Event Number 188 – 11th January 2020

Belton House parkrun
Event number 188
11th January 2020

Another busy and blustery parkrun, with 557 of you taking part running, jogging and walking!
65 first timers choose a blustery cold day to complete their first parkrun, 34 tourists joined us, a fantastic 70 new personal bests achieved and 31 representatives of clubs joined us!
Well done to each and everyone of you, we hope you will all be back to visit again :-)

33 special volunteers turned up to ensure the event happened and not just happened but went without a hitch.
We are very grateful to the volunteers who made this event happen:

Visually impaired volunteer Chris Spowage turned up for his 3rd volunteering stint as tail walker and Dona Hall guided.
Next week Chris will be guided by Elaine Worster, most of you will know Elaine as a marshal on position point one, as you turn left down the drive, normally ringing the cowbells and cheering everyone on.

I have well and truly been caught by the parkrun bug, I think this happened when I did my first parkrun early 2017, and have been called the parkrun queen due to my enthusiasm and passion for people joining the community, whether you run, jog or walk and Chris mentioned everyone's enthusiasm and warm welcome on Saturday when he was surprised how many people had shouted good morning or chatted to him on the way round.
I think Chris has gone and caught the parkrun bug, a difficult one to avoid! ;)

This week, due to injury I walked the course, but my alarm was still set, as regardless of injury and not being able to run there was no way I was missing parkrun!
parkrun is not just for the physical exercise but a community that is there to support whether you come for first aid for mental health, to make friend's, some training or your chasing a new PB. Everyone is thrilled for all goals achieved whether you complete a 5k in an hour or 15 minutes.
So if you think your 'to slow' this is a myth! come and join us and the parkrun family :-) the best things in life are free and this includes Belton House parkrun, every Saturday morning at 9am.
All you need to do is register on the parkrun UK site and print your barcode. This only has to be done once and you then have access to over 600 UK parkruns, but don't forget your barcode, no barcode, no time, no result.

This week joining the 50th milestone club and celebrating with a new PB was Andrew LEATES from Boston Community runners.
Well done Andrew, welcome to the club and heres to the next 50!
We saw tourist Jeremy David Fraser SMITH from Heaton Harriers & AC complete his 284th parkrun!

We did still have cars coming down the drive at 9am, but most did seem to be in by 9, but saw a lot of you taking a sprint to the start line and a few still running down after we had started.
A reminder that parkrun starts at 9am, not 09:05 or 09:10.....09:00 as always we ask you set off earlier to avoid congestion in the village and the drive, the speed limit on site is 5mph. If you can walk, jog, run or bike to parkrun, the lions gate entrance opens at 08:30
Please don't park in the village, this makes it very difficult for buses and if required emergency vehicles getting though.
Thanks to all those that have already taken this on board :)

Thanks for coming folks, and we will see you all next parkrun day 18th January


Event Number 187 – 04th January 2020

Belton House parkrun
Event number 187
04th January 2020

Our biggest events are normally News years day and parkruns birthday in November, however you went and surprised us all on Saturday when 580 of you turned up to run, jog and walk!
86 of you where first timers, an incredible 90 new Personal bests and representatives of 27 different clubs took part!
We hope you enjoyed yourselves whether a first timer an old hand or a tourist, we had fun, thanks for coming and well done all of you!

Thanks to this week's volunteers, who you know without them, this fantastic free 5k event would not take place every week.
Abigail DAVIS • Amelia SHAW • Andrew RICHLEY • Brendon BUCKLEY • Chris SPOWAGE • Claire FRITZ • Dale TOWNING • David ELDRIDGE • Dona HALL • Elaine WORSTER • Gordon GEACH • Graham PEMBERTON • Harry HULSE • Jack PEMBERTON • Joe-Ann DICKENSON • Maria CARLEY • Mark WILSON • P ABEY • Paul DAVIS • Rachel DEANE • Richard HALL • Roger WORSTER • Russell MAKSYMIW • Shaun PARKES • Sian REVITT • Stewart PICK • Suzanne ELLIOTT.

