Billericay parkrun #126 – 16 November 2019

I have a theme of talking about the weather in my reports and that's not going to change today, long gone is the sun and out comes the rain, but once again despite showers all week the park remained dry on the Saturday morning at 9am and 336 intrepid runners, walkers and joggers took the the paths of Lake Meadows park in Billericay for their weekly fix of a free 5K parkrun!

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And perhaps most importantly, as ever, were the volunteers a whopping 33 of them giving up part of their Saturday morning to help make our 126th event as incredible and fantastic as the first, as always, a massive thank you from myself and the rest of the core team, you all help to make our parkrun what it is, the best! I'll also give a small shout out again to Harry who completed his DofE Bronze with us on Saturday and also to Joe who as Photographer took some absolutely stunning photos!

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And yes, that does include the pacers and also the our milestone achievers, those of you regular to my briefings will probably spot i always miss at least one thing off my briefing, usually it's to ask if we have any tourists visiting from other parkruns, well today it was the the solid line of pacers covering a wide range of times and also the fantastic milestone achievers, and I will call out one in particular, not that the others don't deserve it, with Mark and Sonia doubling up for a couples 50 and Maren returning to civilian life after her stint in the SWAT team, but because her achievement was built on a the back of an injury causing her to fall out of love with running after an accident but before she knew it she was earning that 50 shirt! So a big well done to Christine, it really is great to see people enjoying their time at our event so to the 12 first timers to parkrun on Saturday, we hope we'll see you on that milestone board in the not so distant future!

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I think I've waffled on long enough for this week, next week it's a bit more simple, things just "click" into place, like building lego you could say, that's right, 30 minute Maggie is in the hotseat so I'll see you there for your next weekly dose of parkrun! I know some of you can't wait ;)


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