Event Number 195 – 14th march 2020

Belton House parkun
Event Number 195
14th March 2020

Firstly apologies this report comes to you late, things got a little busy at work due to COVID-19 and we saw the way of life change rapidly! Photo courtesy of Richard Hall from a glorious day in the summer and a reminder of the beauty of Belton House.
Belton House parkrun #177
337 of you ran, jogged and walked the 5k course in the parkland of Belton House, 14 first timers to parkrun, 59 of you achieved new personal bests, 25 clubs where represented and we had 15 tourists visit us at Belton House.
An amazing turn out, thanks to all of you for coming, well done to the first timers, we do hope to see you back once parkrun returns.
We had no pictures on this Saturday due to resident photographer Shaun having underlying health issues, and who did the correct thing by self isolating. We hope you are well Shaun along with the family :-)
Big thank you to our volunteers for supporting parkrun, past, present and future.
We are very grateful to the volunteers who made this event happen: P ABEY, Brendon BUCKLEY, Alan CARLEY, Maria CARLEY, Angela CARR, David CROMBIE, Mary CROSS, Abigail DAVIS, Isobel DAVIS, Paul DAVIS, David ELDRIDGE, Claire FRITZ, Gordon GEACH, Richard HALL, Emily HARDWICK, Harry HULSE, Tudor JONES, Jack PEMBERTON, Jonathan ROBERTS, Anna SERGEANT, Chris SPOWAGE, Dale TOWNING, Poppy WAINWRIGHT, Catherine WALLACE, Tracy WEBB, Elaine WORSTER, Roger WORSTER
Big shout out to Junior Sofia GUILD for completing her 10th parkun, Daniel Fay on completing his 50th milestone and Teresa SHEPHERD for completing her 100th milestone. Congratulations all and we are very much looking forward to seeing you all in your milestone T-shirts on our return.
Gary ROBINSON from East Hull Harriers & AC joined us who has completed 451 parkuns! not a milestone but what an achievement, well done Gary and thanks for visiting.
Pete Bonner regular at Belton House is still pipping Kim ULYSSES with 340 parkuns and Kim is at 334! We are looking forward to a 500th celebration at Belton House so keep watching these two and see who gets there first, it will be a long slog with Pete still having 160 parkuns to go, we are some years off yet, but we do enjoy watching those numbers creep upwards :-)
Belton House parkrun #177
A little reminder of our 4th birthday, the fun and community spirit of parkrun and so many of you missing the Rugby! haha

Currently we have no way of knowing when parkrun will be back but of course we will be the first to raise our hands in celebration and let you know. You can also keep an eye on the parkrun UK face book page for updates or the website.
I can assure you the core team miss it as much as you lovely parkrunners.
Please stay safe, limit your contact with others, WASH YOUR HANDS. Do keep up the running, walking and jogging, if you are able to.
Please post your pictures on the Belton House face book page, we love seeing the inventiveness of parkrunners, this week I saw a gentleman had run a marathon on his 3ft balcony!
Wherever you are carry happiness with you and stay safe, see you next parkrunday............................TBC
All the very best, The Belton House parkrun team.

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