Some of you may or may not have not noticed we had to have a 'quick' funnel change on Saturday to accommodate everyone, when we realised cars where still coming down the drive at 08:55....09:00 the RD on this occasion held the event start time back.
This is not normal and will not become the norm, and ask you leave earlier, to avoid congestion in the village and the queues into the grounds.
There was some mention on our face book site about cars (people attending parkrun) parking in the village, this is legal, however we do ask you to think carefully about the impact of this on the small village of Belton, buses and emergency vehicles having to access the area could, and have struggled to get through. Please also consider parkruns reputation, we do have to maintain 'good will' with the village and the National Trust and would certainly not want to spoil this due to 'a few' parking inconsiderately.
Lions Gate entrance can be used if running, jogging, walking or cycling to parkrun then this entrance is open at 08:30, and if not then the last word on this is please car share where you can :-)

Good news VI (visually impaired) Chris Spowage was tail walker again this week and I was his VI guide, this is the first time I have guided and will admit to some nerves Saturday morning!
Paul Davidson who is a regular VI guide whether running or walking offered me some hints and tips and sent me some YouTube videos to watch, these where invaluable, as a guide I think I had mostly thought about FEET! eyes down looking for pot holes etc. but when watching the videos, there is more to it, you need think about all your surroundings and LOOK UP! This was the best tip of the day and I am so glad I had watched those videos, as we have low overhanging tree branches at Belton and I was able to guide Chris safely through these without him having a face full of tree branch!
Chris was great and gave me the added confidence to do it again, any VI is in control, they are the ones that will tell you which side they want to be on or how they want to link, i.e. elbow, shoulder etc.
Anyway its safe to say (maybe not for Chris...HaHa) that I will happily VI guide again, it was a pleasure.
Chris is going to be a regular to parkrun, so welcome Chris and thanks for supporting parkrun.
The core team have created a roster for VI guides to support Chris, if you have interest in doing this or are already a VI guide and would like to get involved please contact us at beltonhouse@parkrun.com
Milestones We welcome this week Claire Giles, Lindsay STUART,Amanda HETHERINGTON, Lynette GOODIN and Julia STEVENS to the 50th milestone club, well done all, we look forward to you sporting your new milestone T-shirts.
That's all for now folks, see you all next parkrunday 11th January 2020

Belton House parkrun event statistics
Number of events: 187 Number of runners: 8,790
Number of runs: 52,225 Number of first finishers: 113
Number of clubs: 532 Number of PBs: 11,024
Average number of runners per week: 279.3
Average number of runs per runner: 5.9
Biggest Attendance: 591
Average run time: 00:30:23
Total hours run: 3Years 7Days 11Hrs 21Min 18Secs
Total distance run: 261,125km
Female record holder: Naomi COLLIER - 18:14 - Event 51 (24/12/16)
Male record holder: Thomas TRIMBLE - 14:54 - Event 148 (16/02/19)
Age graded record holder: Barbara EVELING - 94.24 % - 25:44 - Event 110 (21/04/18)


Event Number 186 – 01st January 2020

Belton House Parkrun
Event number 186
1st January 2020

Hands up if you thought that New Year’s day would start with most adults enjoying a lie in and (maybe) nursing a headache? Well you would be wrong!
It would seem that very many people start the new year as they mean to go on by taking part in a parkrun.
Many do not just take part in one event but do TWO parkruns in one day! New Year’s day is the only time that it is possible to ‘do the double’ as adjacent events stagger their starting times to allow people time to travel between them and take part in both events. Consequently, New Year’s day parkruns are busier than usual. Moreover, New Year’s day is a popular time for parkrunners to go touring so there are a larger number of visitors than usual.
There were a staggering 126 first timers at Belton today and only 14 of these were doing their first parkrun ever; all of the others were either ‘doing the double’ with Newark or Rutland parkruns or were visiting the area as part of their New Year’s day celebrations. In preparation for this influx of participants, a double funnel was set up. This forward planning meant that everything went very smoothly and those eager to set off for the next event were able to get processed quickly and efficiently.
Some people were celebrating more than just the start of a new decade. Two junior visitors Ollie Gavin and Henry-James Boulton both ran their tenth parkrun at this event. Also, Belton regular, Ellie Davison earned her white t-shirt. Well done to all three of them. Other people gaining t-shirts were Mark Beecham and Zara Chapman who both ran their 50th parkrun. Mark is a Belton regular while Zara usually runs at Newark and today ‘did the double’ to run both her 50th and 51st parkrun on the same day. Likewise, Mary Gregory, Newark regular combined the two events to run her 100th and 101st parkruns. Well done everyone what a great day to celebrate your special parkruns.

