Billericay parkrun #128 – 30 November 2019

When the car tells you it’s –2 degrees outside and the locks to our equipment storage area are frozen solid, you know that it’s proper cold and that winter has well and truly arrived. And that was exactly the case on Saturday.


That said, a few hard frosts after the recent weeks of wet weather are probably quite helpful for our weekly 5k and, arguably, better cold and dry than warmer and wetter!

Unsurprisingly, at this time of year our numbers fell back a bit to 232 intrepid walkers, joggers and runners. Even so, our average weekly attendance for 2019 is still well over 300 per week at 324.

Even with the slightly lower numbers we were still blessed with the four regular groups that are always great to see:

First Timers
Not a day when we’d expect to see loads and loads of first timers, but brilliant that 5 people brought their shiny new barcodes along and got their first parkrun on the board. I hope you all enjoyed it and we’ll see you back throughout the winter and throughout 2020 and beyond.


parkrun Tourists
It’s always lovely to welcome parkrunners from elsewhere in the county, the country or even from abroad, so a warm welcome to all our visitors this week and a particular hello to Sue Millward, the Event Director of Westmill parkrun near Ware in Hertfordshire, for coming to say hi.


Personal Bests
Again, not necessarily a day for loads and loads of PBs, but perhaps the cool and still conditions and a little more space on the run helped an amazing 31 of you set new Personal Bests. That’s 14% of the field setting a new best time; what a great effort and congratulations!

IMG_3902 IMG_3951
IMG_3948 IMG_3969

This week we had three regulars making it to the big 5 – 0 of parkruns, so huge congratulations to Dean Oliver, Michael Grosvenor and Keith Overill. We’ll all be looking out for the new shiny t-shirts over the next couple of weeks.

IMG_3589 (3)

On the volunteer front, a total of 26 Hi Viz heroes made it all possible including 5 out of 6 of our Duke of Edinburgh scheme volunteers. A big thanks to Jessie for taking the photos for the first time and Ellen for sharing the Run Director duties, including the Run Briefing and processing the event results, again, for the first time. It never ceases to amaze me how talented and adaptable our DoE volunteers are - I know I would have run a mile at the prospect of doing those roles when I was that age, so a big thank you to all of our brilliant crop of youngsters that help week after week.

IMG_3034 (2)

Of course, for all of our brilliant volunteers, order of the day was LAYERS and lots of them!

IMG_3020 IMG_3038
IMG_3054 IMG_3649

On the subject of volunteering, it would be remiss of me not to mention Pawal Gora and Rachel Varnam for their unofficial volunteer milestones of 100 and 200 volunteering stints respectively. That’s a great achievement and a huge help to literally tens of thousands of parkrunners. So thank you both and well done.

IMG_3060 (2) IMG_0580 (3)

Next time it’s Maggie in the Run Director vest, so please be on time and ready for another great slice of parkrun fun on Saturday; I’ll next be behind the mic in the New Year, so see you then :-)

Best wishes

Run Director

The Billericay core team are:
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