled Of course parkrun can't happen every week without our amazing volunteers...Untitled

Thank you to Carrie BARKER • Chris BEXTON • Peter FOWLES • Heide STAFFORD • Sheena PARRY • Lucy GRANT • Dominic BOWEN • Lucy BARKER • Christopher BIRLEY • Alistair BLOOMFIELD • Gill BEVINGTON • Netty STEVENS • Catherine SIMKINS • Isak IBRAHIM • Matthew HOLYLAND • Gabriele THOMAS-NEHER • Freddie THOMAS-NEHER • Katharina MEYER-OHLE...

That's it from me, thank you for all the fun and good times as a run director. 

See you all soon

Run director 9/11/19


event #292 + an invite

Skip to the bottom if you just want to see the invite...


It's now Tuesday, can I remember what happened Saturday? Well...

  • I remember it being wet
  • everyone behaved and kept shtum about the rugby - thank you!
  • we welcomed tourists from as far afield as Long Eaton and Forest Rec
  • 277 people ran, jogged or walked their way around the course with 27 recording new PBs, possibly aided by the fabulous pacers we had this weekend
  • 21 volunteers made the magic happen - many, many, thank yous to: Chris ROBSON, Heide STAFFORD, Simon BARNES, Roger CLARK, Zoe RYLATT, Samantha STEAD, Denise CLARK, Catherine SIMKINS, Liz FRASER, Rebecca GODDARD, Matthew HOLYLAND, Angie DRIVER, Gabriele THOMAS-NEHER, Olivia THOMAS-NEHER, Cerys GIBSON, Megan WOODS, Jen BEVERLEY, Richard J SHAW, Tom NEWTON, Jack GODDARD CRAMMAN (I'm being lazy and not sorting into alphabetical order this week...)

One of our planned pacers was taken ill and so was unable to run, that didn't stop Charlotte from popping down to see us though, and thankfully she provided this to provide a break in the words... (although you'll have to click on the link and hope it works, technology eh!) Video


And now, as promised, without further ado, I present the invite...

...just a little more scrolling...

...I can read your minds, you're thinking 'this better be worth it'...

...I make no promises... we go...

...just need to clear my throat...

The Beeston parkrun run directors are heading to the Vic this Saturday evening and would like to invite you to join us from 8pm.

I can promise lots of parkrun chat and the chance to say 'gosh, I didn't recognise you without your running stuff on'.

We look forward to seeing you all there!


Beeston parkrun No. 291 – It was wet, wet, wet!

Well that was fun, wasn't it!!!

My record for never having bad weather when I'm run director was finally broken, in spectacular style... It rained that much I was expecting to see Noah and his ark at one point!

The bad weather or a certain rugby semi final didn't stop 213 brave people run, jog or walk the course, 26 were first timers and even with though I requested everyone run a PB so I could get home and watch the rugby, 22 recorded new Personal Bests, well done all.

Three amazing parkrunners shared the brilliant milestone of 200 parkruns, a massive well done to Leon Hunt, Liz Fraser and Chris Robson, it was also Leon's birthday and amazingly the combined age of the three of them was 200!!! They couldn't have planned any better if they tried!


Of course it was also our Halloween event and annual parkrun pyjama weekend.

A few of of you dared to indulge in fancy dress...
Beeston parkrun 26/10/19

Beeston parkrun 26/10/19

It was good to see some of the run directors getting in the act as well...
Beeston parkrun 26/10/19

The event was made possible by our amazing volunteers, who definitely went above and beyond the call of duty putting up with rubbish weather:

Jackie WELBURN • Carrie BARKER • Alison HOGG • Dominic BOWEN • Simon TODD • Sarah-Jane PRIOR • Catherine SIMKINS • Matthew HOLYLAND • Rachel ADAMS • Olivia THOMAS-NEHER • Freddie THOMAS-NEHER • Emma ADKINS • Alix BLOCKLEY • Jen BEVERLEY • Josie HANDLEY • Hannah COOPER • Margaux POULALIER DELAVELLEBeeston parkrun 26/10/19

If you want to volunteer and get lots of amazing recognition have a look at the roster and see if you can help...

There happens to be another certain rugby game this Saturday but I'm sure you'll all be at parkrun instead, won't you.

Run director 26/10/19


Beeston parkrun run report #290 – the day Beeston took over Beeston

For many people, parkrun is something that you do every Saturday at your local parkrun.  Here in Nottingham, we're really fortunate to have 6+ parkruns within easy reach if we should ever get bored of running at Beeston (I mean, as if!!)

However, for some dedicated parkrunners, touristing is definitely 'a thing'.  Whether it's collecting your parkrun alphabet, joining the 'Cowel club' (100 different parkruns visited) or becoming a regionnaire (running all the parkruns in a particular area), there's generally stat or a challenge to take on.

But how about this for a new one: visiting a parkrun that you share your name with?  Well that's exactly what the Beeston family from Kent did yesterday.
The Beeston family at Beeston Sat 19 OctoberNow that in itself, is a really cool thing and I'm not sure I'll ever be able to do something similar.  But not only did the Beeston family tourist at Beeston parkrun, but they were also pretty speedy runners too, with Will and Alex coming in as overall first and second finishers, and with James and Amelia being first in their respective age categories!!! Awesome running and I'm pretty certain that's a fairly unique set of parkrun results for any statos out there.

We had one runner celebrating a milestone this week.  Congratulations to Stefan, one of our UofN parkrunners, who celebrated his 100th parkrun this week.  I did try to take a serious picture for the run report, but unfortunately a couple of the volunteers had other ideas.
Stefan 100th and some photo bombers sat 19 October

Other than that, I think we managed to avoid any mention or spoilers for those parkrunning rather than watching the rugby, with 310 people wanting to start their Saturday with a run with their mates.  We had 30 first timers and an amazing 47 of you getting a new PB.  As ever, the full results can be found online here:

Once again, the volunteers were amazing because without them, parkrun just wouldn't happen.  So big thank yous go to: Keith PEPPER • Alison HOGG • Christopher BIRLEY • Roger CLARK • Bethan HOGG • Gill BEVINGTON • Simon HOGG • Denise CLARK • Liz FRASER • Rebecca GODDARD • Rachel WARD • Matthew HOLYLAND • Angie DRIVER • Gabriele THOMAS-NEHER • Jazzy DREW • Ann COATES • Michael READ • Freddie THOMAS-NEHER • Trina BEAUMONT • Jack GODDARD CRAMMAN.   Please get in touch if you'd like to volunteer over the next few weeks, we'd love you to join the hi-vis hero gang.

So I think that's it folks.  Enjoy the rest of your weekend. And don't forget, feel free to run in spooky Halloween fancy dress - it might even make everyone run that little bit faster!

Happy running folks



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