There were 6 people altogether who were members of the 250 club. One of today’s tourists, Adrian Stott, completed his 435th parkrun at Belton today.
Not an achievement many people who live locally have had the chance to make since you need to live in an area where parkrun has been in existence for more than eight years to do this.
I hope that I am still running regularly at Belton when we start to see blue 500 t-shirts regularly at our events, even for people who attend every week that takes nearly ten years of regular parkrunning to achieve!
The highest age grade (86.48%) goes to Josh Pocklington who was also the day’s first finisher (assisted) aided and abetted by his beautiful dog with a time of 14:55. The first female finisher was also a Canicross runner; Becky Roberts (Assisted) came in with an age grade of 80.22% and a time of 18:27.

As always, we need to remember that none of this would be possible without all of the people who give up their time to make this possible.

This week the volunteers included a British Sign Language interpreter who stood on a step ladder so that she could be seen by everyone who needed to and made a welcome addition to the event. The people volunteering were P ABEY, Beccie BAILEY, Anthony BOYLE, Brendon BUCKLEY, Paul CHANDLER, Zara CHAPMAN, Amanda COWLING, Kyle COWLING, Paul DAVIS, David ELDRIDGE, Richard FAY, Claire FRITZ, Gordon GEACH, Dona HALL, Richard HALL, Harry HULSE, Rebecca MACFARLANE, Shaun PARKES, Jo PARKES, Erin PRICE, Andrew RICHLEY, Graham Charles RIDDELL, Adrian WALKER, Harry WATSON, Joanne WATSON, Jane WINTER, Elaine WORSTER and Roger WORSTER

There have now been 186 parkruns at Belton since it started on the 7th November 2015. The female record is held by Naomi Collier who ran the course in a time of 18:14 on 24th December 2016 (event number 51). The male record is held by Thomas Trimble who ran the course in a time of 14:54 on 16th February 2019 (event number 148). The Age Grade course record is held by Barbara Eveling who recorded 94.24% (25:44) on 21st April 2018 (event number 110). Since it started 8,704 participants have completed 51,645parkruns covering a total distance of 258,225km, including 10,934 new Personal Bests.


Event Number 185 – 28th December 2019

Belton House parkrun
Event Number 185
28th December 2019

The last parkrun of 2019 and of the decade saw 409 of you run, jog and walk the parkland of Belton House.
83 where first timers, 50 recorded new personal bests and representatives of 40 different clubs took part!
It took 25 volunteers to ensure a smooth event!
Thanks to this week's volunteers
Abigail DAVIS • Amanda COWLING • Chris SPOWAGE • Claire FRITZ • Claire LANE • Darren BROOKS • David ELDRIDGE • Elaine WORSTER • Gordon GEACH • James HALL • Kyle COWLING • Lauren BIRCH • Mark WILSON • Owen WAINWRIGHT • P ABEY • Paul CHANDLER • Paul DAVIDSON • Paul DAVIS • Paul SHAW • Roger WORSTER • Russell MAKSYMIW • Sam DODWELL • Shaun PARKES • Tracy WEBB • Tudor JONES
Milestones and achievements
Josh POCKLINGTON, Rob PRICE, Christopher SHEPPARD and Jayne BAVIN joined the 50th milestone club and Robert HOWBROOK joined the 100th
milestone club. Well done all, we look forward to seeing you in you milestone Tshirts :-)
We saw Glenn SEDGWICK join us on Saturday who has completed an amazing 324 parkruns!
Best age grade goes to Jonathan ROBERTS VM55-59 from Lincoln Orienteering Group 88.91% age grade. Well done Jonathan.
Saturday saw visually impaired (VI) Chris Spowage join us. Paul Davidson VI guide assisted Chris with tail walking.
Thanks for supporting parkrun Chris and we will see you back as tail walker on the 04th January.
The end of 2019 sees Claire lane leave Belton House parkrun, Claire has supported as a roster co-ordinator for approximately 3 years, we wish her well and we welcome Naomi Jepson-Rivers to the core team taking over from where Claire left off as roster co-ordinator working with Richard Hall. Welcome Naomi.
New years day parkrun
We are unable to predict numbers so we are going with BIG numbers! Please read the following to help us ensure a smooth event!
Getting to Belton House:
1, Car share if possible - or better still jog to it
2, Please DO NOT queue on the A607 and block traffic, please continue and use the second entrance into Belton
3, Lions Gate entrance will be open at 08:30 allowing those particularly from the Sunningdale side of town to walk, run and jog to parkrun
Lions gate entrance MUST NOT be used for Cars or for cars to be left!
Due to not really being able to estimate numbers please ensure you arrive early, there will be a prompt 09:00 start due to the double with Newark and Rutland Water.
Please observe the on site speed limit of 5MPH
DO NOT leave huge gaps between cars when parking
Toilets open at 08:30 and not before, please remember to have a tinkle before setting off!
There will be a double funnel on New years day, please ensure you turn the volume down / switch off head phones before reaching the funnel, and listen to the funnel managers! They will direct you.

