Billericay parkrun #133 – 1 January 2020

418 runners and walkers completed Billericay parkrun #133 yesterday – which meant we were able to welcome in the new decade with our second highest ever attendance.

attendance over time
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Thanks so much to everyone who chose Billericay as your first parkrun of the 2020s, hope you enjoyed it!


New Year’s Day is the only day when you can record two parkruns on the same day, and as the years have passed, the New Year events have grown ever more popular all over the world.

We are so lucky in Essex to be surrounded by loads of fantastic parkrun events, meaning that there was a great choice of New Year Double on offer. We’ve had a look and we reckon 211 of you (that’s 50.4% of the field) completed a double yesterday, with the runners we sent on to the four closest 10:30am destinations shown below:

Chelmsford Central – 128, Hockley Woods – 46, South Woodham – 32, Harrow Lodge – 5
Thanks to my brother Matt for coding some software that helped us find the doubles!

Congratulations especially to our neighbours and friends at Chelmsford Central parkrun who processed an amazing record attendance of 991 parkrunners – that inevitable 1,000+ attendance is closer than ever – and also to South Woodham and Harrow Lodge who similarly welcomed record attendances yesterday.


New Year’s Day parkruns always have a special kind of magic and yesterday was no exception.

A lot of it is because of all the visitors to Billericay - a special welcome to the 112 tourists who ran Billericay for the first time and the 13 people who did their first ever parkrun. Hope you enjoyed our event and got a cheesy picture or two with our signage ☺

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But it was also special because of people from closer to home. Our local running club, Billericay Striders, have been a fantastic support from the start of Billericay parkrun and we were really happy they once again decided to have their first club run of the year with us. 49 Billericay Striders completed Billericay parkrun yesterday - thanks so much to you all for coming.

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We also love seeing the incredible ‘parkrun2parkrun’ runners (many of whom ran in parkrun hi-vis jackets yesterday) who not only completed the Billericay / Chelmsford parkrun double, but also ran the 8.3 miles in between. It’s an amazing accomplishment - well done to everyone who took on the challenge this year.

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Also marking NYD with a great achievement were the four milestone achievers celebrating their 50th parkrun – a huge well done to Sam, Michael, Tom and David who'll all be receiving red t-shirts in the post soon.


There were some brilliant unofficial milestones too. Well done to Austin and Erin who wore their ‘19 different events in 2019’ shirts having completed an epic tourist challenge last year – and well done to mum Sam who drove them all over the place to help them do it!

Screenshot 2020-01-01 at 22.01.22

And we reached a milestone of our own, with Sonia Patten becoming our 35,000th ever finisher. The total running distance recorded at Billericay parkrun is now approximately 45% of the average distance between the Earth and the Moon!


Of course, none of the above could have happened without the 30 amazing people who started their 2020 with parkrun volunteering. A massive thank you to all of them.

Just some of the people who made our parkrun possible yesterday

If you’d like to volunteer at an upcoming Billericay parkrun, drop us an email at - we’d love to hear from you.

And if you're reading this thinking about coming along - please do, you really won't regret it and we'd love to see you!

The only thing left is to wish you a year (and decade) full of health and happiness, free of 59:59s, funnel duckers and forgotten barcodes. Here’s to a great 2020, hopefully see you on Saturday - and if not, maybe at next year's double? ☺

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