Event Number 190 – 25th January 2020

Belton House parkrun
Event Number 190
25th January 2020

Photo above showing to very happy parkrunners :-)
475 of you got out of bed and ran, jogged and walked parkrun, well done to all of you, fantastic effort.
18 of you did parkrun for the very first time, and long may it continue.
We are very grateful to the volunteers who made this event happen: P ABEY, Anthony BOYLE, David CROMBIE, Abigail DAVIS, Paul DAVIS, Tom EDMONDS, David ELDRIDGE, Suzanne ELLIOTT, Claire FRITZ, Gordon GEACH, Corinne GRAYSTON, Dona HALL, Harry HULSE, Naomi JEPSON-RIVERS, Tudor JONES, Isabel LYLE, Russell MAKSYMIW, Shaun PARKES, Graham PEMBERTON, Jack PEMBERTON, John RAISEN, Amelia SHAW, Emma SHAW, Chris SPOWAGE, Dale TOWNING, Thomas WATSON, Vicky WILLAN, Mark WILSON, Elaine WORSTER, Roger WORSTER
We can't give enough praise to our fabulous volunteers, as without them its simple.....parkrun would not take place.

Whether you run, jog, walk or volunteer for the physical benefit, for mental health or the social aspect is parkrun the purest fun possible?
Everyone coming together all over the country on a Saturday morning regardless of age or ability is like a religion, a mobile church that once you have a barcode gives you the freedom to join any parkrun mobile church anywhere in the country OR world with more and more parkruns starting every week!
Alice GRIEVE junior completed her 10th parkrun, well done Alice!
Samantha ROBERTS and David HIBBERT joined the 50th milestone club and Michele EMERY joined the 100 milestone club.
Brilliant work all, looking forward to seeing those T-shirts :-)
Thanks to Shaun, resident photographer for the photos every week, and how promptly he process's them!
To view this weeks photos, click here
Thank you to all that have taken on arriving earlier to avoid the queuing and congestion into Belton House, this all seems to be flowing much better.

We are always on the lookout for volunteers, so please take a look at the future roster and email into beltonhouse@parkrun.com with what you would like to do and the date you would like to do it.
Photo above shows Dona, Chris and Claire's 200 metre sprint finish!
We have regular VI tail walker Chris who needs a guide every week so if you would like to support please let us know. This week Chris decided to sprint finish to the funnel! Still didn't quite get a pb but there is always next week! Well done Chris :-)
That's all for now folks, thanks for coming and see you all next parkrunday 01st February 2020