If you are doing the double please drive carefully and again remember Belton has a on site speed limit of 5mph

Please ensure you follow the instructions above, this will all help to ensure a smooth event and for the RD to process results in a timely manor.
The stables cafe will be open from 9am so why not pop in for a social cuppa, this may help the hangover!
That's all for now folks wishing you all a happy new year and see you all next parkrun day 01st January 2020!

Belton House parkrun event statistics
Number of events: 185 Number of runners: 8,579
Number of runs: 51,101 Number of first finishers: 113
Number of clubs: 524 Number of PBs: 10,872
Average number of runners per week: 276.2
Average number of runs per runner: 6.0
Biggest Attendance: 591
Average run time: 00:30:23
Total hours run: 2Years 348Days 15Hrs 26Min 21Secs
Total distance run: 255,505km
Female record holder: Naomi COLLIER - 18:14 - Event 51 (24/12/16)
Male record holder: Thomas TRIMBLE - 14:54 - Event 148 (16/02/19)
Age graded record holder: Barbara EVELING - 94.24 % - 25:44 - Event 110 (21/04/18)


Event number 184 – 21st December 2019

Belton House parkrun
Event Number 184
21st December 2019

Twas the last parkrun before christmas and all through the parkland not a creature was stirring.....not even a fallow deer
The trolley was stocked in the Stables with care, while the parkrunners where warm, snuggled in their beds, with visions of lycra and trainers and mud
The helpers all ready and the RD in his hivis
When out in the parkland arose such a clatter
The moon on the crest and the parkland a glow
Gave the lustre of mid-day to objects below
When what to my wondering eyes should appear
But a minature trolley and santas little helpers
With a smiley driver so lively and quick
I knew in a moment it must be Roger
More rapid than eagles his coureses came
Now come my hivis heros the course must be checked for pot holes and dangers
To the top of the drive to the top of the parkland
Now dash away! Dash away, dash away all!
And then in a twinkling i heard on the drive, the prancing and pawing of each little trainer.
As i was turning my head and bounding around, i saw the RD, Gordon come around
His eyes - how they twinkled with the site of so many.
With the wink of an eye and a twist of his head 263 parkrunners where dashing and prancing in the parkland ahead, full of smiles and music, such a good time twas had :)

Many thanks to Santas little helpers this week: P Abby, A Boyle, N Cottom, A Cowling, K Cowling, D Crombie, C Davis, P Davis, A Davis, I Davis, D Eldridge, N Fahy, C Fritz, G Geach, J Gilbert, R Hall, H Hulse, N Jones, J Mcarthur, S Parkes, R Pattison, J Pemberton, R Sadler, A Shaw, P Wainwright, T Watson, R Worster, E Worster
Congratulatuons to Rosalind Sadler who completed her 25th volunteering stint this week as tail walker and dressed as a Christmas tree :)
Congratulations to Sadie Kidd who has joined the 50th milestone club.
Well done both, we look forward to seeing you in your new Tshirts.

The core team at Belton House parkrun would like to wish each and every parkrunner, hivis hero and the National Trust a safe and Merry Christmas and see you all next parkrun day 28th December.
To view Shauns photos click here