Bevendean Down parkrun is cancelled on 11 July 2020: COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

4th birthday

Wow, what a turnout we had for our 4th birthday celebrations!! 87 people walked, jogged, ran and tripped their way around our 5K course, drastically increasing our recent average turnout. Our numbers were helped in no small part by the Portslade Hedgehoppers, who contributed nearly 30 people, including a couple of volunteers. Also along were two EDs and an RD from Preston Park parkrun, probably felt a bit quiet for them!

We had a couple of milestones today, one of our regulars Keith Ridge and Hopper Diane Melrose were both running their 100th parkrun, so a big cheer for them, and Philip Gale earned his red t-shirt by completing his 50th parkrun. We also two other birthday celebrations among us, congratulations to Barry Cusselle and Gemma Gilroy, you lucky things getting to run on your birthdays! In addition to all this milestone and birthday action, 17 people ran PBs today, which was a pretty impressive number.

Once everyone had crossed the finish line, we all decamped to The Bevy for breakfast and cake, it was brilliant to see it so crowded…I think we managed to get through 67 breakfasts, so a huge thank you to the Bevy staff for dishing up so many. We and the Bevy are very keen to encourage a few more people to stay for breakfast each week, so the turnout yesterday was amazing!

We had a few birthday awards to give out to some of our regulars, huge congratulations go to:

Most runs at Bevendean Down this year - Mark Melling

Most volunteer roles filled in a single week - John “Bouncer” Biggins – 7 jobs in one day

Social media butterfly - Tim W Jones - 37,518 views of photo dressed as a Christmas tree

Most photos taken during an individual event - Colin Hannant - 46,532 photos taken

Longest string of volunteering due to injury - Barry Fairhall - 7 weeks of barcode scanning

Best 2-4-1 volunteering duo - Janet Clapton and Steve Newman

Best grimace over the finish line - Glen McCready


Youngest to 100 milestone - Vinnie Pegley

Earliest post-run pint - Mike Pegley

Best baby sitter for my child so I can have breakfast in peace - Louie Pegley

Most distinctive running style and brightest clothing - Vincent Lane

Maybe next year you can win yourselves one of these coveted prizes next year if you get involved at Bevendean Down!

Thanks as always to our lovely volunteers, we were so inundated this week that we managed to have two marshals out on the course, which is a lot more than usual!



Bevendean down parkrun #205

After a busy personal year on the parkrun front I finally had a window to do some non-running volunteering today so offered to set-up but a last minute hold-up due to a dust cart (on a Saturday, I ask you!) meant that ED Brian had already done the hardest bit of taking the cart up the hill to the start of the hill. Not to worry, I was also down for finish tokens but my sticky start continued when we realised the tokens weren’t in their usual place. I can now report from experience that, although much is made of ‘the hill’ at Bevendean Down with the climb still sitting as the sixth highest in the UK’s 600 plus parkrun courses, it is also a significant climb from the pub just to the start of the run.  At least I was able to locate our oft overlooked pop-up for some photo opportunities!


Although brisk, it was good to see Mr. Sun today as the crowds gathered for the first regular parkrun of the new decade, and it was a great pleasure to welcome along 14 visitors including David and Gavin FERGUSON from Basingstoke, Ting Ting HU from Southwark, and Oliver NOTTIDGE from Cheltenham. The balance were all visiting from other local events probably for a bit of a change after a busy schedule of parkruns over the festive season.

Last minute assistance from the Pegleys meant the roster of volunteers was overflowing. It’s always a good feeling to have every position covered, and it meant we were all able to relax and enjoy the day as much as the runners, highly recommended!


Ross BROCKLEHURST (below left) set a cracking pace to lead the field home in 19.07, a PB for him here and one of only two PB’s recorded, the other going to an ecstatic regular, Adrian HILL (seen here storming the first lap). Well done guys, great start to the year, but a special mention also to Tim W JONES whose time of 20:51 was his quickest in the absence of dog Bentley. Elsewhere, Aislinn DARVELL from the University was first lady home, Jon CLAYS (below right) from Brighton Phoenix was 2nd overall and Malcolm KEMP continues to knock out some amazing times for his age category.


