Billericay parkrun #77 – 15 December 2018

As most of you know (because we mention it at every opportunity... sorry!), in November a big group of us went over to Barry Island parkrun in Wales to twin our parkruns together in honour of Gavin & Stacey.

When we went, we gave our new friends in the Barry Island core team team a gift - a blue sign - which matches one at Billericay, in the hope that people would take up the challenge of doing the double and get their photo with both.

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And now, the first person has!

After running Barry Island last month, Kieran Hughes from Taunton in Somerset completed Billericay this week, as part of his bigger challenge of running a different parkrun each week until he gets to 100 parkruns.

And he even offered to write our run report and sort our tokens too. Thanks very much for liking our silly idea Kieran, and congratulations on this tidiest of parkrun achievements. Over to you!

Marco's Cafe Billericay


A few weeks ago I heard about the exploits of a group of Billericay parkrunners venturing over the Bridge to Barry Island to find out “what’s occurring”.

This is Tourism at its best and I thought to emulate such a challenge.

To this end I visited Barry Island on the 10th November and encountered strong winds blowing the sea over the promenade wall. Despite the windswept conditions I was blown away with the warm welcome and encouragement I received by volunteers and runners alike.

Today, encouraged by Uncle Bryn to get a chance to use my SatNav, I journeyed from Taunton to Billericay.

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After a three and a half hour drive I discovered the delightful Lake Meadows.

Although the temperature was low my excitement was high. I received a very warm welcome upon arrival from the volunteers who made me feel at home. Thank you for the shout out at the briefing. Whilst running the course I received lots of encouragement from runners and marshals. This clearly made an impression on me, one of my fastest times this year!

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Now for the statistics, there were 186 who ran jogged or walked Billericay parkrun with a whopping 20 runners from Billericay Striders and others from following clubs Vegan Runners, RunFit Essex, Haywards Heath Harriers, Flyers Southend, East London Runners, East Essex Triathlon, Chelmsford AC, Castle Point Joggers, 26.2 RRC and #thisgirlcanessex.

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A special mention to Gary PHILLIPS, Grant ENGLAND, Chris MALONEY and Mike WHEATLEY, all four ran their 50th parkrun event today. An amazing accomplishment showing determination and an example to us all.

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Don't worry - Chris's 50th was definitely not bike assisted!

Congratulations to the spectacular 31 new PBs and a cheer goes out to Charles PARMENTER, Verity PECK, Sophie BICKERSTAFF, Joey HICKS, Shane WHITE, David PORTER, Kimberley HUGHES, David TOWNSEND, Christine PORTER, James KING, Nicola NICHOLS, Richard BARNETT, Michael GROSVENOR, Stephanie COLLINS, Anthony MONAGHAN, Sharon VOLLER, Max POUNDER, Rob HARDY, Abbey RICHARDSON, John HANCOX, Les WALKER, Kevin CLAYTON, Paul NICHOLS, Josie TULLETT, Gary CLIFFORD, Carl DEVLIN, Mark STEPHENS, David HAYDAY, Samantha Rosa LEFTWICH, Jamie HANCOX and Edward SAINSBURY.

48281455_1147312862106458_8969950901758328832_o 48275803_1147313688773042_2199241409825865728_o

A warm welcome to the four first timers to the parkrun family, Joe SALMONS, Pip BRENNAN, Tobias HANCOCK, Naomi BRENNAN. May this be the start of your parkrun journey!


This event would not have been possible without the help and encouragement of the following Hi Vis Heroes: Maria ANDREETTI, Andrew BAKER, Kevin BATES, Eamon BROWN, James BUCHAN, Gary CLIFFORD, David DADDS, Rachel FORREST, Ellen FORREST, Pawel GORA, Samuel HAVIS, Ruth HAVIS, David HAYDAY, Samuel HILL, Pete HOLME, Kieran HUGHES, Alexa JOEL, Kathryn JOEL, Martin JONES, Mark JONES, Simon JORDAN, Chris MALONEY, Michaela MOLYNEAUX, Jo PATMORE, Alan PORTER, Arnaud SALAKO, Katie SMITH, Dave SWEET, Maggie TOPLISS, Elisabeth TULLETT, Rachel VARNAM, Ivor WALDNEY, Spencer WELCH, Kate WEST.

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48358914_1147308478773563_2140457197467860992_o 48371911_1147307465440331_3791982761137405952_o

If you would like to volunteer simply email:

I feel privileged to have ran and volunteered at both Barry Island and Billericay parkruns as a tourist, The challenge has now been laid down, who will be next to pick up the gauntlet?

Kieran Hughes, Longrun Meadow parkrun (Taunton)

Finally, a huge thank you to everyone who came to the pub last night with us. It was really amazing to see so many there- even if we were all doing a few double takes to recognise people out of running gear!! :) Hope you enjoyed it as much as we did - cheers!



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