Event Number 154 – 27th April 2019

Belton House parkrun
Event number 154
27th April 2019

Tail walker Sophie Walker looking a little cold and damp but still smiling :-)

It was a blustery Saturday morning with swirling rain for some of it, but 310 of you still ran, jogged or walked the course at Belton House. A special mention goes to the National Trust, who allowed us to host Parkrun, despite closing the rest of the park due to high winds forecast.
12 were first timers, 17 tourists decided to check out Belton House, 58 recorded an impressive new Personal Best. Representatives of 25 different clubs took part.
Alex Parkrun
We were honoured with tourists visiting today, including some from Manchester and as far afield as Newcastle-upon-Tyne (Alex BATTERSBY, pictured, looking a little chilly, who completed it in 27:02) – we hope you all enjoyed the course and will be back again soon!

There were quite a few milestones today including William TUCKER, Greg SOUTHERN, Martyn PARKER, Michaela SHELLEY, Darron QUINN and John SOUTHERN all choosing Belton House as the destination to complete their 50th parkrun. Well done all of you and we look forward to celebrating the next milestone with you all too. Joining the 100 milestone club this week were Stewart PICK and David THORPE. Well done all, here's to the next 100!
Stuart Pick enjoying CAKE!
David Thorpe proudly showing off his 100 badge :-)
Claire Fritz modelling her hand made 50th Tshirt.
Not a milestone this week but congratulations to Claire Fritz completing her 50th parkrun at Bushy Park last week, the home of parkrun!
Most of you will know Claire as she is a regular parkrunner and volunteer at Belton, thank you for your continued support.

A HUGE thank you to all the HIVIS heroes this week, as you all know parkrun could not happen without them.
If you would like to join the community of volunteers please email beltonhousehelpers@parkrun.com
The event was made possible today by 25 volunteers:
Sonia DOVE • Ruth FEATHERSTONE • Claire FRITZ • Gordon GEACH • Dona HALL • Robert HOWBROOK • Ellis JACKSON • Kathleen JEPSON • Paul JEPSON • Samuel JEPSON-RIVERS • Naomi JEPSON-RIVERS • Grace JOHNSTON • Claire LANE • Christopher LIMMER • Russell MAKSYMIW • Henrietta MCCABE • Shaun PARKES • Jo PARKES • Megan Alice PROCTER • Mark David PROCTER • Matt RANDS • Rebecca TOWNHILL • Sophie WALKER • Elaine WORSTER • Roger WORSTER

As I am sure you all noticed there was a rather big race on Sunday!
This was the Virgin London Marathon 2019! More commonly known as the VLM
Gordon Geach - Belton House's very own Event Director running the VLM
Some of you that are parkrunners and who completed (and this is not an exhausted list) are our very own Event director Gordon Geach (03:59:36 Rosalind Sadler (05:12:15) Julie Gilbert (05:12:14) Kathleen Grey (05:13:23) Hannah San Jose (04:12:40) Caroline Davis (03:48:23) Tony Johnson (02:59:42
Big shout out and congratulations to all that completed :-)
This leads us nicely onto Jeanette Stevens (Netty) and Paul Davidsons little adventure this weekend.
Netty is visually impaired (VI) and Paul is a VI guide
Nettys pilgrimage to Bushy:-)
Netty bushy
When my guide Paul asked me if I fancied going to Bushy parkrun at the weekend as we were taking part in the London marathon there was no way that I was going to turn the opportunity down. After all, Bushy park is where the first ever parkrun started nearly 15 years ago.
We turned up on Saturday 27th April, the RD was very friendly as with the other volunteers and made us feel welcome pointing out that there were other visually impaired (VI) runners and their guides.
The starting point was wide, so unusually for over 1200 runners it set off smoothly at 9am. It was only one lap, run on a mixture of grass, trail and tarmac to finish off with. The marshals were very encouraging and the results came through very quickly obviously showing what an old hand the RD and volunteers were.
They were even using the original equipment!
Toilets were close and its a lovely walk around afterwards - there were even deer roaming freely around the park. We were reminded at the briefing not to go near them - because they are wild!
Shame we didn’t have more time to hang around afterwards and join the volunteers and parkrunners in the Peasantry café but we had to dash off to the London marathon expo to collect our marathon numbers.
The only negative point I have is runners wearing headphones which makes it hard for me and my guide and other runners to communicate with them when we want to overtake.
A really great experience to get do my Bushy pilgrimage though.
(Netty at Diana fountain)
Netty Bushy 2
Thank you Netty for sharing your story and congratulations on also completing the VLM!

Just a reminder that Belton House parkrun is not on next week so enjoy touring! That’s all for this week. See you next parkrun day 11th May 2019!

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Belton House parkrun Results Page.

The female record is held by Naomi COLLIER who recorded a time of 18:14 on 24th December 2016 (event number 51).
The male record is held by Thomas TRIMBLE who recorded a time of 14:54 on 16th February 2019 (event number 148).
The Age Grade course record is held by Barbara EVELING who recorded 94.24% (25:44) on 21st April 2018 (event number 110).