Event Number 194 – 07th March 2020

Belton House parkrun
Event Number 194
07th March 2020

International Woman's day parkrun!

What a brilliant morning, watching 424 runners, joggers and walkers going down the drive in a stream of purple!
Thanks for coming and supporting IWD, both male and females supported or celebrated with a splash of purple
The figures where:
Male parkrun attendees 43%, unknowns 5.6% without knowing if the unknowns where male or females (this means either barcodes where forgotten or park runners choose not to be scanned) this week the females tipped the balance with 50.94%
26 people attended their first park run with 21 females and 5 males, so again females tipped the scales.
Thanks for coming everyone and we look forward to seeing your 2nd parkrun :-)
It's been said and I have heard lots of story's why woman come to parkrun, some of the words mentioned are: friendly, comfortable, safe, inclusive, accepting, social.
and here is what some of our own Belton House females said when we asked 'why do you come to parkrun'
Gillian Newbould I park run because running with others motivates me. When I run on my own I find I stop a lot. Plus my husband son and daughter are avid park runners so it's nice for us to all do something together we enjoy. I don't get to exercise much in the week too so it's great to get out in the fresh air and burn away the wine calories I will consume on a Saturday night
Amy Clare Barnett I parkrun because I feel safe to run round the park with a group of people knowing there are people there to help if I fall or hurt myself instead of being out on the lanes on my own.
Susan J Copping I parkrun to feel part of a community, I mostly run alone, so parkrun allows me to run with other individuals that enjoy the fresh air views and have the same desire to improve their health and well-being. It’s a great way to join in a relaxed sport whilst still having a competitive element!
Jane Pearson I parkrun for the social aspect, everyone is welcome whatever their ability (I am a walker!). It is an amazing venue and I always feel good afterwards!
Vicky Honey It feels like an achievement, there are some beautiful parkruns, it's very sociable and supportive, it's great for physical & mental health and it means you can eat cake!!
Alexis Dolby Great encouragement for all abilities x
Sarah Pell I Parkrun because it does wonders for my mental health
Jenny James Such a friendly atmosphere and absolutely no pressure.
Katie Louise Limmer I parkrun because I love the social aspect of it and the fact I can aim for a pb or just walk 5k. And the cake after of course!

All amazing reasons to come to park run, whether its first aid for mental health, fitness, the social factor, and don't forget the awesome feeling volunteering gives us, to run, jog or walk ALL are welcome at parkrun and the cake is always an added bonus :-)
Please keep spreading the word and encouraging your friends and family to parkrun, male or female.

A huge thank you goes to our hivis heroes this week, and the wonderful pacers, an incredible 69 people achieved personal bests.
We are very grateful to the volunteers who made this event happen: P ABEY, Helen BREEN, Edina BURNS, Geoff COLLIER, Abigail DAVIS, Isobel DAVIS, Paul DAVIS, David ELDRIDGE, Amanda ELLIOTT, Suzanne ELLIOTT, Samantha FRENCH, Claire FRITZ, Gordon GEACH, Dona HALL, Emily HARDWICK, Naomi JEPSON-RIVERS, Tudor JONES, Sadie KIDD, Christopher LIMMER, Russell MAKSYMIW, Fraser MARSHALL, Grace MARSHALL, Kate MARSHALL, Claire MARTIN, Lord Thomas Barclay NAYLOR, Shaun PARKES, Michael PATTINSON, Sarah PELL, Jonathan ROBERTS, Rosalind SADLER, Anna SERGEANT, Chris SPOWAGE, Dale TOWNING, Poppy WAINWRIGHT, Catherine WALLACE, Daniel WALLACE, Tracy WEBB, Vicky WILLAN, Elaine WORSTER, Roger WORSTER
A special mention to Tom Naylor and his pooch Tasha, 159 or so parkruns and a dog age of 19 (equivalent human age of 133) we think she has earned her Long Service and Good Conduct Medal and an Honorary Discharge to the Reserves.
Tasha will hopefully still decide to come to parkrun, but in a more sedentary role as a walker in future!

Well done to Alexander SAN JOSE JNR completing his 10th parkrun, while Michael COUZENS and Mark RICE joined the 50th milestone club.
Nice one and we look forward to seeing you show off those milestone t-shirts
We had two photographers this week, long standing residential photographer Shaun, to view this weeks album click here
Gordon, regular run director also took to the camera lens and you can view his album here
Some of you may have clocked we have now gone into the new parkrun hivis vests which are PINK! hard not to notice. The RD's hivis vest stays the same colour black and white along with the tail walking bibs being orange.
Thats all for folks as it says above, thanks for visiting and please call again!
See you next parkrunday 14th March 2020