Bestwood Village parkrun #178 – 23rd October 2021

High Crimes and Misdemeanours!

There are three major offences that can be committed at Bestwood Village parkrun. In ascending order of seriousness, they are:

  • Forgetting Your Barcode - Don't, just Don't!!  #DFYB
  • Taking the Shortcut of Shame - If you "don't know where it is", that's a good defence.

But the worst, the very worst crime is:

  • Stealing one of the orange Finish cones for a game!  Shocking.

It happened this morning, almost at the end of the run.  A non-parkrunning dog was let off his lead, and was frolicking and bounding (as you do).  Then he spotted the row of orange Finish cones, and you could see - the end one was Just Asking For It!

dog2 ryan

He sniffed it, he nudged it, he toppled it - and then he was off and away with it in his mouth.  His owner was aghast.  The parkrun volunteer team at the Finish just fell about laughing.  The owner used a stern voice.  Nope, that did no good.  She rattled the dog's treats bag.  Erm, no - an orange cone is still too much fun.  He raced through the grass with it.  He dropped it, he picked it up.  More running.  Then his owner produced a treat from the bag for him to see.  That was too much.  He dropped the cone and the owner was able to retrieve it!

dog1 ryan

It was a glorious moment.  And if one of the cones has tiny teeth indentations in it for evermore, at least this Run Report will prove that it wasn't a Run Director who was having a moment of madness.


But to the run - We welcomed 101 runners and walkers last week, just 82 made it round this Saturday.  Did the week's Half Term school holiday take its toll, and a weekend lie-in proved too tempting?  Congratulations, though, to Alan Buglass, Patrick Hewitt, and Ian Nicol: they all chose Bestwood Village for their début parkrun this morning.  We hope you liked our undulations!  Dave Vardy also débuted today, volunteering as a Tail Walker: our volunteers are one of our greatest assets.

Steve Geldert, Chris Howarth and Angela Burley, all members of the 250 Club, took on The Bestwood Beast. It was Chris' first time, but Steve and Angela have both run the course multiple times - to know it is to love it!  Allegedly.

Tourist and First Timer Birtie West from Matlock AC was first back with a time of 20:39.  He was closely followed by Rob Ogelsby and James McConnell, both of whom have improved their times at Bestwood on each of the last three occasions - this could be a battle to watch in the next few weeks!

parkrun 3rd 2nd and 1st Ryan

(l-r) James, Rob and Birtie

First female back was Isabel Westwood, clocking 23:27.  Isabel is transitioning smoothly from junior parkruns, and is a frequent runner at Mansfield, Brierley Forest, Sherwood Pines and Long Easton parkruns - we hope our 2½ "gentle gradients" will become a firm favourite with you over the months too, Isabel!

parkrun 1st female Ryan

Rita Temple celebrated her 150th parkrun, narrowly missing a new PB by just 3 seconds.  She landed her PB at Bestwood at Event #4 way back in February 2017, and has not visited our parkrun since 2018.  It's lovely to see you back!  Her husband would have run his 100th today, but chose to sit this one out - he was there at the Finish, though, to applaud his wife's triumph!

rita ryan

Jane Matthews was top Age Grade performer with 75.30%.  Congratulations!  And finally - to all intents and purposes, Bestwood's own Mr and Mrs Radford, Nicola and Jonathan finished together today, with only 1 second separating their times.  Who finished before the other is of little significance in the great scheme of things - but I bet the result will be mentioned once or twice, or maybe half a dozen times, in the Radford household.  "It's not a race, darling..."!  ;-)  Of course it's not.

parkrun single female runner

parkrun runners at marshal 2 Catrin Egan

Thanks, as always, to our stoic team of volunteers.  Today's parkrun seemed to go particularly smoothly: well done to everyone involved.

parkrun triumphant marshals and dogs Catrin Egan


parkrun Therona and Catrin Catrin Egan

parkrun Alan Catrin Egan

 (Postscript - We LOVE your photos! Especially if they show a quirky aspect of Bestwood Village parkrun. Please send us your best shots, as soon as possible after parkrun, to 

Run Report by David Heathcote
Photographs by Ryan Buzzard-Nall, Catrin Egan and David Heathcote



Bestwood Village parkrun #177 – 16th October 2021

"Oh huzzah, it's parkrun day!" you exclaim as you leap excitedly out of bed. "And it's a glorious... FOUR DEGREES OUTSIDE!! Whaaat?!" You're tempted to creep back under the duvet, they'll not miss you at parkrun just this once, and the bed is sooo warm...

Then you remember you're Run Director.  Duty calls.

By 8.50 this morning, at Bestwood Village parkrun, there were few runners assembled. But the motto seems to be "Give them an impossible hill to run up, and they will come!" At 9.00am, 101 people set off - that's the largest number since we returned to parkrunning.