Great job everybody, runners and volunteers alike, and a special thank you to those who came to my rescue when it finally came time to attempt to squeeze the pop-up back into its bag. I’m quietly glad that, despite several threats, no-one actually videoed the process but it may be some time before it reappears!

The excellent Bevy breakfast was well-earned today, and can there be any greater recommendation than the appearance of returnee Gemma BENNETT coming all the way up here after parkrunning at Hove Promenade!


John (Bouncer) BIGGINS


Bevendean Down parkrun #203: O Christmas Tree!

Run report # 203

We are all winners here I know, but every now and then someone is so far ahead we can only look on in awe. Without envy we congratulate this outright winner.  Please step forward Tim… assuming you’re not rooted to the ground. 

Tim tree 2

His was no run of the mill garb – as Christmas celebration costumes go this was Frankenstein’s monster. Twenty five kilos of the highest calibre carried over the entire Bevendean course was a thing to behold. Along with 34 other parkrunners donning Santa hats/suit; Christmas jumpers and of course Christmas tree we waited at the start near the dew pond in what turned out to be mild and pleasant weather.  It doesn’t take long to set 35 people off so 3, 2, 1 off they went. As often happens a small pack pulled away early from the rest of us. Unsurprisingly the Christmas tree with legs was not amongst them. For nearly a full lap I could hear pine needles shimmy close behind, but with a little effort on the hill managed to (finally) pull away. For anyone walking their dog, apart from the surprise spectacle, the temptation to “release the dogs” must have been hard to resist. Well resist they did and Tim stayed dry and scent-free for his run. Recognising the need for breakfast the weather Gods hurried the tail end of the pack with the threat of rain. Standing our ground we cheered in every last runner over the finish line, our 8 festive volunteers quickly packed up the parkrun kit and most of today’s 35 plus volunteers headed to The Bevy (a little to their surprise). And it was there we whiled away the hours. Another enjoyable morning spent with all at Bevendean Down parkrun and continuing in the Bevy.

Tim Jones as tree


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all. Here’s looking forward to another great year at the little parkrun with the big hill.




Ho Ho Ho!! It’s almost Christmas…

Ho Ho Ho!! Christmas is coming a few days early to Bevendean Down! Santa wants to see you all in your best Christmassy fancy dress, don't let him down!
Prizes for most effort at the Bevy afterwards!

Bevendean xmas


#200 – Happy Anniversary!!

This week we had something to celebrate: Bevendean Down Parkrun #200! Back in February 2016, 103(!) people took part, of those some are still regularly running today! For our special occasion this week, we had 28 runners who participated. It was a beautiful, sunny, crisp morning and a very welcome contrast to the stormy and rainy runs we had the previous weeks.


Out of these 28 runners, we had 8 first timers: Simon NICHOLLS, Rob STANWAY, Charles WHEELER, Nicola TROTMAN, Andrew WILKINSON, Tracey NICHOLLS, Beverley MCARDLE and Sara SAADATZADEH. Thank you for visiting Bevendean Down, we hope you enjoyed the course and will come again!

Two people managed to achieve new PBs this week, well done: Ian MCARDLE and Emma SAADATZADEH.


We also had visitors from Edinburgh, Dorking in Surrey and St. Albans - please come again!!

First finisher was Bevendean Down regular John MILINS with a fantastic time of 21:34.

I would like to give a special shoutout to Gerald MILES. He took part in the first ever Bevendean Down Parkrun on 06/02/2016 and decided to visit us again for number 200. Thank you so much for joining us again on this special day!! He also completed 342 runs so far in total, which is also a massive achievement!! Here he is just about to cross the finish line:


As always, thank you to our volunteers, who we always rely upon and without whom this event would not be possible: Val BROCKWELL, Brian COOPER, Stewart GREGORY, Sarah LANE, Vincent LANE, Steve NEWMAN, Keith RIDGE.

On a side note, Steve and me are thinking about new careers as official clothing handlers - I think we never had so many people taking layers off mid-run! Of course we were gladly there to assist, here is a live-action shot:


Thank you to Keith for taking and sending us your pictures!

And thats all folks, see you next Saturday!

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