Beeston parkrun is cancelled on 2021-05-22 – COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Beeston Not parkrun run report – Saturday 8 August 2020

Well, it's certainly been a long time since we've had to write a 'proper' run report (147 days ago fact fans) and things have definitely changed a bit, including no actual parkruns :(

However, whilst things are definitely not back to normal, yesterday HQ set out their draft framework for any possible restart of parkrun (you can read the full framework here:

Please note there is no date for any restart but the RDs and I will be reviewing the proposals in the coming weeks to ensuring we are ready.  Rest assured, we will always have Beeston parkrun's best interests at heart!

In the meantime, whilst we may not have been parkrunning on a Saturday, we've definitely been missing you all and have been doing a few things behind the scenes....Yes, the tokens have been sorted and new numbers applied Happy 400s sat 4 jan 2020

There's no more lost property in Baggie Thatcher and the hi vis have been washed.A line of hi vis Sat 9 March

We've also been able sign off our Duke of Edinburgh volunteers who all just managed to complete their required volunteer hours before lockdown in March.  So it's a massive thank you to Freddie, Matthew, Lucy, Lara and Isak who were regularly on the volunteer roster in the final months of 2019 and early 2020. In fact, Lara recently sent us the following about her time volunteering

'I started volunteering at Beeston parkrun in November of 2019 up until March 2020, due to Covid, parkrun was unable continue, though I would have loved to have volunteered for a lot longer. However my experience at Beeston parkrun was more than enjoyable, meeting new people and just being able to help down at parkrun each week was the highlight of my weekend.

The weather varied over the 5 months I was volunteering from freezing cold misty morings to rainy dull days, but no matter the weather there were volunteers down at Beeston Weir fields to run parkrun, to help out each week and to cheer on each and every runner. I loved my volunteering experience down at parkrun and can’t wait to be back! '  Beeston parkrun sat 7 December

So parkrun will be back, things will need to be slightly different but vaguely the same as well. We look forward to welcoming runners, walkers and volunteers alike on a Saturday morning. I'm sure we'll be able to share more details in the coming weeks and months, but until then

Happy not-parkrunning!

Alison and the Beeston RD team


Event #310- the one with the GirlGuiding takeover that took place against all the odds :-)

Oh, it is so good to have parkrun: a free, timed, and WEEKLY, regular, normal event where lots of happy people come together to run round a park in circles, again, and again- oh, welcome back to the mothership Nigel Adcock :-)- in an inclusive and supportive community. In a week so dominated  by the news about the ongoing spread of COVID-19 and what this might mean for sporting events for example, parkrun's CEO Tom Williams drew out the social inclusivity of parkrun events when he wrote that

We believe that during challenging times it is more important than ever that communities are able to come together socially and support each other if appropriate and safe


At Beeston, we certainly celebrated a coming together of our community on Saturday with a parkrun takeover courtesy of GirlGuiding Nottinghamshire (Beeston & Chilwell and Hemlock Castle Divisions). GirlGuides turned out in force, so we had 333 athletes walk, run and jog our course on Saturday, but they also swelled the ranks of the volunteers. And my word, there were some things to see: hand-painted signs a-plenty as well as the introduction of the elbow bump, because high-fives are just so last month.


We also saw a spectacular performance from our First Lady Finisher, Lucy Grant, who was one of 41 athletes recording a new PB on Saturday. Awesome running, Lucy!

While we are celebrating our Beeston parkrun community, we had a few milestones to celebrate on Saturday, too. First mention goes to the very awesome Jude Lyon who recorded his 10th run on Saturday, and we all know what this means for a Junior parkrunner: it's (white) milestone T-shirt time! Well done Jude! We also had two further (non-T-shirt ) milestones: congratulations to Chris Robson on completing his  200th parkrun at Beeston which means 1000kms around the Weirfields in circles over the past almost 6 years.