We even had a surplus of volunteers this morning (we're certainly not complaining!)  It's been a close-run thing some Saturdays - but Alan Cobb, our Volunteer Coordinator, must surely be a practitioner of the dark arts: the volunteers step forward from somewhere. We're not sure what the other ingredients are in his cauldron, but there's a strong smell of Ralgex Deep Heat... ;-)

parkrun Volunteers

Roy Austin from Ripley RC chose Bestwood Village for his 100th parkrun, complete with celebratory helium balloons - congratulations, Roy!

parkrun 100


Ben Burnell of Rushcliffe AC, visiting us for the first time, was first back in 21:32; Francesca Godwin-Austen was first female back, clocking a new PB with 25:04.  Francesca also topped the Age Grades with 72.21% AND she's a member of the Volunteer-50 club!  Kudos!

Greetings and welcome to Kate Castanho, Aidan Crosby and Chris Iliffe who all chose Bestwood Village for their début parkrun, and a socially-distanced hi-five to Laura Patton who returned to Bestwood to run her second parkrun!  See, our "gentle undulations" aren't that bad... are they??!

RD Francesco Lari welcomes First Timers

RD Francesco Lari welcomes First Timers

It looks from the Results table as if we experienced a Richards Family invasion: on their first visit to Bestwood Village parkrun, Juniors Max Richards and Harry Richards, and Mum Sarah Richards finished 68th, 69th and 70th.  Max finished a whole 4 seconds ahead of Harry - but it's not a race, is it, boys?  No, no, no! :-D

Congratulations to everyone today who achieved their goal, whether it was running up the second hill, clocking a better time than they feared, making others happy by applauding them as they ran past, or simply getting out of bed!  You did yourself proud.

The parkrun consumer report by Bestwood Village's own nerdmeister (David)

You may have noticed an addition to our kit this morning, a Co-op QR code board.  The Co-op are one of parkrun's sponsors; we pay nothing to run a 5k on Saturday morning, yet there are expenses in the background - such as operating the Results system.  The Co-op help pay for that.  So accepting a QR code board at the Finish - "Have Brunch on Us!" - does not seem unreasonable.

parkrun Co-op QR

The board seemed popular - one comment I overheard was "I've read about these offers online, but this is the first parkrun where I've actually seen the code."  Bestwood Village leads, others follow!  :-)

The offer is activated on a Saturday morning and lasts until Wednesday.  You scan the QR code into your smartphone.  The code takes you to the Co-op website and a button to click for the week's exclusive parkrun offer.  This week it's £2 off Co-op fresh fish, and there's a recipe for Smoked Mackerel Omelette.  There was no mackerel on sale at the Hucknall Co-op branch I tried, though, only salmon.  But I got two salmon steaks for £2 rather than £4, quite a saving.  (Bizarrely, it was more expensive to buy 2 packs for £7.  £2 discount makes each pack £2.50.  I was never any good at Economics!)

The enthusiastic sales assistant in the Co-op was keen to warn me that I had to load the offer into my Co-op membership wallet, or it wouldn't work.  Not so!  The barcode that activates the offer is simply read by the till scanning machine.  The assistant was astonished when the price dropped by 50%.  "Oh, that IS a bargain!" she said.  Which was nice.

Run Report by David Heathcote
Photos by David Heathcote and Francesco Lari


Bestwood Village parkrun #176 – 9th October 2021

(TREE-) BREAKING NEWS - At 8.27pm on Tuesday, an urgent message came through to Bestwood Village parkrun Mission Control (OK, the Event Director's laptop at home). parkrunner Mark Weston* reported a tree had come down, completely blocking the path on the parkrun route in the Country Park!

parkrun fallen tree Mark Weston

Mission Control sprang into action (well, alright, the ED texted the park ranger, but we're trying to make this sound as dramatic as possible!)  By 8.05am the following day, Ranger Rob was on the case, and the tree was cut up and moved to the side of the path.  Mission accomplished!  Well done, Mark and Ranger Rob.  parkrun took place today as if nothing had happened.

parkrun cleared tree Mark Weston

* - To clarify, Mark is a member of Bestwood Backwards, a small group who - wait for it - run the Bestwood Village parkrun course anticlockwise/backwards on a Tuesday evening, even in the dark.  parkrunHQ are very clear that a parkrun course cannot be run officially in the reverse direction (and a large group of people running down The Beast's 25% gradient would indeed be dangerous)  But a select band running a (not)parkrun - with miners' headlamps! - is fair game.  Kind of...  (At their own risk.)

But what about today's results?  Adam Kennedy was first male back, with a scorching 19:52 time, his best time for nearly two years.  Adam's times just keep getting better and better - might we see a new PB before too long?  The PB Bell awaits, Adam!

Second male back, Steven Mason from Beeston AC landed a new PB with a time of 21:01, and third back, Paul Wass romped home with the best Age Grade of the day - 72.83%.

