Event Number 188 – 11th January 2020

Belton House parkrun
Event number 188
11th January 2020

Another busy and blustery parkrun, with 557 of you taking part running, jogging and walking!
65 first timers choose a blustery cold day to complete their first parkrun, 34 tourists joined us, a fantastic 70 new personal bests achieved and 31 representatives of clubs joined us!
Well done to each and everyone of you, we hope you will all be back to visit again :-)

33 special volunteers turned up to ensure the event happened and not just happened but went without a hitch.
We are very grateful to the volunteers who made this event happen:

Visually impaired volunteer Chris Spowage turned up for his 3rd volunteering stint as tail walker and Dona Hall guided.
Next week Chris will be guided by Elaine Worster, most of you will know Elaine as a marshal on position point one, as you turn left down the drive, normally ringing the cowbells and cheering everyone on.

I have well and truly been caught by the parkrun bug, I think this happened when I did my first parkrun early 2017, and have been called the parkrun queen due to my enthusiasm and passion for people joining the community, whether you run, jog or walk and Chris mentioned everyone's enthusiasm and warm welcome on Saturday when he was surprised how many people had shouted good morning or chatted to him on the way round.
I think Chris has gone and caught the parkrun bug, a difficult one to avoid! ;)

This week, due to injury I walked the course, but my alarm was still set, as regardless of injury and not being able to run there was no way I was missing parkrun!
parkrun is not just for the physical exercise but a community that is there to support whether you come for first aid for mental health, to make friend's, some training or your chasing a new PB. Everyone is thrilled for all goals achieved whether you complete a 5k in an hour or 15 minutes.
So if you think your 'to slow' this is a myth! come and join us and the parkrun family :-) the best things in life are free and this includes Belton House parkrun, every Saturday morning at 9am.
All you need to do is register on the parkrun UK site and print your barcode. This only has to be done once and you then have access to over 600 UK parkruns, but don't forget your barcode, no barcode, no time, no result.

This week joining the 50th milestone club and celebrating with a new PB was Andrew LEATES from Boston Community runners.
Well done Andrew, welcome to the club and heres to the next 50!
We saw tourist Jeremy David Fraser SMITH from Heaton Harriers & AC complete his 284th parkrun!

We did still have cars coming down the drive at 9am, but most did seem to be in by 9, but saw a lot of you taking a sprint to the start line and a few still running down after we had started.
A reminder that parkrun starts at 9am, not 09:05 or 09:10.....09:00 as always we ask you set off earlier to avoid congestion in the village and the drive, the speed limit on site is 5mph. If you can walk, jog, run or bike to parkrun, the lions gate entrance opens at 08:30
Please don't park in the village, this makes it very difficult for buses and if required emergency vehicles getting though.
Thanks to all those that have already taken this on board :)

Thanks for coming folks, and we will see you all next parkrun day 18th January


Event number 184 – 21st December 2019

Belton House parkrun
Event Number 184
21st December 2019

Twas the last parkrun before christmas and all through the parkland not a creature was stirring.....not even a fallow deer
The trolley was stocked in the Stables with care, while the parkrunners where warm, snuggled in their beds, with visions of lycra and trainers and mud
The helpers all ready and the RD in his hivis
When out in the parkland arose such a clatter
The moon on the crest and the parkland a glow
Gave the lustre of mid-day to objects below
When what to my wondering eyes should appear
But a minature trolley and santas little helpers
With a smiley driver so lively and quick
I knew in a moment it must be Roger
More rapid than eagles his coureses came
Now come my hivis heros the course must be checked for pot holes and dangers
To the top of the drive to the top of the parkland
Now dash away! Dash away, dash away all!
And then in a twinkling i heard on the drive, the prancing and pawing of each little trainer.
As i was turning my head and bounding around, i saw the RD, Gordon come around
His eyes - how they twinkled with the site of so many.
With the wink of an eye and a twist of his head 263 parkrunners where dashing and prancing in the parkland ahead, full of smiles and music, such a good time twas had :)

Many thanks to Santas little helpers this week: P Abby, A Boyle, N Cottom, A Cowling, K Cowling, D Crombie, C Davis, P Davis, A Davis, I Davis, D Eldridge, N Fahy, C Fritz, G Geach, J Gilbert, R Hall, H Hulse, N Jones, J Mcarthur, S Parkes, R Pattison, J Pemberton, R Sadler, A Shaw, P Wainwright, T Watson, R Worster, E Worster
Congratulatuons to Rosalind Sadler who completed her 25th volunteering stint this week as tail walker and dressed as a Christmas tree :)
Congratulations to Sadie Kidd who has joined the 50th milestone club.
Well done both, we look forward to seeing you in your new Tshirts.

