Event Number 191 – 01st February 2020

Belton House parkrun
Event Number 191
01st February 2020

White stagparkrunday did not disappoint when we had the white stag grace our presence. Some think this is a mystical creature that brings good luck, and maybe some PB's for those that saw this glorious creature. What a fantastic way to start a Saturday morning, not only do we get to socialise within this amazing community, restore our mental health and run, jog or walk 5k in the fabulous parkland of Belton House, (not to mention for free!) we also get to see nature at it's best. I love Saturday mornings and cannot wait to see parkrun buddies and enjoy the community spirit and celebrate all that is parkrun, coffee and cake afterwards is also a good motivator! 20200201-DSC_8831
Ask why people come to parkrun and you will get a lot of different answers....training, friends, family, friendly, fitness, mental health, community, challenges, feeling safe, goals just some of many reasons and this is what makes parkrun so diverse and inclusive.

parkrun really is for EVERYONE!
20200201-DSC_8153So what happened on parkrunday (formally known as Saturday) it started with 437 of you getting out of bed and making your way to parkrun, sometimes getting out of bed can be the biggest challenge.

24 of you did it for the very first time and 22 of you came back and completed your 2nd parkrun!

77 of you achieved new personal bests - you all must have seen the white stag ;) and 21 representatives of clubs took part. While all this was going on Ruth TALL and Samantha ROBERTS completed their 50th run, which now makes them members of the 50th milestone club, while Michele EMERY completed his 100th parkrun, now joining the 100th milestone club. We look forward to you all showing off those T-Shirts. Well done to every runner, jogger and walker that participated :-)

VI Chris achieved a new PB, while being guided by Suzanne Elliot. Well done Chris :-) 20200201-DSC_8993
20200201-DSC_8219Please don't ever take parkrun for granted, it takes considerable effort and wonderful, generous soles to enable this to happen every week.

We are very grateful to the volunteers who made this event happen: P ABEY, Brendon BUCKLEY, Yvonne BUCKLEY, Amanda COWLING, Kyle COWLING, David CROMBIE, Paul DAVIS, Joe-Ann DICKENSON, Suzanne ELLIOTT, Richard FAY, Claire FRITZ, Gordon GEACH, Stephen GOODIN, Corinne GRAYSTON, Richard HALL, Emily HARDWICK, Harry HULSE, Russell MAKSYMIW, Keith MUNRO, Shaun PARKES, Jack PEMBERTON, Amanda ROBERTS, Anna SERGEANT, Sarah SERGEANT, Chris SPOWAGE, Lindsay STUART, Elaine WORSTER, Roger WORSTER 20200201-DSC_8997
Whats on the horizon....
International Womans parkrun day! 07th March 2020
We will be joining in a female-focused parkrun celebration on the 07th March during our usual parkrun.
We love our male and female parkrunners equally but did you know woman are much less likely to participate in parkrun?
Please get in touch and share your stories on why you participate in parkrun, email into beltonhouse@parkrun.com we will be able to do a story board and celebrate International woman's day parkrun

That's all for now folks, see you next parkrunday 08th February 2020