Bestwood Village parkrun #170 – 28th August 2021

parkrun Finishers' facial expressions come in many different versions:

  • The mildly irritated expression of the élite runner, who looks at their super-expensive smart watch, and realises s/he has missed a PB by 0.2s (I do feel for you)
  • The determined expression of the regular runner, who's blowed if that ache in the hip is going to put them off (Do we have paracetamol in the bathroom cupboard?)
  • The blank amazement of the tourist who actually believed the "gently undulating" course description in the RD's briefing (What was THAT at 2k??!)
  • And the heroic expression of the "Couch to 5k" graduate who is determined to continue making progress by parkrunning (I applaud you unreservedly)

But the expression that tops ALL those is that of the little girl who ran only her fourth 5k with her Mum today, and was pretty darned pleased with herself.  Well done Meredith Clayton!  The delight on your face said it all!  Ring that bell!


(photo posted with parent's permission)

This week 82 people ran, jogged and walked the course, the numbers still depleted because of summer holidays.


Six people were first timers at Bestwood, 12 recorded PBs and we welcomed tourists from Tewkesbury and Basingstoke.  Michael Perry was first back with a PB of 19:54 - well done!  And Saffy Walton of Cove Joggers was first female back at 22:21, with an Age Grade of 75.91% - wow!  Juniors Reka Kaska and William Sinclair ran their 2nd and 4th parkruns respectively, "slightly older" Jon Meeson ran his 5th.  You are all very, very welcome - haste ye back!

This Report Writer decided to test the Incident Procedure by tripping and falling in the wooded part of the course.  There are tree roots across the path - who knew?!  (Just everyone who listened carefully to Alan's RD briefing!)  My thanks to all who stopped and checked if I was OK (I was!), especially David Needham.  The parkrun community is A Wonderful Thing.

But the elephant at the parkrun Start this week was that parkrun very nearly didn't happen.  The Bestwood Village automatic external defibrillator (AED) decided to display that it was NOT "Rescue Ready".  One of parkrun Directors' many responsibilities is to check each week that we have a working AED within 5 minutes' journey time.  The AED at the convenience store is 4 minutes away.  With that removed for repair, we needed urgent assistance.  Local councillors - and parkrunners - Francesco Lari and Des Gibbons came to our aid, pointing out where the nearest AEDs were located.  Karen - a parkrunner also! - at one of the local factories lent us their defib, on the condition that it was returned immediately after the run.  That it was.  (With "thank you" note attached!)


The upshot of this week's experience is that, lovely as it is to have Bestwood Village's AED on hand, Bestwood Village parkrun should have its own defibrillator.

Dear Reader, prepare to dig deep and donate to Bestwood Village parkrun so we can buy our own defibrillator. More details to follow.



 (Report by David Heathcote;
photos by Ryan Buzzard-Nall, Alan Cobb, and David Heathcote)