Karen Round was first female back, clocking 26:50, and Joanne Coleman,débuting at Bestwood Village parkrun, was second female back with a time of 29:07.

Making her first appearance at any parkrun anywhere today was Maddison Vardy.  Maddison began the Service element of her Duke of Edinburgh's Bronze Award this morning by volunteering as Token Scanner at Bestwood Village.  You are very welcome, Maddison!


Over the course of weeks and months, Maddison plans to volunteer for every volunteer job that's going.  Keep a look out for her as you parkrun!  (If you volunteer twice for every role, Maddison, you'll be getting your parkrun Volunteer-25 Club T-shirt as well as your Bronze Award!)

If you know another young person who would like to make parkrun their DofE Service element, please get in touch. It's a full 12-month commitment, but we all know the physical health and mental health benefits of parkrun, both for runners and volunteers.

It was good to see Teresa King back in Marshal #1 position after several weeks' absence.  It's truly uplifting to see her and Daisy - and Frank and John waving and cheering as you come down the first "undulation"!

And finally - smooth-talking Alan Cobb has secured a major concession for Bestwood Village parkrun!  Watch for an exciting, big announcement in weeks to come!  ;-)

yIMG_6312 yIMG_6326

yIMG_6366 yIMG_6419

xIMG_6408 xIMG_6401

xIMG_6382 xIMG_6359

xIMG_6352 xIMG_6350


 Run Report by David Heathcote
Photos by David Heathcote, Dave Vardy and Mark Weston


Bestwood Village parkrun #175 – 2nd October 2021

This week's event saw 95 runners, joggers and walkers complete the hilly 5km loop.  We had 14 visitors to Bestwood Village parkrun, some from as far afield as Southend, Sheffield and Leicestershire.

We had 17 PBs this week, so a big congratulations to those who managed to achieve their personal goals!

First male home was Adam KENNEDY who completed the course in 20:02. Congratulations once again Adam.

IMG_6851 (2)

  • Adam KENNEDY

First female was Charlotte BUCK who completed the course in 23;14, whilst this wasn't a PB for Charlotte it is still a fantastic time. Well done Charlotte!

IMG_6849 (2)

  • Charlotte BUCK

For many it was their first time at Bestwood Village parkrun. Peter ATKIN from Sheffield is used to the hills and completed the course in 23:12. Peter was very complimentary of the course saying it is now one of his favorites! We hope to see you back again soon Peter!

IMG_6857 (2)

  • Peter ATKIN

Stephanie GOVER travelled up north from Southend to attend a wedding but also took the opportunity to complete the Bestwood Village parkrun in a time of 29:17. Well done Stephanie, we hope you enjoyed your well-deserved Prosecco afterwards!

Stephanie (2)

  • Stephanie GOVER

We had 2 runners sign up to volunteer on the future roaster, thank you very much for that, it's great to meet new people and essential for parkrun to continue as well as it does.

A massive thank you to all our volunteers this week: Evie BAILEY, Rachel BAILEY, Rachel BURGOYNE, Ryan BUZZARD-NALL, Alan COBB, Kirstie DODSLEY, Catrin EGAN, David HEATHCOTE, Denise HOLROYD, Archie JACKSON, Paul JACKSON, Tracey JACKSON, Emma LISSETT, Jonathan RADFORD, Deborah RIGBY, Karen SLADE, John SPENCE, Matthew WATTS

IMG_6837 (2)

picture PR (2)

IMG_6888 (2)

Hope to see you at the start line on Saturday!

Regards Jonathan RADFORD


Did I mention there was a parkrun statsgeek group??

Courtesy of

parkrun Attendance and Milestone Stats for 25 September 2021

Worldwide there were 1,312 parkruns, and the worldwide parkrun population was 180,223 parkrunners and 26,712 volunteers.

13,973 people got their parkrun barcode this week
7,727 people became parkrunners this week
752 parkrunners joined the 50 club
438 parkrunners joined the 100 club
92 parkrunners joined the 250 club
2 parkrunners joined the 500 club
238 parkrunners joined the v25 club

