Bestwood Village parkrun #171 – 4th September 2021

There's a special look that younger parkrunners give you when you ask The Question - "Are you going to beat your Dad across the Finish line today?"!

Fiendishly, Evelyn Wade had that look to perfection this morning; it's a "I-love-my-Dad-to-bits-but-there's-no-way-I'm-letting-him-beat-me" look.  And true to her word, she crossed the line A WHOLE SECOND in front of dad, Richard Wade!!  Oh, and she scored a PB of 31:50, with an age grade of 61.36%.  Bravo!  (For the record, Dad's PB is 19:36, so he's no slouch either!)

Evelyn & Richard Wade composite

(photo displayed with parent's permission)

Joe Mutetwa chose to run his very first parkrun at Bestwood Country Park today; he's recently arrived from South Africa.


Matthew Pearson, Katherine Tucker and Eleanor Shaw also all ran their first parkrun here at Bestwood this morning.  Welcome all of you!  We hope to see you next week and beyond.

This week 76 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 11 were first timers and 10 recorded new Personal Bests.  Stefan Szablewski from University of Nottingham Triathlon Club was first back with a time of 18:33. Nicola Radford, taking a break from being Bestwood Village parkrun Run Director, was first female back, time 25:21; Nicola is returning to her previous form - is a new PB within her sights?  Paul Wass, 3rd back, topped the age grades with 73.17%, narrowly beating - or narrowly being beaten by, depending how you look at it - Bruce Raeside, 2nd back, 71.25%.


Run Director Alan Cobb also doubles as Volunteer Coordinator, a sometimes thankless task - "It was a close-run thing this week." he says. "We got our last volunteer late on Friday night!!  Without a full team of volunteers, we cannot parkrun."  Please, can everyone step forward as a volunteer from time to time - once a month would be ideal, but once every two or three months makes a real difference.  And volunteering really makes you feel good!


Neil Boulton, our Results Processor


Most importantly, I didn't trip and fall over this week.  ;-)

Report by David Heathcote
Photos by Alan Cobb, Paul Egan and David Heathcote

 (Sorry for the late publication of this Run Report: Life got in the way a bit this week!)