Event Number 164 – 20th July 2019

Belton House parkrun
Event number 164
20th July 2019

Parkrun fun :-)
We had a great week with 365 people running, jogging and walking the course. 43 were first timers and we have to wonder whether the terrific BBC documentary Kelly Holmes – The Power of Parkrun (yes, we know ‘parkrun’ is lower case – blame the Beeb!) broadcast on Monday 16th July as part of the Our Lives season encouraged more of you to come and experience it for yourselves? For whatever reason you came along, thank you!
As always, a massive debt of gratitude is owed to our fabulous volunteers, our hi-viz heroes, without whom, we couldn’t do this. If you’d like to volunteer, we’d be delighted – full training is given and there are even roles that allow you to get your credit and still run too! Please contact us on Belton House parkrun Facebook page or Messenger, or email parkrun@beltonhouse.com

The event was made possible by 32 volunteers:
Brendon BUCKLEY, Casper CARLEY, David CROMBIE, Mary CROSS, Anne-Marie DAVISON, Frances DUFFREE, Paul DUFFREE, David ELDRIDGE, Suzanne ELLIOTT, Claire FRITZ, Claire GRANT, Harry HULSE, Claire LANE, Sam LEWSEY, Abigail LEWSEY, Fraser MARSHALL, Olivia MARSHALL, Jo PARKES, Shaun PARKES, Matt RANDS, Thomas RICE, Mark RICE, Mollie RICE, Martin RODELL, Rori RODELL, Andrew SELBY, George SELBY, Andrew SELBY, Claire SELBY, John SOUTHERN, Elaine WORSTER, Roger WORSTER

60 of you achieved new personal bests, which is fabulous! Do make sure that you ring the PB bell which is kept on the table next to the green hut at the finish line, and let everyone know your achievement!

We had lots of clubs touring and gaining a 'B' in the parkrun alphabet including, Christian Vision for Men, Fernwood running club, Rushcliffe AC, Lymm Runners and Coventry Pearl Hyde A.C. Thanks for coming, and we look forward to seeing you all again.

We had two people join the 50th milestone club this week Lizzie BANKS and Peter YELLUP.
Two juniors this week competed their 10th ,milestone Oscar GUILD and Liam LOWES
Well done evryone and we look forward to seeing you in your 50th Tshirts, which by the way are back! :-)

I was run director this week (Fraser Marshall),having shadowed Gordon Geach the previous week, this week I did it solo, which is good practice for when I becomes one of the RDs at Wyndham junior parkrun, watch this space for more info – Wyndham junior parkrun Event Directors Kate Marshall and Edina Burns will update us as soon as there’s definitive news).

“The one thing you learn the first time you RD alone, is how much you don’t know, and how much there is to keep in your head at all times. Nothing terrible happened, it’s just lots of little things you think, ‘Oh, I should have done *that* first, then *that*!’ or suddenly thinking ‘How do you actually turn the walkie-talkies on – normally they’re just handed to you already on…’ I doubt any of the runners noticed anything much, but I did. It’s obviously a case of being something that will get smoother with more practice.
“Doing the briefings was fine and the run itself went well because the team knows what it’s doing and many of our volunteers are very experienced, but doing the results is quite nerve racking as there’s so many people waiting expectantly for their times and so much that can go wrong!

“We did have a couple of things happen that made processing the results a bit more challenging, one relating to tokens, another to someone going through the funnel twice, (known as funnel ducking!) so being clicked twice on the stopwatches, plus the usual issues with barcodes not scanning etc. Fortunately, a couple of visiting RDs from Newark, Claire and Adam Grant were on hand to help figure out what to do, so we got them done in reasonable time, and I never got too concerned!

“All in all, it was good fun, and I’ll look forward to doing it again soon!”
Thank you for joining us at parkrun. parkrun is for everyone, regardless of age or ability. You can run, jog or walk, and you’ll never come last because that’s someone’s actual job! So if you haven’t made it yet, come down and discover why parkrun changes people’s lives for the better. We look forward to meeting you very soon!
Thanks Fraser, we are thrilled you 'enjoyed' it and we think you rocked being RD :-)

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Belton House parkrun Results Page.
The female record is held by Naomi COLLIER who recorded a time of 18:14 on 24th December 2016 (event number 51).

The male record is held by Thomas TRIMBLE who recorded a time of 14:54 on 16th February 2019 (event number 148).

The Age Grade course record is held by Barbara EVELING who recorded 94.24% (25:44) on 21st April 2018 (event number 110).
Belton House parkrun started on 7th November 2015. Since then 7,740 participants have completed 44,190 parkruns covering a total distance of 220,950 km, including 9,714 new Personal Bests. A total of 635 individuals have volunteered 3,515 times.