Bestwood Village parkrun #165 – 24th July 2021

In years to come, a "killer" pub quiz question in Bestwood Village will be:

What is the next number in the series: 160, 7, 161, 7, 162, 7, 163, 7, 164, 7, 165, .....?

The answer is, of course, 497.  Because Bestwood Village parkrun #165 came 497 days after #164.  It's good to be back!  parkrun is slightly different now - Covid Framework etc.  Everyone needs to maintain social distance, the Start line needs to be more spread out, no high-fives and no spitting (did anyone ever spit before??)  Et cetera.

We welcomed 93 runners, joggers and walkers, including 17 first timers and 13 personal bests!  Tracey Brown celebrated her 100th parkrun, this time as a Tail Walker, and reluctantly accepted a round of applause from everyone at the Start.  But, without telling anyone, Adam Kennedy quietly snuck in a 100th parkrun also, and was first runner back.  Congratulations to both!  Nicola Radford was first female back.

Screenshot 2021-07-25 at 19.14.46


Topping the Percentage Weighted boards was Des Gibbons with 70.51% and a PB of 23:34 to boot!

Among the first timers were Juniors Jemma Ball, Reka Kaska, Lukas Tyler and Meredith Clayton.  Well done to all of you - we hope you'll be back as second timers next week!

We're very grateful to Gedling Borough Councillors Rachael Ellis and Des Gibbons for awarding Bestwood Village parkrun Community Funding.  Thanks to their support, we have been able to instal direction and distance posts along the 5k route, specially designed for us by graphic designer and Bestwood Village resident Tracey Jackson.  We are very grateful to her, not least for designing our very own logo, based on Alexandra Lodge.

Signs collage

Thanks also to Daniel Belfield, Chris Cotton and Chris Slater Carter for their tremendous help along the way.  Community Funding has also paid for non-latex gloves and sanitising gel, replacement lanyards, a base for the "Welcome" sail, a step and a megaphone that works!

parkrun cannot happen without a wonderful team of volunteers, and we are more indebted to this week's team than most, because they turned up to a "dress rehearsal" on the new parkrun procedure last Tuesday evening.  And the Bestwood Backwards runners were our cheerful "guinea pigs"!



A few more photos from the Finish:

IMG_1159 IMG_1154 IMG_1149 IMG_1138 copy

(Photos and report by David Heathcote)


“Daisy the Cow” and interesting times

There is said to be an ancient Chinese proverb which translates as "May you live in interesting times".  It's a curse; it's also untrue - there is no such Chinese proverb.  But we do live in "interesting times".

Since lockdown and the cancellation of parkruns, Bestwood Village parkrun has run a morale-boosting weekly competition, based on our two bear mascots, Bessy and Woodie.  They are made out of two very old Run Directors' jackets, destined for the dustbin (the jackets were very old, not the Run Directors!); they were rescued and turned into our popular ursine characters.

parkrun Woodie and Bessie

Every week, parkrunners are challenged to identify "Where's Woodie?" from course photos presciently taken pre-Covid in 2019.  A "Woodie's Winner" is declared, a certificate is issued, and there is much celebration.

parkrun Wheres Woodie collage

On 7th March, pre-lockdown, we were celebrating International Women's Day parkrunning, as usual through Bestwood Country Park.  News came through to volunteers at the Finish that there was a cow loose on the course!  Yes, a cow.  We gave it an honorary Finish position, and joked that it had borrowed a baa-code from one of the nearby sheep.  Ho-ho!

parkrun Cow result fake

Forward to this week's "Where's Woodie?" challenge featuring Daisy the Cow (photo credit: Clare Leeland)  Where was Daisy when the picture was taken?  Answer: at 4k.  But regular parkrunner John Spence went further.  He used, which has put a 3-word address to every 3-metre square in the world, to find the 3-word address of exactly where Daisy (who, we joked, had borrowed a sheep's baa-code) was on the world's surface...

parkrun Woodie and cow

The address John found?  ///daisy.tasty.bleat.  We kid you not.


David Heathcote



Bestwood Village parkrun #164 – 14th March 2020

A nice quiet week this one, with 83 people taking on and defeating Bestwood's hills once more. We pay particular respect to the 16 who scored new PBs and 7 first time visitors to Bestwood, 3 of whom were complete newcomers to parkrun. We hope to see you all back soon - don't forget your barcode!