And congratulations to Kerry Tattershall Jones (in the black milestone T-shirt- very on brand, thank you Kerry!) on her 150th parkrun. Awesome work!

parkrun events can only be delivered safely because of the high-vis heroes who take on the volunteering roles needed to make the events run safely and smoothly. This week, the volunteers below were also supported by the GirlGuides, so a massive thank you to all of them:

Keith PEPPER • Claire SAYERS • Alison HOGG • Rab ACID • Christopher BIRLEY • Simon BARNES • Megan SAYERS • Emily HOGAN • Molly HUDSON • Catherine SIMKINS • Gabriele THOMAS-NEHER • Melanie GILBERT • Freddie THOMAS-NEHER • Sophie GILBERT • Rebecca HAINES • Simon GRAVES • Demi GRAVES • Caroline KIROSKA • Molly KIROSKA

Volunteering is fab- if you fancy giving it a go, drop us a line at Beeston HQ and join the happy gang!

I am actually not quite sure how to sign this report off because the current situation remains so fluid, so while we hope to see you (and your barcodes of course!) back at the Weirfield on Saturday for our event #311, external factors may overtake us. So please, keep an eye on the parkrun social media pages. The message from HQ reads as follows:

"The latest update from parkrun is now live at Thanks for your support"

So, as soon as we can- see you at the Weirfield! Until then, keep safe, be kind, wash those hands and look after each other.

Gaby RD 14 March 2020



Beeston parkrun Run report – 8th March 2020

Beeston is back! I don't know about anyone else, but two weeks is too long to be without Beeston parkrun. It's bad enough waiting 7 days. But we are back baby, and it was a brilliant morning!

The course actually looked fantastic when me and fellow Run Director Chris trotted around for the course inspection. The foliage had been trimmed back in many places making it seem wider and brighter than usual, definitely opening up some of the more narrower sections. Did you notice and approve? We still have some troublesome areas of wear and tear, but nothing that caused any issues.


We celebrated the females today, with the support of our lovely menfolk, and nothing was more fitting than our first finishing being the speedy Lauren McNeil, finishing almost a minute ahead of the first man, in a blistering 17:24 - you can come again, Lauren! 88261665_2632029833706934_6944694188982140928_n

Continuing with the awesome females theme, Helen and her team of bakers from the Notts Women Runners Clifton Unicorns branch had some delicious cakes ready for the runners, raising money for the Macmillan Cancer charity ahead of their Mighty Hike across the Peaks in July. This is an epic challenge and we wish them every success! Thank you for choosing Beeston to share your cakes, and thank you to all the runners who donated to their worthy cause.


We had a large group of Rebel Runners joining us to support their couch to 5k group graduate at Beeston - well done graduates, please come and visit us at Beeston often! 88302144_224188202049984_6895482110107189248_n

And, in response to International Women's Day, we had a group joining us from The Nottingham Girls High School - I didn't manage to take any photos but I did see many finishing in some fantastic times with smiles on their faces. Again, please keep coming back! It was fab to have you at Beeston.

As always, the young 'uns added so much to Beeston parkrun, the Duke Of Edinburgh volunteers are a wonderful addition to the team and help keep the roster full, and even though some may be dragged to parkrun "early" on their first legitimate lie-in of the week, once there they really bring some extra sass and energy to the team.


To top off the already full roster this week, I had people stepping forward to join the ranks of pacers - almost too many to accommodate - which is a sign of how much runners wanted to assist their fellow runner - so heart warming and oh how I'be missed you Beeston parkrun! Let's never fight again! Signing off until next time, thank you for making yesterday flawless (yet again). See you next time!



Course update: buggies with care

March 2020 - Course restriction update No 2: run with care

Great news! After our successful return to Weirfields on Saturday 7 March, we're pleased to say the course is looking better and we no longer feel that running with buggies should be restricted.

However, we would strongly advise that if you are running with a buggy, then a trail buggy (with wide wheels) would be the most appropriate mode of buggy.

