Event Number 165 – 27th July 2019

Belton House parkrun
Event Number 165
27th July 2019

parkrun fun for all the family and all abilitys :-)
341 of you ran walked and jogged the course, we had 7 first timers, 32 visitors and representatives of 14 different clubs!
Well done all :-)
Daniel JEWKES (junior) completed his 10th run! We are looking forward to seeing you in your milestone Tshirt.

Thanks to Ruby Williams for doing the photos this week, in the absence of our regular photographer Shaun Parks, who by the way was getting drenched taking photos at the Heckington Show and well done to all who took part in the Heckington 10 mile race.
Rubys photos can be found by clicking the link

We are very grateful to the volunteers who made this event happen: John ARMSTRONG, Anthony BOYLE, Sam BRIGGS, David BRIGGS, Brendon BUCKLEY, David CROMBIE, Anne-Marie DAVISON, Kevin DIX, Stephanie DUNCAN, Samantha FRENCH, Claire FRITZ, Gordon GEACH, Richard HALL, Dona HALL, Ellis JACKSON, Laura KETTLE, Simon MUNNIS, Kim NASH, Anna Clare POULSON, Rori RODELL, Martin RODELL, Gordon SCOTT, John SOUTHERN, Sue TURNER, Harry WATSON, Joanne WATSON, Ruby WILLIAMS, Roger WORSTER, Elaine WORSTER

The National Trust, Belton House have now opened the Stables Cafe and the Pup and Saucer.....which is the furbabie friendly Cafe, so be sure to pop in for a visit.
If you show your barcode you will receive a parkrun discount.
Even more reason not to forget it!

Don't forget parkrunners and volunteers as this report is late, when we say see you next parkrunday, on this occasion it will be the 17th August!
NO parkrun on Saturday 10th August