Bevendean Down parkrun #176: summer sunshine

Thanks are due to Colin Hannant for the lovely photos of everyone enjoying the sunshine at Bevendean this week.  We had 34 participants and 10 volunteers - and all said volunteers (plus a few of the runners) are members of local club Portslade Hedgehoppers.  Thanks very much for helping out!

We also had a good contingent of runners/walkers from Brighton Hash House Harriers, who were planning to help Bouncer celebrate his 250th parkrun with breakfast, tea, cake, and beer in the Bevy after the run. Rik didn't realise till afterwards, but he had reached the (unofficial) milestone of 150 runs, so also had something to celebrate.


Well done to our first finishers, Wesley Eason and Sophie Goodall-Smith, who were both enjoying their first visit to Bevendean Down.


Well done also to Adrian Hill, Ali Cannell, and Damien Ndayambaje (who all achieved pbs), and welcome to the parkrun family to Sean Jordan and Willow Alexander, who completed their first ever parkrun.  Hope you enjoyed the hills!

If you would like to volunteer next week, or indeed any week, please either contact us on our Facebook page or by emailing  It's easy and fun!

Thank you, and see you next week.


Visitor’s run report by Nicky Hack: Does this have a hill?

When Jane Rostant worked out she was going to be running her 50th different parkrun, we said, ‘go wherever you like Jane’.  What we should have said was ‘Go wherever you like Jane WITHOUT a mountainous climb’.  Jane chose Bevendean Down parkrun.  But, we live to tell the tale.


We met at 7:15am to drive from Guildford to Bevendean Down parkrun.  One hour and 15 minutes later, the - silence in the car was unusual, we were all looking up at THE HILLS, gulping sounds were audible.

The ascent to the start, well, that took huffing and puffing, thighs burning early on but we made it and met the wonderful core team involved in setting up this stunning parkrun.  Fellow/local runners did nothing to calm our nerves by laughing at us, which was great, but they had to take photos of us so I think we won!


When you see a hill in the distance, your mind plays a trick on you. It says, ‘it’s not a hill, it’s a little incline, you can do this’. It is an incline indeed which goes on and up and on and up and up and up. The reward, a stunningly beautiful view at the top and a superb run down again, the only catch…..WE HAD TO DO IT AGAIN! Legs burning, sun coming out, a wonderful lonely supportive Marshal just made our visit to Bevendean Down one of our more memorable tourist runs.

Stephen Ferroni – Number 1 token holder on Saturday 18 May 2019. New course record holder 15.59 and a PB. It was a pleasure meeting you and chatting to you. Keep up your fantastic running, you made us feel old, but when you’re famous we can say – look at us with Stephen!


We were wonderfully welcomed at The Bevy for a post run beverage. The worrying thought was we had sat down, would we be able to stand up again! We did, with a little moaning, but victory was ours!



Thank you to everyone at Bevendean Down parkrun for making our Saturday morning a talking point for the journey home.

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Hill, what hill?


Nicky Hack


Bevendean Down parkrun #169: another windy one!

It was another windy morning at Bevendean Down this week, with Storm Hannah helping everyone up the hill, but then making the downhill less of a breeze than usual!  I’m told it was almost enough to knock you over at the dew pond bend.  That might explain that of our 28 participants only one managed a personal best:  well done to Mark Melling, who has run our parkrun no less than 23 times, and somehow took 39 seconds off his previous best despite the wind.

These people weren’t doing their first ever parkrun, but they were visiting us for the first time:  Christopher Tess, Charlie Hempstead, Rikkos Chrysostomou, Tom Curtis, Amy & Bethany Pemberton-Hill, and Piotr Rusiecki – we hope you enjoyed it and will visit us again soon.

We would like to welcome Jenni Draycott and Lee Pelham to the parkrun family.  What a day to choose for your first ever parkrun!  Congratulations to Jenni and Lee who seemed to be smiling all the way round.  Hope to see you both again next week!

Bevendean Down parkrun #169 (27.04.19)Well done to our first finishers: Ben Pomfrett, completing his 199th parkrun, and Jenny Tinson, completing her 243rd parkrun. Bevendean Down parkrun #169 (27.04.19)

Bevendean Down parkrun #169 (27.04.19)

A big thank you as always to our bunch of volunteers, some of whom are very regular helpers – we couldn’t do it without you:

Clare MILSOM • John (Bouncer) BIGGINS • Nathan EVANS • Colin HANNANT • Stewart GREGORY • Val BROCKWELL • Barry FAIRHALL • Sarah LANE

See you next week!


STOP PRESS: It’s our annual BACKWARDS run this Saturday (30th March)!

Do come and join us for a fun way to celebrate April Fool's Day (a bit early) on Saturday.  We won't be gathering for the briefing at our normal spot near the gate, but instead at the point where we usually start the run - by the dew pond.  That's where you can leave your kit.

Then we'll walk together to the start (where we usually finish...), and then we'll run (or walk) the course the other way round.  So the finish funnel will be by the dew pond.  Confused??  All will become clear on the day.

After that we'll head down to the Bevy for breakfast and to discuss whether it's harder or easier that way round!

You're very welcome to join us.


Bevendean Down parkrun #163 (on 16.3!): a windy one

Our participation numbers seem to be loitering in the 20s at the moment - we almost made it to a grand total of 30 this week, but unfortunately two of the starters dropped out after one lap, citing injury. I'm sure the gale-force wind had no bearing on their decision.

It was certainly a breezy one, but we assured the runners and walkers during the briefing that the south-westerly would push them all the way up the hill... That may have been the case, but we did hear comments afterwards that the usual respite of our lovely downhill was less easy than usual, running straight into the wind.


We had one brave person doing their first ever parkrun, so well done to William Zammit, who came in 6th and was still smiling. He and his companions said they enjoyed the run and will definitely return for more.


You might be surprised to hear that one person even managed a PB despite the challenging conditions - excellent running from Chris Bradley on his third run at Bevendean, and his second PB in a row.

The first finisher was Daniel Clewley, whose home run is the beautiful Mount Edgcumbe parkrun in Cornwall, also on his third trip to Bevendean, and first woman was another Zammit - Rebecca.  Top age grader was Vinnie Pegley with 71.20%, the only person over 70%.  Very well done to all three of you.  And of course, to everyone else who took part.


Also getting buffeted by the wind, and thankful for their bobble hats, was our merry band of volunteers, so thanks very much to all of you for your help once again. We couldn't do it without you:


And thanks to Colin for the photos! IMG_0130

If you haven't volunteered before, do give it a go - it's easy and fun. Just contact us on our Facebook page, or email at

See you next week.  And don't forget in 2 weeks, on Saturday 30th March, we'll be having our annual backwards run, to celebrate April Fool's Day.  You won't actually be running backwards, but just doing the course the other way round, starting at the finish and finishing at the start!!  Some think it's harder, some think it's easier...  Come and see what YOU think.

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