Billericay parkrun #127 – 23 November 2019

Our guest Run Report Writer this week is Ellen Forrest :

As the countdown to Christmas begins, many of us are seen running away from persistent relatives clutching decorations as we repeatedly yell “IT’S NOVEMBER PUT THEM AWAY”. However, at Lake Meadows on Saturday morning, 284 of you were seen running, jogging and walking the weekly 5k instead.

IMG_2019 IMG_2978

As this week’s photographer, I was slightly disappointed that I could not capture a photo of one of the runners jumping over a puddle or making a large splash, as who doesn’t love seeing others try to avoid large puddles in a panic? Alas, everyone handled the mud very graciously and even though many shoes will now sit neglected in the cupboard whilst we put off cleaning them, at least everyone left with the satisfaction that they did not fall in a puddle.

IMG_2946 (2)

IMG_3068 IMG_3319

Now moving on to the stats for the week:

As mentioned above, 284 of you participated in this week’s parkrun, 25 of whom were first timers, 12 being representatives of different clubs and there were even 31 recorded Personal Bests! Along with this, there were 24 volunteers ensuring that this event was made possible, so a very big thank you to all of you


IMG_2905 IMG_2912

Furthermore, we celebrated three important milestones! We had Pete Hall, who has volunteered 25 times with us, Luke Wotton who has completed 50 parkruns and last but not least, Chris Maloney who has run 100 parkruns! A big congratulations to all of you.


I would now like to take a moment of your time to show you some adorable photos of the dogs who ran with us on Saturday (it is important that we show our love and affection for them now as we know deep down that at least one of them will eat some part of the Christmas dinner they were not supposed to, causing an uproar in their household):


IMG_3015 IMG_3345

Finally, this section goes out to all of the camera lovers, when even running, they can still strike a pose. I hope everyone has a lovely week, and you never know, by the next parkrun we may all have our decorations up!

IMG_3166 IMG_3426

IMG_3419 (2) IMG_3156

IMG_3110 IMG_3086

IMG_3027 IMG_2984


Huge thank you to Ellen Forrest for writing our report, as well as taking the photos this week. Over now to David Hayday who is our Run Director for next week.

Run Director

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