A huge thanks to the volunteers who made my job easy. Please consider adding your name to the list of hi-viz heroes. None of the jobs are that difficult or scary and we don't bite. Even stepping up just once a month or so would really help. See our future volunteer roster, and it's gaps, here:

I got a bit carried away taking it easy today, so no pictures except one showing the peacefulness of the park before everyone else arrived:

IMG_20200314_081243 (2)

Finally, to acknowledge the elephant in the room, the offical parkrun position regarding the Covid-19 caronavirus can be found on this link. If we have to cancel then we will post it here and on our Facebook page.



Bestwood Village parkrun #163 – 7th March 2020

This Saturday was an extra special morning with us celebrating International Women's Day with a special #thisgirlcan frame and an encouragement to wear purple.

IWD Nicola

IWD purple ladies

It was wonderful to see so many women walking, jogging, running and volunteering, among 177 parkrunners and 16 volunteers + one cow (more about this later).

IWD Angela & Ingrid

We had 38 first timers and tourists, including from Long Eaton Running Club.

IWD club

Ryan Buzzard-Nall delivered his very first First Timers briefing (he is one of our newly-recruited Run Directors).  Well done, Ryan!  And to all our first timers and visitors, we hope you enjoyed our hills!

IWD Ryan
We had a 100th milestone, a 200th milestone, and a birthday to celebrate - with chocolates in a purple box (very apt with the day's theme!)
IWD chocolates
Our first three runners all got themselves PBs. Congratulations!
IWD first finishers
We showed off our new shelter, bought from money donated by Gedling Borough Council, thanks to the village's local councillors, Rachael Ellis and Des Gibbons.  The shelter will be a great help when protecting our equipment and volunteers from bad weather.
IWD shelter
A big Thank You to our 16 high-viz heroes who helped make today special: Peter Clayton, Tania Clayton, Ingrid Parris, Angela Squires, Neil Boulton, Tracey Jackson, Deborah Rigby, Mark Salisbury, Mark Weston, Nicola Radford, Alan Cobb, Elizabeth Keddie-Gray, John Spence, Ryan Buzzard-Nall, David Heathcote and Alex Keddie.
IWD volunteers
We would like to give a special mention to Mark and Tracey for keeping calm and quick thinking when both of our stopwatches stopped working, and to Peter and Tanya for processing the results brilliantly!!
And so back to the cow...
Some of our parkrunners were on the last stretch of the course when they were greeted by a very anxious farmer looking for one of his cows.  The cow had decided this morning was such a special celebration for women that she would join in!  (There was no danger to the cow or parkrunners!)

Bestwood Village cow sq
The cow was returned to her field, and the parkrunners finished their run and went for tea and cake in the Dynamo House.
IWD Daisy time

See you all next time! #bvpr #loveparkrun #parkrunfamily #IWDparkrun



Bestwood Village parkrun #161 – 22nd February 2020


Last week we had so much rain we almost needed Bestwood Country Ark! We were able to run, while so many other parkruns in the area had to be cancelled. Yes, there were puddles and plenty of mud, but 149 people ran, jogged and walked. We welcomed 30 first timers, and - amazingly, in the cold and wet - 19 recorded Personal Bests!

Francesco Lari was first time Run Director, assisted by 13 other volunteers. As ever, parkrun couldn't happen without our volunteers. Big round of applause to them!


Veteran of 155 parkruns, Christopher Birley from Broxtowe Triathlon Club was first finisher. He was hotly pursued by Harley Beech-McPhilbin in the 15-17 age group with an impressive 70.02% Age Grade. Regular Bestwood Village parkrunner Ellie Blakey was first female back, also in the 15-17 age group. We're proud to have JM10 and JW10 runners right through to VM70-74 and VW70-74!


Tourist Ben Chamberlain from Cambridge and Coleridge AC completed his 392nd parkrun, and we also welcomed visitors from Salisbury, Tower Hamlets, Billingham, and Aylesbury.


Could it be that our "gently undulating" course is becoming a popular attraction? We laugh when our Strava app tells us there's a 25% gradient... don't we??!


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