In the UK there were 673 5k events, 122,650 parkrunners, (of which 5,150 were recording their first parkrun), and 14,639 volunteers,
In Australia there were 207 5k events, 20,128 parkrunners, (of which 670 were recording their first parkrun), and 2001 volunteers,
In Russia there were 87 events, 3,655 parkrunners, (of which 372 were recording their first parkrun), and 878 volunteers,
In Poland there were 79 events, 3,136 parkrunners, (of which 252 were recording their first parkrun), and 674 volunteers,
In Ireland there were 73 5k events, 6,562 parkrunners, (of which 503 were recording their first parkrun), and 916 volunteers,
In the USA there were 41 events, 1,390 parkrunners, (of which 175 were recording their first parkrun), and 382 volunteers,
In South Africa there were 34 events, 1,518 parkrunners, (of which 99 were recording their first parkrun), and 239 volunteers,
In Germany there were 32 events, 815 parkrunners, (of which 98 were recording their first parkrun), and 247 volunteers,
In Canada there were 23 events, 668 parkrunners, (of which 97 were recording their first parkrun), and 175 volunteers,
In the Netherlands there were 11 events, 361 parkrunners, (of which 70 were recording their first parkrun), and 97 volunteers,
In Italy there were 10 events, 362 parkrunners, (of which 37 were recording their first parkrun), and 91 volunteers,
In Sweden there were 10 events, 312 parkrunners, (of which 37 were recording their first parkrun), and 64 volunteers,
In Denmark there were 9 events, 289 parkrunners, (of which 23 were recording their first parkrun), and 42 volunteers,
In France there were 8 events, 171 parkrunners, (of which 12 were recording their first parkrun), and 40 volunteers,
In Norway there were 6 events, 229 parkrunners, (of which 41 were recording their first parkrun), and 48 volunteers,
In Japan there were 5 events, 194 parkrunners, (of which 15 were recording their first parkrun), and 44 volunteers,
In Finland there were 3 events, 81 parkrunners, (of which 10 were recording their first parkrun), and 25 volunteers,
In Austria there was 1 event, 20 parkrunners, (of which 2 were recording their first parkrun), and 7 volunteers.

Biggest UK parkruns: Bushy Park (1,058), Southampton (701), Nonsuch (632), Cardiff (570), York (561), Poole (550), Heaton Park (542), Chelmsford Central (526), Huddersfield (509), Clapham Common (508),
Smallest UK parkruns: Great Yarmouth North Beach (41), Jubilee (40), Kirkwall (38), Coed Cefn-pwll-du (37), Brynaman (37), Bowling Park (37), Flatts Lane (36), Swaffham (33), Rostrevor (33), Aberbeeg (33), Parc* (31), Cotsford Fields (31), Drumchapel (29), Warren Hill* (28), Bevendean Down (27), Windy Nook (26), Larne (26), Bower Park (26), Girvan Prom (25), Cape Pembroke Lighthouse (22), Hilltop* (21), Black Combe* (20), Holy Cross College (17), Tern Hill* (14), The Grange* (13), Sudbury* (12), Keppel* (6), Springhill* (5), Mount Pleasant* (5), Feltham* (3),
(* Events marked with an asterisk are not open to the public, for instance if they are in the grounds of a prison or YOI).

13,973 people got their parkrun barcode this week
7,727 people became parkrunners this week
5,666 parkrunners did their 'difficult second parkrun' this week
4,719 parkrunners completed their parkrun hat trick this week
37,215 of 3,198,676 (1.2%) of runners on 1-9 parkruns, ran this week
16,918 of 480,969 (3.5%) of runners on 10-19 parkruns, ran this week
12,480 of 199,112 (6.3%) of runners on 20-29 parkruns, ran this week
10,251 of 108,881 (9.4%) of runners on 30-39 parkruns, ran this week
8,499 of 66,098 (12.9%) of runners on 40-49 parkruns, ran this week

752 parkrunners joined the 50 club
29,014 of 161,751 (17.9%) of runners on 50-99 parkruns, ran this week
438 parkrunners joined the 100 club
16,197 of 61,090 (26.5%) of runners on 100-149 parkruns, ran this week
239 parkrunners ran their 150th parkrun this week
8,991 of 25,423 (35.4%) of runners on 150-199 parkruns, ran this week
154 parkrunners ran their 200th parkrun this week
5,673 of 12,257 (46.3%) of runners on 200-249 parkruns, ran this week
92 parkrunners joined the 250 club
3,114 of 6,195 (50.3%) of runners on 250-299 parkruns, ran this week
38 parkrunners ran their 300th parkrun this week
1,696 of 2,837 (59.8%) of runners on 300-349 parkruns, ran this week
26 parkrunners ran their 350th parkrun this week
821 of 1,185 (69.3%) of runners on 350-399 parkruns, ran this week
10 parkrunners ran their 400th parkrun this week
404 of 503 (80.3%) of runners on 400-449 parkruns, ran this week
1 parkrunners ran their 450th parkrun this week
182 of 206 (88.3%) of runners on 450-499 parkruns, ran this week
2 parkrunners joined the 500 club: Malcolm Edwin Brown, Keith Ellis
100 of 116 (86.2%) of runners on 500-599 parkruns, ran this week
0 parkrunners ran their 600th parkrun this week
14 of 16 (87.5%) of runners on 600-699 parkruns, ran this week
0 parkrunners ran their 700th parkrun this week
3 of 3 (100.0%) of runners on 700-799 parkruns, ran this week

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