The core team at Belton House parkrun would like to wish each and every parkrunner, hivis hero and the National Trust a safe and Merry Christmas and see you all next parkrun day 28th December.
To view Shauns photos click here


Event number 183 – 14th December 2019

Belton House parkrun
Event number 183
14th December 2019

It was feels like tempratures of -1 but that didn't put off 263 of you who came out and braved the weather.
Well done all of you!
It took 24 wonderful volunteers to ensure parkrun took place and this week no funnel duckers enabling RD Fraser to process the results with no hick ups and the Lane family token sorting confirmed no missing tokens :)
Huge thank you to our volunteers this week:
P Abby, B Buckley, F Marshal, M Carley, K Cowling, R Featherstone, C Fritz, D Crombie, A Davis, P Davis, D Eldridge, S Goodin, KJ Hollie, H Hulse, C Lane, N Lane, J Lane, Jim Lane, S Parkes, J Pemberton, A Shaw, P Wainwright, E Worster, R Worster.

A huge well done to Josh Pocklington achieving another PB with 4 legged furbabie Mozi 14:36.
Although Josh came through the funnel first, due to being canicross and assisted he does not take the course record, however a brilliant achievment and was fantastic to watch. Well done Josh and Mozi.

Well done to our 8 first timers that braved the weather and completed their first ever parkrun. See you all next week for your 2nd....be warned its addictive!
10 tourists joined us and from as far away as Australia! Thanks for coming, we hope you enjoyed the course and see you again soon.
Alexander CORBOULD junior completed his 10th parkrun and was able to celebrate with a new PB. Great work Alexander.
Big shout out to Roger Smith joining the 50th milestone club and to Owen Wainwright and John Pocock joining the 100th milestone club.
Looking forward to seeing you all in the new t-shirts :)

Next week we see the last parkrun before Christmas - 21st December so be sure to deck yourselfs out in something festive, fancy dress encouarged, we may even have some cake!
Don't forget the National Trust do not open Christmas day, therfore no parkrun, but plenty of others who have declared on the Chrismas and new year compendium.

Shauns photos can be viewed on his Flickr site at:

Thanks for coming folks and see you next parkrun day.


Event Number 182 – 07th December 2019

Belton House Parkrun
Event number 182
7th December 2019

Today was a lot warmer than last week’s frosty and foggy start; however, there were slightly fewer parkrunners than then; 269 of you turned up to walk, jog or run around Belton House's beautiful grounds.
Those who didn’t turn up missed a lovely morning!

Julie Steward ran her 100th parkrun this week; what an achievement! I noticed that she celebrated in style by running the course in a magnificent 26:23 (her PB is more than 3 minutes faster than that; all of that running had clearly paid off in the speed stakes!)

At the other end of the scale 16 people turned out for their first parkrun ever (perhaps starting their New’s Year’s Resolutions a month early?). Welcome to the parkrun family folks; be warned, you may find that it is addictive. There were two members of the 250 club running today (there are not as many around here as in other areas of the country where parkrun has been around for longer). They were Kim Ulysses and Peter Bonner who both ran their 323rd parkrun today; only another 177 parkruns and they will be eligible for a blue 500 t-shirt!

This week’s highest age grade goes to Jonathon Roberts with a magnificent 86.61%.
Both first finishers this week are members of Canicross Midlands. Paul Chandler finished in a time of 15:43 and Becky Roberts in a time of 17:48 both classed as 'assisted' due to running with their 4 legged furbabies so the course records still stand as they are.
Well done both!

Paul and his dog charged past me when I was only just starting on the path in front of the house for the first time. I think that he would have been even faster, but runners on their first lap were not expecting people to be coming past so early in the race so Paul had a lot of dodging to do! I wouldn’t be surprised if Becky faced similar problems although I think I had started my second lap by the time she finished. Perhaps that is something that all of us slower runners need to be more aware of each week.
As always, we need to remember that none of this would be possible without all of the people who give up their time to make this possible. Some of them hardly, if ever, run but still turn up week after week and long ago won their purple volunteer t-shirt.
This week’s volunteers were P ABEY, Yvonne BUCKLEY, Brendon BUCKLEY, Alan CARLEY, Guy COWHIG, Abigail DAVIS, Paul DAVIS, Tracey FORMAN, Claire FRITZ, Stephen GOODIN, Corinne GRAYSTON, Richard HALL, Fran HANSFORD, Harry HULSE, Naomi JEPSON-RIVERS, Samuel JEPSON-RIVERS, Claudette JOINT, Tudor JONES, Kate MARSHALL, Shaun PARKES, Jack PEMBERTON, Graham PEMBERTON, John RAISEN, Rob SHORROCK, Ashlee TAYLOR, Tracy WEBB and Jane WINTER A big thank you to them all.
There have now been 182 parkruns at Belton since it started on the 7th November 2015.
Naomi Collier who recorded a time of 18:14 on 24th December 2016 (event number 51).
The male record is held by Thomas Trimble who ran the course in a time of 14:54 on 16th February 2019 (event number 148).
The Age Grade course record is held by Barbara Eveling who recorded 94.24% (25:44) on 21st April 2018 (event number 110). Since it started 8,462 participants have completed 50,165 parkruns covering a total distance of 250,825 km, including 10,766 new Personal Bests.

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