All runners need to run with care, being particularly mindful of the riverside section where the paths are degraded. These paths are narrow so there is little room for manoeuvre and congestion may occur.

We are continuing to liaise with the relevant authorities to get the paths returned to their normal state.

Thank you for your support

Alison and the Beeston RD team
#loveparkrun #lovebeeston

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Course restriction update: No buggies - March 2020

Unfortunately the river Trent has not been kind to Beeston parkrun recently. Whilst we are generally blessed with a lovely route along riverside paths, some of these paths have been under fast flowing water for several days during the recent floods and they are now significantly degraded.

Although we do have other parts of our course which may have a few potholes, unlike the track section past the rugby club, the riverside path section is very narrow and with no room for manoeuvre.

As such, as of Saturday 7 March, we've had to take the difficult decision to ban buggies from Beeston parkrun for the foreseable future or until the riverside path is in a better condition.

I know that this will disappoint some of our runners, but the safety of all our parkrunners is our priority. We will be working with the relevant authorities to see what can be done to improve the condition of the path.

We will you updated with any further news as soon as possible.

Thank you for your support

Alison and the Beeston RD team

#loveparkrun #lovebeeston

IMG-20200301-WA0003 IMG-20200301-WA0006 IMG-20200301-WA0008


The one when Storm Dennis came to play #308

Well, Saturday really was a blustery day: our customary headwind was going extra strong, the puddles were especially puddly, there was plenty of rain to go around to keep all 288 athletes and the 20 hardcore, storm-defying volunteers happy. Just have a look at how happy they look:

Storm Dennis denying gang

That doughty crew of 'Storm-Dennis-denying- high-vis-heroes' consisted of

Jack MILLER • Heide STAFFORD • Lucy BARKER • Kerry JONES • Simon BARNES • Roger CLARK • Celia ABBOTT • Alistair BLOOMFIELD • Sarah WATSON • Denise CLARK • Gloria KAKIMPA • John WALKER • Matthew HOLYLAND • Gabriele THOMAS-NEHER • Freddie THOMAS-NEHER • Megan WOODS • Alena BABICOVA • Trina BEAUMONT • Jess BENNETT • Carl KNIGHT

Not all high-vis- heroes are depicted because one took the picture (thank you Simon Barnes!) and several of the marshals were already at their posts, to make sure that everyone was safe to run.
Beeston parkrun (and all other parkruns of course too!) relies on volunteers for its events, so if you have not done so before, have a think about giving volunteering a go. For many of the roles we pair new volunteers with experienced volunteers, and we provide training for the roles, plus, there is a lot of fun to be had behind the scenes of parkrun. Give it a go and surprise yourself!

Anyway, as we seem to have moved to the theme of 'behind the scenes at Beeston parkrun', let me introduce a very special parkrun hero for this week: the beautiful Pedro, chief fetcher-of-sticks and all round good boi:


Pedro volunteered to help during the week, when a course check showed that last weekend's Storm Ciara had left some debris from fallen branches etc on our course. Now we can't have obstacles on our parkrun course, so the debris had to be moved- which is where Pedro comes in. Pedro tirelessly moved sticks and even took the decision to take one of them home. Oh, and we had better mention Simon Barnes, who helped too but did not go as far as taking sticks home :-)

Looking at Saturday's results, one athlete celebrated their 50th parkrun- super running, Simon Burrow- and one athlete, Alison Atkins, celebrated their (arbitrary) 200th run. The athlete with most parkruns in their legs on Saturday was Jackie Wellburn, who completed parkrun 227 on Saturday, which means only 23 to go before the coveted teal 250 milestone shirt. A huge well done to all of you and apologies if I have missed a milestone.

So, as always a huge thank you to everybody who joined us at the Weirfield on Saturday, and here's to doing it all over again on Saturday 22nd February, which sees a roster take-over by Beeston AC. See you Saturday and #DFYB

RD, 15 February 2020

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