Saturday 22nd Barcode horror

Thank goodness some clever person invented the parkrun volunteer app and double thank goodness for runners like Fran Whyte and Jonathan White as well as regular volunteer Ryan Jones that use the app because, the thing is, the barcose scanners are not feeling very well. One went on strike at parkrun and just wouldn't work and the other has thrown a strop and is sulking ably backed up by the cable. I heard it shout 1 out all out, I swear.
The results have been published with what we have got from the apps. Please email or pm via facebook page your finish position and time you believe you have got.I am prepared to update it on Tuesday afternoon by hand but after that my work and home life takes priority.

Please can you consider downloading the app and volunteering as scanners in future weeks. Fran and Jonathan ran first so you could get 2 credits.
Thanks for an awesome morning today, the weather was fab, our marshalls esp our DofE guys showed fantastic commitment and responsibility. THANK YOU ALL

Oh and my last thanks is to Susan Hellyer for leaving her bike unlocked so we could borrow it enabling us to get to our faller quicker.
See you saturday, please volunteer and #dfyb
Tina x